The day I lost my mind

by Aether Spark

A chaotic encounter

Twilight fluttered through the air happily once more, having calmed her angry tummy and she learned how to eat today! and it was tuff, but now she wants a nice and cozy place to nap.

As she fluttered on, she spotted a cozy little lump on the ground with smoke coming out of a weird pipe thingy and a bunch of tiny houses and flowers and… stuff.

Twilight saw a comfy place in the sun on top of the lump to sleep on, and she fluttered up to it startling away some birds that were perched there curling up and blanketing herself with her wings and sighing contentedly before passing out, snoring softly.


While Twilight slept atop her cottage, Fluttershy exited her cottage with several gardening tools.

“I’m heading around back to work on planting some flower seeds Discord, let me know if Angel needs anymore disinfectant,” Fluttershy said quietly, but loud enough Discord could hear and went around back humming softly to herself while Discord called after her.

“Sure thing! Don’t be long Flutterbuddy!” Discord called from inside the cottage

He is laying on a couch while bouncing a bouncy ball off of a wall sighing. Evidentially ever since he betrayed ponyville to that centaurian jerkwad Tirek going out in the open has been much less pleasant. The ponies all giving him those dirty looks, being refused at various food stands. He hasn’t been able to pull any pranks either what with Twilight nagging him every time he does, Discord the handsome rouge he is must find some way to power through this and show how helpful and understanding and friendly and handsome he-….

“Don’t steal my narrative Discord!” The writer shouted in frustration

“Heheh your no fun… well cut to it then, the audience is waiting!” Discord laughed as the narrator facepalmed before getting back to it

*sigh* Anyways… Discord continued to be obnoxious before going back to his activities until a strange sensation ran down his spine. See Discord has made himself a living perimeter alarm able to detect when somepony comes close to the cottage that isn’t Fluttershy or her animals. Sure came in handy when somepony tried to break in like last time, it didn’t end well for said burglar. And right now he’s sensing a familiar magical wavelength and yet, something is…missing from it. Deciding he’s got nothing better to do Discord chose to investigate.

---meanwhile on the roof---

Twilight is snoring a bit louder now and is sprawled on her back drooling up a puddle. Next, to her, a flower rose up, and Discords face appears on it and looks around before spotting the sleeping alicorn, and he sighs, teleporting in full next to her and poking her in her arm until she began to stir and talk in her sleep.

“ZZZZ…. Flying pancakes…ZZZZZ...cotton candy…ZZZZZ….tacos….ZZZZZ” Twilight murmured

Discord poked her harder, and she snorted before waking up and glancing at him with one eye.

“What are you doing sleeping on Fluttershy’s roof Twilight? Did you even ask her permission?” Discord asked her impatiently.

Twilight just looked up at him with wide eyes seeming to look him over.

“Equestria to Twilight! Hello? A response would be nice; I need to get back to self-loathing and boredom… until 4:30 that is, then I have self-pity and reflecting and then thinking up ways to amuse myself at 5:00” Discord said

Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around Discords neck and pulled him close and Twilight glanced him over before a big goofy grin came onto her face.

“Umm…. Twilight?” Discord said with an eye raised taking notice of her reverse Derpy eyes

“You look funny!” she squeaked, Discord pulled away from her and looked at her unamused

“Yes yes I know I look like an oddity to you ponies, thanks for that by the way, so what’s with the eyes?” Discord asked, but Twilight continued unabated and proceeded to dart about examining him.

“Look! A birdie arm! Look! A lizard tail! Look! Two different horns! Look! A…. what’s that?” she pointed to something and Discord hopped away from her blushing a bit.

“None of your concern! What in the name of chaos is wrong with you right now, Twilight!?” Discord snapped, making the alicorn shrink back and whimper a little in fright of his volume, and he paused.

“Hold on…. did she just whimper? I thought Fluttershy was the sensitive one of Twilights little posse…” Discord mused quietly

Twilight heard him and stood, giving him a confused look “who’s Flubbersky?” Twilight said

“…What?” Discord made his ears larger to make sure he heard that right.

