The day I lost my mind

by Aether Spark

Tag till you drop!

Rarity dove out of the way again as Twilight swooped and reached out a hoof to tag her, a street sign exploded as she basically punched it in Rarity’s place.

“Is she tapping into her natural alicorn strength?! I’ll be done for if she tags me!” Rarity yelped diving into an alleyway as Twilight swooped back in and dove at Spike who rolled to the side and accidentally exposed the mayor mare who was tagged right in the face and sent flying by Twilights strength.

“Aaaaaahh!” the mayor mare exclaimed out before Fluttershy managed to catch her.

“Oh, dear! Are you ok, Mrs. Mayor Mare?” Fluttershy said concerned and holding the unconscious mayor mare before yelping in surprise as a purple blur shot past her and Twilight swung around towards her.

“TAG YOUR IIIIIT!” Twilight called out

“EEEEK!” Fluttershy squealed in fright flying as fast as she could away from Twilight bobbing in and out of cover and under a bridge, but Twilight was keeping up with her.


Applejack was hurrying into town after her hard work had been desolated out of nowhere by a falling cabbage cart and she saw the town is up in smoke.

“Ah hope this ain’t Pinkies fault again!” as she galloped onwards however a shrill scream sounded which made her pause.

“What in thunderation?” Applejack said as she narrowly ducked a yellow blur that said: “excuse me!”

She jumped up and looked in the direction of the blur as it vanished above the trees.

“Was that Flutter-OOMPH!“ she was cut off when a purple blur rammed into her taking her with it, when she glanced back she saw it was a messy Twilight with a weird look in her eyes.

“HIIIII,” she said jovially.

“Twilight!? What in tarnation is going on? Let me down this instant!” Applejack demanded.

“OKAY!” Twilight beamed dropping Applejack causing her to tumble through the air.

“AH MENT CLOSER TO THE GROUND!” Applejack flailed in midair.

“APPLEJACK!” Fluttershy exclaimed Applejack managed to calm herself somewhat and looked for a way to save herself and saw a long branch and pulled out her rope.

“Ah got one shot” she muttered as she flung her rope and managed to get it around the branch leaving her dangling a dozen feet off the ground, and both Applejack and Fluttershy sigh in relief when Applejack gets to ground level she turns towards the two figures in the sky.

“ARE Y'ALL TRYING TO KILL ME TWILIGHT!?” Applejack shouted after the disappearing ponies.

She went unheard.


“If you could stop chasing me, that would be really great!” Fluttershy exclaimed out fearfully.

“TAG TAG TAG!” Twilight jabbed her hoof forward missing Fluttershy narrowly, and she wound up snapping a tree branch off with one of her jabs.

“I really don’t want you to tag me! It looks painful!” Fluttershy exclaimed out, before realizing the grip she had on the unconscious mayor was loosening.

“Oh, no! I need to find somewhere to put her down!” Fluttershy panicked

She looked around for something and saw a bridge with a wagon full of hay conveniently being toted by a blue earth pony. She smiled and lowered her dive speed.

“Alright, just let go and hope her landing isn’t too hard…” Fluttershy muttered.

As Fluttershy swooped and dropped the Mayor Mare, she landed in the hay without injury which made Fluttershy sigh with relief only to be immediately replaced by fear when Twilight caught up with her and raised a hoof to strike/tag her.

“Eeek!” Fluttershy squeaked before magic teleported her away and in her place, a wood replica was tagged out of the air.

“TAG! Ahahaha!” Twilight flew back into town to look for the others, and Fluttershy was laying on the ground on a random rooftop hidden from view and she was hyperventilating as Discord handed her a paper bag which she graciously used.

“Are you ok, Flutterbuddy?” Discord asked after she finished calming herself.

“Dis-…Discord this has… has gone on far enough! Twilight has no control of her earth pony strength right now; she could hurt somepony!” Fluttershy wheezed panicking again and putting the bag back up to her muzzle.

“Don’t worry; I have a plan I just need you all to distract her until then.” Discord assured

“Why? What is this plan?” she asked before Discord leaned over to whisper in her ear.

“Y-you think it would work?” Fluttershy said quickly

“Yes,” Discord nodded.

“B-but my friends!” she began.

“I got that covered they’ll be alright” Discord assured

“I-I hope so…” Fluttershy muttered

---in town---

Ponies dodged out of the way as the crazed princess descended seeking her other friends to tag with her hoof, she flew by Spike who was hiding behind a corner of a building.

