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Just a regular brony who likes to speak his mind about how he would envision MLP, if he wrote it. If you dislike one of my stories, please tell me why; I'm always willing to improve my writing.

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Does klye turned to pony later? becuase I like human-pony relataionship not pony-pony relationship.

Who knows! If you like human-pony romance, check out the prequel, Find Her, Keep Her. This one is the sequel, and the first contains important information regarding the story of the second, so I recommend reading FHKH first!

Just what I wanted

It's you and the fans that keep me going!

It's the beginning of a new life for all three if them.

Hey midnight, just a note right off the bat.
Instead of putting into the description itself, 'sequel to Find her, Keep her,' go to edit story, and scroll down to... I think... just below the descriptions. There'll be a box that says 'prequels' beside it.
Put your story in there and it'll do the rest and link the two together automatically. It'll also list it as a sequel in the first book.
Now that the sequel is out I guess I've gotta go reread the first one.

I feel like Gordon Freeman!

Good that he didn't woke up in Black Mesa or City 17

I hope those cops aren't as brutal as the cops in Need for Speed Undercover are

Maybe the G-Man's watching him from various locations! XD

Woah, you definitly know how to make a nightmare real, I tip my hat. Metal Gear, had been funny if he hid in a cardboard box and it would worked. And/or if the cops reacted like the soldiers in Metal Gear 5 to it. Great work!

Great work! You really know how to make a nightmare realistic

hell until luna appeared i thought it was real very nice

GOOD GOD I THOUGHT, WELL HELL i knew it was all a dream but the way you wrote it it seemed like this was how he was going to be going to equestria, i was almost like, GOOD GOD MAN GET A GRIP.

sorry it's just that was EXTREMELY intense.


Evidently, Kyle is my long lost twin brother!:rainbowlaugh:
Since mine isn't too far off:pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh:

Nice! At least, they can talk to each other, eager to see how it continues

not gonna lie i thought luna would be the one to tell lyra

I love this it's remind me my little dash and the Fluttershy

Well now! Isn't that something! Granted, I've seen my own birthday tied to strange things, such as in books, movies, video games, etc., but it's still kinda funny when a coincidence happens because of me! XD

omg omg OMG OMG OMG

Please continue

They will meet again!:yay: As for the 2 prisoners, something's telling me, they will be the onces getting screwed in the end, they seem not able to learn

Danny and Ed are back?


no a shotgun an't good enough we need an Ak47 or a bazooka

Not even explosive rounds with the shotgun would work?

Maybe but a small to large nuke may be even better?
I mean if your going to leave at least leave with a bang!

And one more thing if I had to kill Ed and Danny I simply crush them under a military tank. If I had one :pinkiehappy:

Nice Work! Now they can spend some time again

just take all of the d'awws

Yay new chapter. Please continue

14 days, this is going to be interesting.

Not be conspicuous......

Until their faces reach the news all over Georgia and the US.

Also I have my gun and truck waiting

i think i see whats gonna happen next

Nice job, they really suit together. As fot the prisoner's, I will be waiting for them. I can allraedy imagine what the CP would say

I'm ready, *M1 Abrams tank drives up I hop in and we floor it!*

Nice! Still able to use magic as human could be very useful

How long is Lyra staying and will Kyle go to lyra home

Lyra will be in the human world for one week, the equivalent of two weeks in Equestria due to the different time slippage. Once it's over, she will revert back to a pony and Celestia will return to get her. As for if Kyle will come with her... who knows! I won't spoil anything, though!

Ok just want to make sure and I don't want him be alone with out his wife

Oke so suddenly out of nowhere Kyle has this 'power? I love this story and the prequel but seriously... where the buck did this power came from?!

I believe it is something of an innate ability he possesses, and as he described, he can't use it when he's brimming with negative emotions. Hence why he never used it for the time after his mother disappeared (remember how he said he hadn't used it in years). Once he found Lyra, he had the means to use it, but never felt a need to, because she alone made him happy enough.

Plus, given that it is a fictional scenario, I would say that all life in all dimensions in this story have their own type of "magic," so to speak, and utilize it in a different way. So, when they say the human world "doesn't have magic," it's technically false; just very few people actually have the ability to use it, making it seem like fantasy.

2 things


2 im sorry to hear you go got rejected but you should follow alicaurds advice and

Nice, they earned themselves this nice evening, and I'm sure you will find somebody to love too one day.

Sorry, had to think of this one song while reading this.:twilightsheepish:

a super sweet chapter with so much love.

:rainbowlaugh: That's a great clip!

Anyways, I feel kinda better now (thank God I have parents who know how to give good advice).

glad you liked it and I look forward to the next chapter still waiting for kyle to go to equis to escape the rage of dumb ass #1 and #2

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