“Who is Flubbyscawl?” Twilight said with a tilt of the head

“Flubby- whaaaat?! You don’t remember your dear friend, Fluttershy?!” Discord said, quite surprised.

Twilight’s following nod confirmed it and Discord decided to investigate. He walked up to her and looked at her carefully moving around her, sniffing her hair, looking at her horn, looking inside her mouth which made Twilight giggle. He shook her head a little then pressed his ear against her head after waiting a second he then just knocked on her head, and a hollow echo sounded, and Discord couldn’t help but smirk and take a step back chuckling.

“Ah, I see what’s going on. You messed up another spell and made yourself all empty in the noggin, huh?” Discord giggled before bursting into laughter “This is your biggest mess up yet Twilight!” he continued to laugh while holding his sides until a thought came to him which made him pause.

“Although... I want to stay on Fluttershy’s good side to make up for what happened, so um… we should probably get this fixed...” Discord sighed and snapped his fingers but found nothing happened “hm?” he snapped a few more times trying to get Twilight to go back to normal but found it didn’t work and Twilight instead let herself get distracted by a butterfly hopping and fluttering after it trying to catch it.

“What? That's odd... usually, this works! Is her conscience magically imprisoned by some means?” Discord tried to wrack his brain for answers for this dilemma and snapped his fingers, conjuring a chair to sit down and think about this. In the process, Twilight ceased her chasing of the butterfly and glanced one of her eyes at the display of conjuring magic and immediately ran over to him with a giddy look.

“Hm? What do you need now?” Discord casually said as her eye skimmed the chair excitedly

“How did you do that, mister?! That was amazing!” Twilight squealed

“Umm… it’s magic… you know the thing this show runs on, and I just conjured a chair; it’s nothing special.” Discord deadpanned at Twilight’s enthusiasm over a conjured chair.

‘Wow, empty in the head, and she’s still enamored by magic’ Discord thought to himself.

“But you made it appear with a snap of your wiggly arm, thingies!” Twilight said her eyes sparkling

“Their called fingers and I wouldn’t think this would be as much of a surprise to you as I think it would be, near full mental amnesia or not.” Discord smirked a little at Twilights behavior

“Wow! Fingars… fin… fingers! You must be really smart, mister!” Twilight said admiringly, which made Discords smile grow as his ego had been stroked.

‘Me? Heh, praise from Ceaser is one thing, but praise from Twilight? That’s something I never expected… I wonder…’ Discord thought.

“If you liked that so much then how about this?” he snapped his fingers again and conjured a dozen chairs a few feet away and made them dance the Cossack. Twilight gasped before laughing jovially, sat down and was clapping her hooves.

“I love it!” she cheered “do more fun things!” she said looking like a foal who just saw their first amazing magic trick and Discord smirked for what may be the 3rd time today mainly because of her. So he snapped his fingers again and made the chairs dance to a hip hop tune with moves to match making Twilight joyfully laugh again.

‘One could get used to this, heheh looks like my day will be interesting after all…’ Discord thought mischievously.


Just outside the stretch of woods Fluttershy’s house was in Pinkie and Rarity galloped along the dusty trail, they hurried on and finally reached Fluttershy’s home, and a dripping with sweat Rarity leaned against a tree panting heavily.

“Oh…oh, dear… I’m all sweaty! I’ll have to bathe post-haste before I end up smelling something terrible!...” Rarity lamented dramatically

“No time for that Rares! We’re here! We’re here!” Pinkie hopped excitedly and ran up knocking on the door quickly, and Rarity sluggishly trailed behind, not being used to all this exercise, and Discord answered.

“Yes?” Discord said

“HIII DISCORD!” Pinkie said

“Ah, hello Pinkie! And Rarity. What can I do for you this fine day?” Discord said with his usual grin

“Well, darling…” Rarity had to stop and take a breath real quick to help formulate words “we’d like to speak to Fluttershy, it’s about Twilight” Rarity said quickly

“Oh? And uh-“ he glanced behind him, “what about her exactly?” Discord said with a raised brow

“I don’t think this necessarily concerns-“ Rarity begins before being cut off by Pinkie.