“Discord you jerk…” Spike said, glancing around nervously, “how's THIS supposed to help us?!” Spike said a little too loudly and quickly covered his own mouth and looked to see if Twilight heard him.


Twilight flew through the air giggling thanks to her being wall-eyed now she can now see in two different directions, she flew past several objects and buildings looking for her friends as she flew by a restaurant however Rarity peeked out from behind an overturned table and Pinkie poked her head out of a teacup on the ground.

“Is she gone?” Pinkie asked

“I-I hope so… goodness, she doesn’t know her own strength like this and I’m a tad delicate, to say the least.” Rarity said before the two mares heard an exclamation in the distance.

“That sounded like Dashie!” Pinkie said going back into the cup and reappearing in a tree nearby with a telescope and saw Rainbow Dash running the best she could from a laughing Twilight who’s trying to reach her. “she’s in trouble!”

“Oh, dear.” Rarity said in dismay


“TWILIGHT! This isn’t going to end well for either of us!” Dash said frantically which went ignored as Twilight dove for her and Rainbow dash jumped over her as she swooped in.

“FUN!” she exclaimed

“How do you even remember how to fly!? You’ve lost your mind for cloud's sake!” Dash screamed, and she dodged Twilight again but stumbled into a trashcan as she rounded a corner.

“RAINBOW DASH!” Rarity called out to her friend, which drew Twilights attention.

“FOUND YOU!” she giggled in mid-air before flying towards her.

“Err… perhaps I should have stayed silent…” Rarity mumbled before galloping away while Twilight is in pursuit and Pinkie poked her head out of a bush.

“OHMYGOSH! Rarie’s in danger! I need to set up a trap!” Pinkie said before vanishing back into the bush.

“Aaah! Twilight please no! I can’t afford to clean red out of my coat! Furthermore, bruises would clash horribly with my eyeliner!” Rarity exclaimed as Twilight descended but as Spike saw Twilight was about to tag Rarity and in a moment of bravery, Spike ran out to her.

“No!” Rarity closed her eyes as Twilight closed in and awaited the painful punch

“NOOOO!” Spike ran and jumped in front of Rarity and took the brunt of the hit sending him flying over Rarity and into a nearby wall and Rarity’s eyes opened when she heard him yell as he was sent flying and she turned to see a giggling princess.

“Hee hee hee! Purple lizard fly away!” Twilight giggled with a twirl oblivious to the hurting dragon now laying in a heap next to a damaged wall.

“SPIKE!” was the collective response as Rarity ran over to him and lifted him showcasing his blackened eye.

“Spikey! Oh dear, where does it hurt?” Rarity said worriedly

“I-i'm fine… just *cough cough* help Twilight…” Spike croaked dramatically

"No! I won’t just leave you like this Spike!” Rarity said with tears in her eyes

“I-I always loved…. Loved… ugh...” Spike fainted, and Rarity turned her head skyward

“SPIIIIIKE,” she exclaimed out to the heavens. Nearby Rainbow Dash just looked on confusedly.

“...Are they seriously pulling the drama at a time like this?!” Dash groaned

Rarity stood up and eyed the laughing alicorn with anger stepping out into the open.

“Nopony… hurts my… SPIKEY WIKEY!” Rarity shouted, firing a magical blast which made Twilight stop laughing and dodge it.

“Yikes!” Twilight exclaimed

“Hey, hey! Easy Rarity! we’re trying to subdue her not blow her to smithereens!” Dash said cantering to her.

“I couldn’t vanquish her if I tried; I’m simply trying to incapacitate her… painfully!” Rarity said back before firing more shots at Twilight who flew around them and tried to dive into them, and they both jumped as Twilight closed in, but then suddenly Twilight froze in midair and tilted her head when she eventually realized she wasn’t moving.

“Huh? Why am I not moving?” Twilight said confused before glancing behind herself to see a lasso had wound it’s way around Twilight’s leg and at the other end of the rope was none other than Applejack struggling against the princess.

“Gotcha!” Applejack said around her lasso, “Twilight! Enough of this! What in tarnation is wrong with you?!” Applejack said through clenched teeth, despite her effort Twilight began pumping her wings and Applejack was being tugged along but Dash saw a chance to capture Twilight.

“Grab her!” Dash yelled

Rarity dodged to the side and fired a telekinesis beam that assisted in holding Twilight in place, and Rainbow Dash took this chance to jump up and grab onto Twilight and Twilight struggled with three separate beings holding her.

“Um, Pinkie! Now would be a good time to help!” Dash said straining against the struggling alicorn but when Pinkie didn’t appear Dash glanced about.

