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Barley Citrus

I write about the countless coital encounters between humanoid horsies, anthropomorphous equines and at least passably bipedal pony people... Also, I really fuckin like Equestria Girls my dudes.

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Nothing you say? I'll believe that when I see one with Rainbow Dash jackhammering Sunset in the doo-doo hole with a lawn dart as Fluttershy gives birth to something resembling a cheddar cheese log with almonds on Twilight's tummy tum.

Derpi 2183292

Comment posted by Will Rufus deleted Apr 20th, 2020

This comment section is going to be filled with requests by the end of the week like, say, a request to have Lyra get absolutely covered in cum.

Kinks:: #All Of Them

How many chapters will feature femdom?

I'm guess Aria and Limestone might be next.

That was super hot. The sad Featherweight at the end killed my boner though.

I can't wait to see who's next (no rush).

HI, I'm glad to see you're enjoying it
Which one is your favourite short so far?

That was just rude,at least return the favor.

Whale looks like is going to the after party. I hope they all get together.

I've heard of cum dump but ever heard of pee dump?

You mean like when one character pees inside another?

What an odd combination
I do have some dragon-spike stuff planned though

If she did, I wonder if the child would be a normal girl
Or if it would be part demonic due to Midnight

Kinks:: #All Of Them

Only one urine tag, and no fisting, breastfeeding, hornplay/jobs, pet-play, voyeurism, lesdom, throat-fucking or choking tags (so far)...

Sir, I doubt your commitment to this claim, and challenge you. I throw down the writing gauntlet and challenge you to write chapters featuring at least two of each of these tags. You know, for fun. If you want to. It's cool if you don't, but:


Let's see what you can do.

No pregnant sex or cheating either. And a terrible lack of Dashie.

Sometimes I question your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

This was a awesome read. Can you you show what happened to Fluttershy when the Dazzlings got her to there house?


Oh shit, I've accidentally committed to something!
What do I do? >.>'

If I already have a fic including it, then I'm less likely to do it.
As for the rest though, it's simply a matter of time. I'll get to them.
Or maybe I'll just slyly edit the descrip to say

Kinks:: #All Of Them that I feel like

Ya know. I literally didn't even think about it.
That was supposed to be the end of it.
These are meant to be storyless shorts after all.

But it's not impossible
If I think of something good I might tack it on

Comment posted by Klopparberg deleted Dec 9th, 2019


That would be cheating, though. Are you a clopfic writer, or a cop-out writer?

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