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Oof. Okay, this seems dark. There are other stories like this, where the person/pony ends up with the thing in their head pulling their strings like a puppet, causing personality death and more. This is not one of those stories. No character will be completely destroyed and remade to something new, and while the parasite may grab the reins from time to time, it will not be a constant thing.

The parasite will work change, but it will not destroy. It wants happy, healthy hosts. Hosts that will spread its offspring far and wide. It has no need for a drooling girl in a vegetative state.

So, if you don't mind the subject, and want to know how this story is going to be both Equestria Girls and Anthro, please keep reading.

I'd be interested in this fic except for one thing:
That Dash is the first host.

If it was literally any other member of the humane seven, I'd have gladly read it.

I know what fics you mean. They're in my favourites list.

I am interested in this as well. It looks promising!

Really good so far, I'm eager to see where this goes.
From the tags I'm guessing there's some Dog on Rainbow action in the future. I do hope this will only be a minor part of the overall story, and there will be more than just a bestiality scene. I like parasites, but I'm just not into dogs.

I don't even understand why I followed this one.

8393632 You say that on a lot of my fics...

8393639 I am certainly not "having a go" at such fics, you write what you write, but I (and the person feeding me ideas) wanted something not-dark.

8393740 You would be right, but there will be a lot more to it than that. You will see. :rainbowderp:

8393755 Me either! :pinkiesmile:

im interested to see more soon

Yeah, it's something I can't really help when your fics focusing on her tend to follow a pattern.

I'm interested in what happens next, particularly more of that last part. If you don't mind me saying so :raritywink:

Well, again, I'm interested. I happen to like the fics on the darker side of the spectrum, but I may end up liking this too.

This is going to be fucking amazing at this rate.

8393853 There are three more chapters lined up and ready to go. I want to make a solid 7 days in a row of releases and then this will become a weekly fic (coming out on US Mondays).

8393969 It's a growing parasite, it will need to "feed" more, trust me.

8393992 :twilightsmile:

8394142 I am glad you are enjoying it. :twilightsheepish:

I like the technical accuracy of the brain's protective layering. This shows either a detailed amount of prior knowledge, or a commendable about of research for the purpose of writing what seems to be for the most part, a fairly shameless clop story.

8394205 The latter. We live in an age where detailed medical knowledge can be gained in minutes; there is absolutely no reason any story need be factually inaccurate. Be it the doses of rabies vaccine needed for ABLV (Welcome to Thestralia), or the exact details of a top-fuel dragster engine (Rainbow Racing), details like this can help bring a story to life. :twilightsmile:


This is one of those clop stories where the accuracy only enhances the weirdness of the kink. If it was vague, if sight unseen what the parasite was doing behind the scenes, it wouldn't be nearly as good.

Oh, another thought occurred to me. This parasite seems a lot like a changeling, in terms of feeding off "emotions". A specific "emotion"as the case may be, or the hormonal equivalent anyway.

Thunderbolt. A pet dog only created in this story to fuck our dear Dashie. That is certainly naughty~ :rainbowkiss:

So this parasite seems to have it's own way to deal with accidental hosts?:pinkiecrazy:


Parasite: Picked up from the waters around Camp Everfree, this little guy (or gal, I am waiting for their official statement) loves snuggling... brains.

God has left the game.

8394835 Aww! No! Wait, come back! Look, I will give god a fortitude save, but if she messes it up again, she is taking full damage.


God has joined the game.


Getting some serious Neurax Worm vibes from this story, colour me interested.

8394885 Transcendence victory, the only way to win. Honestly though? I play Plague.Inc every now and again, and the Neurax Worm is one of my faves.

Woops, sorry all. Hit publish by mistake. Chapter will be out in a few more hours.

Lol, thought why I got a notification earlier

Don't worry everypony "It's all in your head" No need to close the borders <3

"What happened? Are you alright?" Twilight always wrote with such perfect grammar.

I would expect a true poindexter to type "all right" rather than "alright".

As her feet drew her closer to the board, Rainbow Dash felt a slight pang of desire. It stopped her in her tracks and completely distracted her from mathematics.

unf! :yay:

Pulling down her shorts and panties revealed puffy, aroused folds.

never a bad sight:ajsmug:

Hate that you have a schedule, because I'm really looking forward to next weeks chapter!

Also, any chance this little guy thing is going to want to spread itself at all during this story?

Also also if it likes horses, I wonder how much it'd like Sunset :derpytongue2:

8395872 There are 4 more chapters ready to go. I plan to release 1 a day for the first week.

As for spreading... that is what parasites do.

Oooph, nice! Thanks!

As for the spreading, wasn't sure if you were keeping this Dash-centric or if it'd get to the point of spreading or not.

Now the question is how will it spread. Something tells me feces won't be an adequate transmission medium for this thing :rainbowwild: at least I hope not!

8395940 Well, you could ask Dash, but I am very sure she doesn't even know about her newest friend yet. You could ask the parasite, but I don't think it has worked out Rainbow's speech centers. I am at a loss! :rainbowhuh:

Oh no! I guess only time will tell!

How about sign language?
What's that, little buddy? Wiggle wiggle? Wiggle wiggle waggle?

Hm. I don't know what that means. Rainbow? You have any idea?

Rainbow Dash: :rainbowwild:

8396160 I think Rainbow Dash's hands are too busy for ASL. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, this is certainly interesting. Especially since our "special guest" seems to possess a level of decency nigh-unheard of among neural parasites.
Which is admittedly not a very lofty bar to reach, but when your relatives include the likes of Neurax Worms and the Flood, letting your host go to the bathroom in their sleep (without staining the bed:pinkiesick:) makes you look like a damn saint in comparison.

My, my. So ponying up is accelerating the process in which the parasite can turn our dear Dashie into a slut? I certainly hope she will do a lot of ponying up then! :yay:

Will the parasite make Rainbow busty in the future?

I like where this story is going. I hope she keeps going further and further with ponying up until it gets to the point where she goes 100% pony whenever the parasite decides to have its fun
Not as easy to service yourself if you're stuck with hooves

Are all dogs into human hotboxes, or is there some weird pheromone related side effect caused by the parasite?

Also dang, this parasite business isn't too bad for Dash yet! Mild inconvenience. Mild masturbatory inconvenience :rainbowwild:

Question to Twi: have you noticed anything unusual in Dash's behavior lately?

I never saw this comment until now, I want to say I appreciate this actually. This is a niche genre as-is, and finding non-destructive versions of this niche is even niche-ier. I applaud your efforts and ability to get this story going without going straight to something more grotesque or dark (relative to other parasite stories).

(or gal, I am waiting for their official statement)

...From who?

8400038 Until the parasite can make Rainbow talk... It might be a while.

So, because it is an equine parasite, she is becoming more equine? At this rate, will she end up as a real anthro at some point?

I'm hoping for full pony ;)

Do you know of any magical parasites in Equestria?

"C'mon boy, you have earned some inside time."

My perverted mind found this line slightly ambiguous. :rainbowlaugh:

Huh. Now I finally understand the Anthro cover art! I honestly was really confused why such a cover art was chosen for an Equestria Girls story, but if Dashie goes full Anthro Slut, then it makes sense! :pinkiesmile: :trollestia:

Oh gosh! Who is going to break this story's page-cherry with comment 51?

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