“Where’s Pinkie?-” Dash said before Pinkie popped out of nowhere.

HYAH!” Pinkie squeed as she tackled Twilight out of the air and thus out of Rainbow Dash’s grip making the rainbow mare jump back with surprise.

“PINKIE!?” Rainbow Dash said surprised before she wound up hitting the back of her head on a low-lying roof edge in her surprise, causing horrible pain to rip through her skull. Her vision began to swim, and her headache returned with a vengeance making her lower to the ground groaning in pain as black spots entered her vision.

“Ah cumulous…” and with that Rainbow Dash passed out on the spot.

“RAINBOW DASH!” Rarity exclaimed out, Meanwhile Pinkie was on Twilight and poked her head.

“Tag! Now, you're it!” Pinkie said a bit cockily before she was sent flying by Twilights hoof.

“Tag! You're it now!” Twilight said before giggling again and taking to the air making Rarity and Applejack strain to hold her.

“TWILIGHT! STOP THIS!” Rarity called out desperately

“What’s the matter with her, anyways?” Applejack asked

“It’s a long story…” Rarity said with a grumble

“But I want to PLAY!” Twilight whined

“At the expense of others?!” Applejack said

“Whatever that means, then yes!” Twilight said as she began to drag them along.

“Ah can’t hold her much longer!” Applejack said and almost immediately after Twilight broke free and flew around to them.

“TAAAAAAG!” she said with a vicious grin.

“Uh, oh!” Applejack said as they both closed their eyes and awaited the pain when suddenly they found themselves on a building rooftop near the spot they were before and looking back they saw Discord standing there Twilight glanced about with her mismatched eyes before seeing them and flying up to them.

“DISQY!” Twilight exclaimed happily, “Wanna play?”

“Indeed,” Discord said cracking his knuckles

“Discord?” Applejack said confused while Rarity quietly fumed

“There you are, you troublemaker!” Rarity practically spat in anger

“Hush hush now girls, it’s time for the draconequus to step in! time for some rule changes eh Sparkle?” he asks but saw that Twilight was hardly paying attention, so he gestured to the girls to step back, after exchanging a nervous glance the two backed up.

“Time to tag till you drop!” Discord said with a smirk

The two mares just stared confused as Discord stood off against Twilight the two locked in a near staredown before Discord teleported forward and tagged Twilight and flew off.

“TAG! YOUR IT TWILIGHT! NOW FOLLOW ME!” Discord called back, and Twilight stared off into space for a sec before she gave a laugh and Twilight bounced happily before she took to the air and chased him around. As the two moved through the air rapidly, Rarity and Applejack watched with shock and confusion back on ground level.

“What is Discord up to now?” Rarity said with a frown

“Ah don’t even know anymore…” Applejack responded about to take a step forward when suddenly the two blazed past her making her jump back with a yelp.

“I wouldn’t step outside the circle if I were you!” Discord said as he looped around again.

“Circle?” the two said simultaneously glancing at the ground in front of their hooves to see a red circle had been drawn there.

“When did this circle appear here?” Rarity said surprised

“And when did those lines appear over there?” Applejack pointed to another set of lines that led through town as well as various circles especially around their friends in circles it’s as if Discord had tagged the ground with red paint all over town and noticeably the ponies are being kept on the outside of the lanes that appeared as a result.

“What in tarnation is goin on here?” Applejack said completely confused about the bizarre situation that has taken up her day and destroyed her hard work.

“I-I'm not certain, to be honest, what was Discord doing before he appeared?” Rarity said looking around wondering how she missed this… although one does tend to get distracted when their being chased around by a crazed alicorn.

The two mares watched Twilight pursued Discord happily, as he flew between the lines and managed to keep pace with her as he went around and circled a building Twilight continually keeping at him the chase went on for 25 minutes before they blew by them again.

“Discord! What on Equus are you doing?!” Rarity exclaimed out in hopes of getting a valid answer.

“You’ll see!” Discord shouted back circling around an unconscious Rainbow Dash before dashing to city hall to circle it 20 times “just stay in the circle! Unless you want to be run over!” Discord added

Sure enough, this game of cat and mouse went on...

And on...

And on…

And on…

And on…

Nighttime came and with that Discord finally slowed and landed in a panting heap on the rooftop in front of a snoring Rarity and Applejack startling them awake.

“Hwah?!” was the collected reaction from the two as Rarity straightened up her messy mane from after she fell asleep in the circle with Applejack. The two saw Twilight flutter up to Discord and give him a hard poke in the side eliciting a wince from the draconequus.

