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Good Evening! I am BackroundVoice, a like minded Brony with an appetite for writing. I hope you enjoy my story's as I try my best to entertain you. Lazy is my middle name and I really like to write.


This story is a sequel to Destiny : Twilight Voidwalker

After the battle of Sepiks Prime, Twilight has been searching desperately for a warp drive in order to join her friends further out into space. But some of them don't think she should. And when an old friend returns to the Tower, Twilight will learn that some choices will lead to broken friendships.

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Comments ( 11 )

Sorry for those of you who are confused about this sudden jump to making this arc a sequel.
I just felt that it was the right thing to do. I feel splitting the story as it continues into sequels helps me feel that I've done something like finishing a story, and moving onto the next stage will help me have a steady pace to all of this writing.
Thanks for being understanding.
- BackroundVoice

Nice shout-out/sick burn to the Grimoire cards in Destiny!:trollestia:

That was a gripe I had when playing the game, how little background they told you in game, and the cards had you go to Bungee's site to see their contents. So lame.

8045956 a heads up would have been nice like a chapter that says this is continued

8046863 Sorry commander, I'll keep that in mind with future installments.
Thanks for reading all this time anyways

Wow, it's been a log time since a new chapter came out. Good to see you're writing again.

Mission failed we'll wake them next time, this was a nice chaptrr

Fucking Discord, man.

Good chapter! I love this series! :twilightsmile:

I hope this gets continued someday.

I must know what happens please have the next chapter ready soon. :).;)

Unfortunately, "Misadventures" is going to be a potentially on a forever long hiatus, on account that I'm trying to prioritize Twilight of Iron and then I plan to work on Symphony of Combat. I'm actually a lot closer to releasing a Destiny 2 MLP story than continuing "Misadventures". I do hope one day I'll return to it. But yeah, don't get your hopes up.

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