• Published 13th Oct 2018
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The day I lost my mind - Aether Spark

Twilight tries to surpass her previous success against Tirek through a rare spell-book. But her plan to gain access to the lost knowledge backfires in the worst yet funniest way possible.

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Picking up the pieces

Twilight’s vision was foggy, as she was waking up, she glanced around seeing a few blurry shapes that looked like her friends.

“Guys! I think she’s waking up!” Spike said excitedly

“Ugh… wha?...” Twilight groaned as she looked around her room and saw her friends. They all could see her eyes were back to normal now.

“Twilight? Ya back to normal now?” the blurry figure that looked like Applejack said at the same time Twilight realized she was very thirsty.

“W-water…” Twilight said weakly

“Already got it for you!” Pinkie said, grabbing the glass and giving it to Twilight who drank it quickly and gratefully when Twilights head stopped spinning, and her vision began to clear she could see some of her friends are wearing bandages.

“You alright there,” Rainbow Dash said noticeably there we’re bandages on her head.

“What… what happened?? Why does my head feel so-?” Twilight said looking around before Pinkie popped up in front of Twilights face.

“QUICK! What’s one plus one?” Pinkie demanded

“Umm… two?” Twilight said a little nervous about the sudden close proximity.

“SHE’S BACK!” Pinkie cheered

“Ahm sure she is” Applejack chuckled.

“I’m back?” I-I don’t-“ Twilight began, but Spike cut her off by hugging her which surprised her, but she returned the hug.

“I’m glad your back Twilight,” Spike said quietly.

“I’m glad to be back I guess, I'm not sure what happened. But I’m sure you all have a story to tell me.” Twilight said with a chuckle which morphed into a yawn. “clearly it’ll have to be later…”

“Indeed, we do.” Rarity smiled before turning to her friends. “come now, I do believe Twilight needs a little more rest” the group nodded and walked out of the room. Spike gave Twilight a last glance before walking downstairs.

---the next day---

Rarity and Twilight were standing on a high balcony drinking some ice teas overseeing the town repairs. Twilight was funding the project with some gems she had on hoof feeling personally responsible. She even helped out in several area’s herself.

She then looked to a nearby house Discord was repairing it with a hammer and nails grumbling to himself.

Twilight had discussed with Celestia of a proper punishment for Discord, but since Fluttershy is his overseer, she got the final say. Fluttershy voted that Discord help with town repairs, but he cannot use his powers he has to repair the damage Twilight did under his jurisdiction with his own two claws, which unfortunately was about 70% of the damages done to the town.

“Let’s hope this sets him straight.” Rarity chuckled

“Yeah, let’s hope so,” Twilight responded.

“Do you remember anything yet? I heard it would slowly come back to you,” Rarity asked.

“Umm… not quite” Twilight hesitantly responded which Rarity noticed but before she could question it the flapping of wings caught her attention.

Rainbow Dash flew up to the group a little unsteadily; she had been getting better as of late; unfortunately, her concussion was affecting her flying a little bit. However, the stubborn mare refused to stay down and rest to show how she was determined she was to help repair the town.

“Hey, Twi!” Rainbow Dash said with a wave

“Hey, Rainbow Dash” Twilight responded with her own wave “how are things going with the weather?”

“Great! I managed to convince the Cloudsdale weather team to push the storm that was scheduled for today down south. So we got sunny sky’s today.” Rainbow Dash said enthusiastically

“Thanks!” Twilight smiled, and the Pegasus saluted before flying off.

“I do wish sometimes she would take a break. We can’t have her passing out mid-air like this morning.” Rarity sighed

“Yeah, good thing Thunderlane was there to catch her,” Twilight said before staring off into town sighing discontentedly.

“Hmm?” Rarity said, noticing Twilights ire and takes a few steps closer. “Are you alright, Twilight dear?” Rarity said with genuine concern.

“It’s… it’s fine…” Twilight sighed, “it’s just… It still hurts knowing I caused all this…” Twilight said before Rarity gave her a light thud on the head with her hoof.

“Now-now none of that Twilight, we’ve had enough self-pitying for one day. To be honest, you were quite adorable , and dangerous as a nitwit” Rarity said with a giggle.

“But I hurt so many ponies! I terrified the townsfolk, and I acted crazy in public! I imagine a certain foal free press is going to be all over it…, I vandalized my own house, I hurt you and my other friends and went along with Discords crazy schemes…” Twilight moped

“I said quiet now, the situation is over with now, and you hardly remember it.” Rarity cooed trying to calm Twilight

“I hope that the CMC aren’t mad about their ball…” Twilight grumbled quietly which Rarity still picked up on, and a hint of surprise crossed her face before a knowing smile came. She decided to test a thought.

“Oh, but surely you enjoyed the part where Discord turned the water from a sprinkler into orange soda? it was quite funny.” Rarity mused out loud.

“What? No, it wasn’t! It could have stained one of the outfits they were wearing or make their fur all sticky! And I laughed at them, if they find out I had a hoof in it I could be in troub-“ suddenly Twilights eyes widened as Rarity put on a half-amused half accusing look.