“BOOP! You're it!” Twilight giggled

“Sh-she’s not even winded? after that?!” Rarity sputtered surprised

“What was the point of that then?!” Applejack exclaimed

“YAAY THAT WAS FUN! LET’S PLAY AGAI-“ Twilight suddenly fell on her back and passed out.

“Huh?” both the mares said at the same time looking down at the snoozing alicorn.

“H-heh… had to tire her out while making sure the town was ok, right?” Discord got up conjuring a fan to cool off.

“So… you painted lines and informed the ponies to stay behind it so they wouldn’t get run over as you we’re tiring Twilight out?” Rarity said with an air of uncertainty.

“Indeed,” Discord said as he levitated Twilight over to a cage he conjured and placed her on a pillow in there, and she curled up and sighed comfortably.

“That should hopefully hold her by the time we can get to the solution.” Discord said, dusting himself off. "Whew, haven't exercised that much in... what century is it again?..."

“Ya managed to solve the problem without worsening it further?” Applejack said shocked not even hearing Discords question.

“I-I'm speechless…. good job” Rarity said “but that doesn’t change your punishment later, don’t forget that!” she quickly added.

“Yeah yeah…” Discord sighed

---later on at the castle---

Twilight slowly wakes up, as her vision clears, she looks up and sees another purple alicorn staring back at her.

“Huh? Who are you?” Twilight asked before seeing the other alicorn repeat her exactly.

“I’m Twilight!” they both said before gasping.

“Me too! Wanna be friends?” Twilight laughed and giggled at the other alicorn who seemed to have the same idea.

“YAY!” she exclaimed as she tries to unsuccessfully give the other alicorn a crushing hug through the cage.

Meanwhile, her friends stare with a mix of confusion and amusement at her befriending of her reflection in a mirror.

“I’m a tad surprised that that’s working,” Rarity said with a chuckle.

“I thought it would; the brainless types always fall for the reflection gag, she should be distracted until Spike finishes.” Discord said glancing over at Spike who was drawing out the runes and circles single-handedly setting up the spell much to the initial surprise of the group.

“So… tell me again how ya know how to do this spell?” Applejack drawled

“I’m not sure, to be honest, but I think I absorbed some of Twilights memories from the past month or so when I ate a chunk off of the purple crystal. Including the spell, she used and… um… other things...” Spike trailed off towards the end.

“I still hope nothing bad happens to Twilight when she’s back to normal,” Fluttershy whispered.

“Me too.” Spike agreed

“Wait! What kind of things?” Pinkie said, being curious about the end of Spike's sentence.

“Um… I’m sure she doesn’t want you all to know.” Spike said with an edge of worry.

“Ah can respect that.” Applejack said with a nod

“Oooh, more juicy gossip!” Rarity said excitedly

“We shouldn’t pry if that’s alright,” Fluttershy said

“Just a few more adjustments… aaaaaaannnnnnnd THERE!” Spike said, drawing attention back to him, “the circle is ready! However, according to Twilights, memories of the book…” Spike trailed off focusing on the foreign memories “she has to be in the circle without any obstructions.” Spike double-checked the book itself to confirm.

“We’re gonna let her out of the cage? Don’t ya’ll remember how tough it was to get her calm in the first place?” Applejack said with worry evident in her voice.

“That’s what it says” Spike shrugged.

“Oh dear… to get her to stay in one spot for more than a minute?” Rarity dreaded

The girls glance at Twilight, seeing her playing peek-a-boo with her reflection.

“Alright! No use prolonging it if we want our friend back!” Rarity said, stepping up to the plate and unlocking the cage. “U-um.. hello there Twilight,” Rarity said a little nervous now, and the alicorn glanced back at her and giggled.

“Hiiii! Did you meet my newest friend? Her name is Twilight too!” Twilight said gesturing to the reflection.

“Umm, yes yes very good, say would you come over to that circle and hold still for just a-“ Rarity is sent flying by a purple hoof smashing into her snout causing her to fly back.

“BOOOP!” Twilight exclaimed

“RARITY!” Spike exclaimed

“Alright if ah have to hogtie her then ah guess ah have no choice!-“ Applejack got her rope out and approached, but Pinkie stepped in front of her and giggled.

“Leave this to me.” Pinkie said trotting up to Twilight who’s approaching a still unconscious Rainbow Dash with bandages wrapped around the top of her head on a couch and poked her shoulder making Twilight turn around.

