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Humans don't have (as much) magic as ponies, so they get their psychedelic kicks in... other ways. Fluttershy's friend Tree Hugger has procured a substantial amount of one such way of getting one's kicks. Twilight's about to blast off.

Rated Teen for drug use. Duh. Do not attempt to consume DMT without the guidance of someone who knows what they're doing. Not because it's particularly dangerous, but because it's easy to mess up and waste 40 dollars of DMT.

YouTube reading by Violently Irrelevant!

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... I think I just came to peace with the eventuality of Friendship is Magic's cancellation. Thank you for this, Tramp. It was quite a trip, even by proxy.

Glad you enjoyed and gained peace.

>buy ammo
>buy drugs

you see this isn't just a dilemma

“...Yako si siht. Sith htiw yako m’I,” he said as his mind rebooted.

Just buy drugs you can shoot (up).

Hey-ho. I did a little reading of this fic, I hope someone enjoys!

Thank you! I’ve linked to it in the story descriptions.

40 dollars of DMT must be a lot, because from what I've gathered drugs can be expensive and relatively speaking, 40 dollars isn't very much.

You have no idea how much I want to see this animated.

It would be a great honor. If I ever have an extra thousand bucks laying around I'll make it happen. Or maybe if you ask 3188550 nicely, it might happen, since I know he's a decent--if weird--animator.

Haha, funny looking back on this now that it's actually over.

As someone who has smoked (and is currently smoking) DMT, I'd say it's pretty accurate. It's meaningful shit when you get ahold of it, don't squander it. Also weed helps

Not bad, but it did feel exactly like 'baby's first dmt trip' in journal form. Would be more curious once the space-elves are gone and we're really talking about constituent reality. Thanks for writing. <3

I guess the thing is, I’m not much of a psychonaut. I’ve never done heroic doses of anything or experienced ego death and the most tabs I’ve had at once is 2. I have a friend who’s done ten strips and talked about reality melting around her. I do drugs to enhance reality, not escape it. Maybe I’m a wimp, maybe I’m a coward, or maybe I’m just playing it safe. The only times I’ve had bad trips are when I’ve had too many edibles (shitty but mostly harmless) and when I thought I was taking acid but believe I actually was given an N-bomb, which made my entire body feel like a hangover headache. I’d rather not find out what high dose bad trips are like. Maybe in time I’ll do doses of stuff high enough to transcend reality, but for now I’m simply augmenting it.

i think that's an interesting take. re: ego death, i'd warn away anyone who thinks it's really worth all that, though i'll also say that talking to a god-like version of your own consciousness through a transluscent filmy envelope over reality is an experience i can't translate meaningfully into words.

we always wonder if psychedelics are something worth experimenting with or not. if you told us when we were a kid that there was a magic piece of paper you could swallow to experience a form of reality that might be impossible to describe to anyone else... that'd be a surefire thing. but maybe the aftermath makes it feel less so. all fake, or all insubstantial. if you can't write it down or tell anyone else about it, how meaningful is it really?

i think stories and experiences like this are important, but i also worry that by only cutting into the surface material of the topic we're leaving a more interesting or meaningful narrative behind. not that i claim to know what it is. our Dash story was full of floaty language and 'reality' and tons of cliche things that happen on psychedelics as well. maybe there's a reason those things are cliche.

if you wanna have an ego death some time, hit us up. we haven't had one in a while either, but if it's either that or continue thinking the world is never going to change, it'd be more fun to poke through the barrier. but then again, maybe that's just a way to trick yourself into feeling important.

again, thanks for writing this story. yr one of our favorite names to notice on the site. :)


if you can't write it down or tell anyone else about it, how meaningful is it really?

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

good point. i like when people do what you just did, filtering the ur-idea out of our text and forcing us to address it. that is really cool.

so, what you're saying is, if zen koans are meaningful, then zen experiences themselves are meaningful? i'd concede and agree with that, but it still leaves me wondering how something can be permanently beautiful or sublime or awe-inspiring if the feeling it leaves us with is so ephemeral, unable to recorded or even described. i'd take that koan further, and i'd definitely envision the sound of a tree absent of observers as purely beautiful... but does that work on anyone else? it was a quote in an early simpson's episode, for goodness sake.

Not to sound more psuedophilosophical than I am, but are not all things in life ephemeral, and the only difference is the scale of time?

To us a redwood tree lasts seemingly forever, but to the universe, it’s a blip. And likewise, we are eternal and unaging to a mayfly, and the mayfly ancient to an unstable heavy nuclear isotope.

Skywriter actually has a good story about (on a meta level, not in the story itself) this called “Sun Goddess”.

we'll go read that before we reply more fully to yr comment. it feels like we're getting to one of those things where we personally (me, us) feel really dumb and unable to articulate what it is we're talking about. it just feels close to 'but why do drugs make us happy if they are bad'. hopefully that is not the punchline.

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