“Umm… I mean…” Twilight attempted

“You DO remember, don’t you?” Rarity said accusingly

“N-no I don’t!” Twilight defended

“Is that so? Because even though Discord explained it we never talked about that in your presence and whenever we asked you about Discords pranks you said, and I quote I'm still foggy on the details why did you lie?” Rarity asked, and Twilight blushed and looked to the ground.

“M-maybe some of it came back! L-look can’t we just drop it?” Twilight begged, but Rarity’s deadpan showed she wasn’t going to drop it until she got answers and Twilight sighed

“You’re not going to drop it…darnit… ok ok fine, do you at least promise not to tell anypony?” Twilight said nervously

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye” Rarity said making the hoof motions.

“Well… for a while there… I………enjoyed it…” Twilight said quietly, looking embarrassed.

“What?” Rarity said looking surprised.

“I-it’s just that I spend so much time worrying about results and knowledge that it just… felt nice to… let go and just… well….um… y-you see I felt like for the first time I had no worries or a care in the world… a-and it felt so liberating! And… I…I just…” Twilight took a deep breath before spilling the beans loudly.

“I enjoyed it when I stopped thinking rationally for a while ok!? Everything felt new and amusing again, like back when I was a little filly, And I didn’t remember anything at the time so for the first time I felt like I had nothing to stress about! It was fun and liberating, and I’d almost want to do it again were it not for the fact that others could get hurt! THERE! I said it!” Twilights face was now red, and her eyes were focused on the floor.

“You mean to tell me that the studious Twilight actually enjoyed her time as an idiot?” Rarity said amused, and Twilight nodded slowly refusing to look up “why are you so embarrassed Twilight? I do admit one needs to turn off their brain now and then to de-stress.”

“I’m the princess of magic! If I act out of control like this, It just proves I shouldn't be called a princess!… as enjoyable as it was to be blissfully unaware for a time, this is just proof I should look for a way to turn back into a unicorn… I’m not worthy of this power anymore…” Twilight said, looking more distressed than ever, and fresh tears came to her eyes.

Rarity sighed frustratedly before raising Twilight’s head up and looked her in the eye “I’m tired of this! You ARE worthy Twilight!” Rarity said startling Twilight with her sudden volume

“You do plenty of good in day to day life you've saved ponyville many times, and you are smart enough to think your way out of any situation or challenge presented thus far! You bested that brute Tirek for Celestia’s sake! You don’t have to surpass every achievement you make, another challenge will come, and you’ll face it! As you always have!”

Twilight was shocked and tried to respond, but Rarity cut her off.

“And I know this mess was mostly your fault, but everypony makes mistakes! You don’t have to keep putting yourself down for what you cannot change! It happened just deal with it and move on!” Rarity said a little exasperated and Twilight turn to the ground looking a little shaken by the thought of merely accepting her losses tremendous as they were but thinking back on it she was right, she messed up a lot, and she was pretty sure a previous friendship report advised against letting your failures drag you down.

“W-what if I do something else wrong like this again?... what then?” Twilight asked shakily

“Then we’ll face it together, with our friends,” Rarity said with a smile.

Twilight thought about it, and after looking inside herself, she realized Rarity was right in that regard. So she managed a smile.

“Thanks, Rarity, I needed that,” Twilight said, looking at her.

“It’s no problem, Twilight, just know your friends are here if you ever need them.” Rarity said, and the two shared a brief hug before Rarity stood and trotted out.

“As fun, as this chat was, I do have a boutique to spruce up after the roof was caved in.” Rarity chuckled, and Twilight groaned.

“I said sorry!” she called back as Rarity left and Twilight sighed and looked out to her beloved town.

“Everypony makes mistakes…” Twilight said with a smile, “I think I can live with that…”

---three hours later---

Dear Celestia

I know I haven’t sent one in a while, but some thoughts and lessons came, and I decided to inform you of them.

Today I learned not to let my failures make me think I’m not worthy of the power I obtained, goals and deadlines can be met with time. And if you let the challenge of it all wear you down, you’ll never get anywhere in life. It's like Dash once said you just have to roll with the punches. I let what happened nearly push my other friends away at one point in time… I may need to review some of my earlier friendship reports just in case. Also, before I forget Discord has something to say...


Dear Celestia

As much as it pains me to participate in one of these goodie-goodie friendship reports it’s one of my punishments in order to regain Fluttershy’s trust so here I go…

Today I learned not to take advantage of others particularly the mentally incompetent- @%#@#$!... sorry about that Twilight just ‘accidentally’ stomped on my tail… and yes, I’m tailoring what I’m saying to the paper. Anyways don’t take advantage of others especially if they aren’t in their right mind… there.


Anyways that’s the first report I’ve made in months. I hope this finds you at a good time.

Yours truly.

Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Author's Note:

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! :ajsmug::yay::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::raritystarry::twilightsmile::moustache:

Sorry, this chapter isn’t very long or good, but I figured today's a good day as any to post it. :twilightsmile:

In any case, I hope you enjoyed it. 🎇

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