“Hey, Twilight!” Pinkie grinned

“Hi, pink thing!” Twilight said beaming

“Pink thing?” Applejack said confused and a little disgusted with what she called Pinkie, but before she could question it, Discord leaned in and whispered in her ear. Something about “she doesn’t know what a pony is apparently” which got a bewildered look from Applejack.

“Do you wanna play a game?” Pinkie said in the same voice she uses for the cake twins.

“YES! GAME! PLAY! NOW!” Twilight beamed while everypony just cringed from Twilights loudness.

“Okay! It’s called ‘follow the line’ you follow the line from inside that circle until you find the end of it,” Pinkie explained.

“D-don’t tell her it’s a circle! Everypony knows circles don’t have an-“ Rarity cried stumbling back to the group with a bruise on her snout.

“Ooooh, that sounds fun!” Twilight grinned

“…Once again I stand corrected…” Rarity deadpanned for the umpteenth time today.

“Alrighty then let’s go!” Pinkie said as the two skipped over to the circle and Twilight got into the circle and carefully traced the edges of it mumbling ‘follow the line’ repeatedly.

“Honestly too much has happened today for me to handle…” Rarity sighed while Twilight was still shuffling around the circle in the background.

“You can say that again…” Spike sighed

“Come on, everypony! Fore she gets bored!” Applejack called to her distracted friends.

They glance at her and seem a tad embarrassed, and Rarity moved into position.

“Alright let’s hope this works! Everypony ready?” Rarity asked, and they all nodded. “alright then! Spike darling, what is the first step?” Rarity asked

“Make sure your horn is pointed at the crystal then focus on the image of the knowledge and what’ll it do when you use it,” Spike assure as Rarity focused her power Discord helping with his assigned task of feeding magic to her to prevent her from tiring out too soon.

“Too bad I’m not being paid for my part…” Discord grumbled, but a quick stare from Fluttershy stopped his complaining. Rarity concentrated hard on the lost knowledge that Twilight possesses and tried to crack open the gem that was containing her mind, Discords magic being a big help to her.

“Come on!... Come on!” Rarity said as her horn burned with pain, unused to this much effort being put forth.

“Almost there…” Spike said quietly, as she continued to output energy; eventually, the crystal began to crack and splinter, making it glow. Twilight paused and stared at the glowing crystal with wonder in her eyes.

“Ooohh pretty…” almost like she was hypnotized Twilight began to trot towards it.

“Oh, crap! APPLEJACK!” Spike exclaimed

“On it!” Applejack responded getting out her lasso and throwing it around Twilight's tail and Fluttershy and Spike helping her tug the rope and managing to slow her down a bit.

“Hurry, please!” Fluttershy exclaimed

“I’m… trying!” Rarity strained as the other two mares and dragon struggled, and the alicorn approached the edge of the ring. With a final shout of effort, Rarity managed to crack open the crystal and draw the stream of knowledge out.

“Wowie! What’s that!?” Twilight chirped trying to reach up to it.

“I’ve… done it! Now what Spike?” Rarity said glancing back

“Don’t lose focus! Try to maintain the thought of the knowledge and where you want it to go.” Spike assured

Rarity nodded and concentrated on Twilight and the knowledge, and the stream swirled and descended and slammed into Twilight’s head earning a yelp of surprise from her as she fell on her back and the stream was flowing into her and the ring around her glowed intensely.

Sweat beaded down Rarity’s forehead as she tried to maintain control of the stream. Twilight twisted and turned her head to try and get away from the stream which made it harder but in the end, her struggles ceased and with a final grunt of effort Rarity managed to cram the rest of the flow into her head and Rarity collapsed in exhaustion.

“It… Is done…” Rarity breathed heavily, and everypony else sat down winded from this effort.

They looked up and saw Twilight was thankfully still breathing, but the ring was still glowing brightly.

“That's strange,” Pinkie said

“What?” Spike said almost reluctantly

“My right hind hoof is shaking, and my eyes are twitching, that means an explosion is going to happen because of the spell.” Pinkie said

“E-explosion?” Spike said nervously

“Ah think we’d better go then,” Applejack said quickly.

“Nah no need it didn’t happen so I don’t think-“

An explosion ripped through the area the group stood near, leaving a burnt circle around Twilight.

“Ow…” Discord said falling off of the wall revealing Spike behind him who fell onto him afterward.

“Pinkiiieee… why didn’t you say so earlier??...” Rarity whined while coughing, covered in blackness from the explosion.

“For comedy purposes…” Pinkie said with a raised hoof before fainting.