“She messed up a spell and became a dummy, so we’re trying to find and help her out,” Pinkie said too quickly for interruption.

“Pinkie!” Rarity scolded having not wanting anything else to go wrong today

“Oh! Sounds serious” Discord had to speak over a crashing sound in the house. “I’ll fetch her immediately toodles!” with a snap of his fingers, he disappeared, and a half a minute later, Fluttershy approached the door.

“Yes?...oh, hello, guys!” Fluttershy said, smiling a bit at the familiar faces.

“Hello, dear” Rarity responded, “we’ve come to seek your help.”

“Oh, my, with what?” Fluttershy said

“Twilight seems to have become… unlike herself because of another unfortunate accident with her magic, we were both hoping to obtain some help in possibly finding her before she hurts herself and others.” Fluttershy nodded and smiled at her friends

“Ok, but let me clean up first… i-if that’s ok with you?” she asked

“Very well, dear, but do hurry.” Rarity smiled back, and Fluttershy nodded before closing the door and giggled to herself.

“Heeheeheehee!… I’ll probably regret this tomorrow, but that’s hours away from now!” she turned into Discord “I do make a good Fluttershy don’t I?” he looked over to Twilight who was watching from the living room while sitting on the couch and eating out of a bag full of fertilizer before spitting it out.

“Bleh! This stuff tastes yucky!” Twilight said sticking her tongue out, and Discord chuckled

“Is it bad that I wish you could be like this more often?” Discord chuckled while Twilight looked for something else that looked like food.

“Where’s something that doesn’t taste yucky?” she asked being hungry again, but Discord grabbed her forearm.

“No time! I’d wager that’ll buy us a few extra minutes of fun.” Discord grinned and teleported both him and Twilight into town.


Minutes pass, and Pinkie and Rarity wait outside wondering where Fluttershy has gone off too.

“Oh... where has she gone off too? Every minute that passes, Twilight could be getting into more and more trouble.” Rarity said worriedly

“Maybe she went to take a poo!” Pinkie said

“Pinkie dearie she wouldn’t just take a-… um, do her business after we just explained to her that our dear friend Twilight requires help…” Rarity deadpanned before jumping a little as Pinkie’s right hind hoof suddenly bounced off the ground and bucked out several times, “Pinkie sense?” Rarity guessed

“Yup! It’s the one that tells me that we’ve just been-“ before she could finish Rarity saw Fluttershy covered in dirt walking back around from the side of her cottage and she saw them and waved.

“H-hi guys,” Fluttershy said as loud as she could, which considering how loud she usually speaks isn’t very loud.

“HI, FLUTTERSHY!” Pinkie squeed as she ran over to her friend and Rarity calmly trotted over

“There you are darling; I was beginning to wonder when we’d get to it.” Rarity said, but her expression quickly became confused when Fluttershy’s face became confused.

“Get to it? What do you mean? I-if, you don’t mind me asking.” Fluttershy asked

“What do I mean? I mean, we were going to go find Twilight together.” Rarity said

“Find Twilight? Did something happen to her?” Fluttershy became worried

“What? We already talked about this; don’t you remember?” Rarity said, but Fluttershy just shook her head

“I’ve been out back planting new flower seeds all afternoon; I just came back around to refill my watering can.” She gestured to her watering can in her forehoof

“What?” Rarity took a step back, ‘but I could have sworn we saw her at the door?.... unless…’ Rarity thought as a suspicion formed in her head.

“Pinkie?…” Rarity asked

“Yeah?” Pinkie said looking at her friend

“What were you saying before Fluttershy appeared?” Rarity slowly asked

“Oh! I was saying that it was the Pinkie sense that tells me we just got duped by a chaotic being, and he took Twilight to town to prank without reprimand.” Pinkie grinned

“That’s…. oddly specific,” Fluttershy said

“Discord…” Rarity growled, “I should have known he wouldn’t pass up the chance to take advantage of Twilight's condition…” Rarity murmured angrily

“Twilights condition? What’s going on Rarity? Is Twilight in danger?” Fluttershy said genuinely worried

“No,” Rarity said, “but I have the sneaking suspicion she’s going to be…”