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Welcome to another monthly fic. This one is a little stranger than anything else. No matter how strange, or how odd, you have to admit that having your body infiltrated by a plant and made into a hermaphrodite, then forced to be okay with it, is definitely strange.

But this is the prologue. The rest of the story will not be in the first person, I began things this way to introduce you to what is happening in the lovely town in the future. You see, this event is a few months after the actual fic starts. So sit down, buckle up, and hold on to your sanity. Oh, and those of you in the front two rows, may get wet moist.

Starts making tons of popcorn and snacks

Dis gunna be gud....

Given what the labs are finding out they can do with simple plant capable checmicals at teh right place and the right time, makes you wonder just how many times Dryadis Hybrids have been attempted on Earth and been eaten, failed etc.


Oh, and those of you in the front two rows, may get moist.

Fixed that for you!

7869896 All fixed! :rainbowwild:

Before I read it, what is the Horror tag for ?

Oh, this is going to be so incredibly fucked.
I planned on running away, but I just might watch in horrified fascination.

7870119 Mainly body-horror, but a little mind-poking too.

I live for stories like this!!! Parasite/host, mind control, ovi, with a hint of mystery. That and the use of Glimmer makes it even better. Especially considering that the tables have turned on her in regards to who controls who. Can't wait to read more of this story.

7870446 Aww, yes, yes I am. :scootangel:

Geez, score a critical hit right to the kinks why don't you, Damaged? :rainbowlaugh::heart:

7868913 you know just what gets people off eh? Have at it, kind sir! Enjoy my ratings!

this is exactly what I have been looking for a while now, and even better it doesn't have anything to do with the Mane 6 or Ponyville or the princess. I alway love it when people want to expand on Our Town lore and pre-reformed Starlight Glimmer. I hope Party Favor gets his own scene he is my favored pony to date. I can't wait to see what will come up with next.

7873320 As I said in my comment, this is an introduction, showing things about... halfway. The main story will go back to the start, when the vines first begin exploring the town, its residents... their orifices... :pinkiehappy:

This was a great chapter I really loved Tight Squeeze character, and the fact that he is married to Sugarbell is an interesting twist to me. I hope to see more of him in the story again. I wander why the plant needed to swap Tight's testicles for with its own, I am guessing that it want to make it's own pony/plan hybrid and that the stallions simply won't transmit any of their own seeds into the foals. I wander if his cutie mark has changed the same way as Starlight did? I wander if the same will be true for Double Diamond when his turn will come? I wander if Tight will be the carrier to first start infecting most of the village by having unexpected sexual encounter with him to start spreading to the rest of them; I wander what will be the effects on them. I wander how the cave became so accessible later in the story if it was so difficult to reach for him and Sugarbell; I am guessing that the villagers help out with craving a path over there to make it easier to reach. I wander if later in the story they will start changing with a more greenish color, or star growing flowers and fruit on their bodies that they would sell to the rest of Equestria? I wander if ponies will start to grow in pods or that their urine will have special properties, the outhouse would be the perfect place to set traps for ponies where they suspect the least dangers.

Can't wait to see more of this.

Great chapter, though it bugged me he went spelunking or whatever alone. I'm pretty sure that's like the number one safety tip for cave diving: Don't go alone. That way there's no chance of bad movies about nothing leading up to nothing leading up to cutting off a limb; stopping bad movies is everyone duty!

I'm kinda delighted with the irony of a cave-diving pegasus. :pinkiehappy:


We need to see an Earth Pony who is into magic to bring it full circle.

If I had one comment about this chapter, it's that there certainly is a lot of fluids being produced here.

7923420 If magic were an earth pony's cutie mark, I doubt fate would leave them hanging for a way to express it.

Not quite my thing, but it was written quite well. I'll keep an eye on it.:pinkiecrazy:

7926068 Thanks! This story has been moved to twice-monthly (thanks to a second patron supporting it), so there will be more coming soon! :twilightsmile:

The first chapter had my attention but now I'm in it for the long run

Well, this chapter has certainly planted a seed of interest in what comes next. I belief that the root of the problem with the plant stems from its need to branch out.

This was a good chapter, I was hoping for more detailed clop with Sugarbell, or have more development between the two character or more interactions with the other inhabitants maybe, but is still interesting. I felt that SugarBell's turn with the plan was somehow more intense then it was.

I was honestly expecting Tight was going to hump everything on four legs in Our Town after doing his wife. But, I think this is actually a lot better that way. I like the idea of the orgasm denial would be great way to get them to do stuff, along with having instance lust at the same time until they comply to the plants demands.

I would had kind of like to have seen more noticeable sexual frustrations building up between then, not just for Tight but for Sugarbell too, like despite trying so hard they couldn't seem to climax at all and that they would start trying out weirder things to achieve it.

I wonder what was the plan part was doing to during that week in Tight's scrotum all that time and why it was going deep into his body. Did I misunderstood that his ball sack was dangling empty? I wonder what changes it did to tight other then make his dick bigger and what it did to Bell the first and second time of what went inside of her?

I don't need to be blatantly told what was going on, but I would have a clue of what was all that preparation for Bell. I wander what it went to such a complected path to to what ever it did to Bell with the what Tight did in the last chapter, then the plant pod, then Tight again.

I can't wait to see what is coming up next

7959305 Yes, his scrotum is hanging empty right now, whatever was put in there has gone elsewhere.

Belle got something very special, we will see what happens as time progresses. As for why what happened, happened. The plant is in control of Tight's (and now Belle's) sex drive. When there wasn't an eligible mare around to receive what he had, Tight literally couldn't get physically aroused.

The plant is slowly building plans, and it does not want to waste any energy (plants are, on the whole, pretty dang good at this).

great chapter, I can't wait to see what will happen to Sugarbell Tight Squeeze in the next chapter with the apparent sex change that see to be happening.

...My instructions don't list a "slot L"... what do I do?! :pinkiegasp:

7997491 Please see the plant cave, Slot L will develop shortly...

7997501 Couldn't see the Plant cave. It seems somepony called "Hans" burned it down

This was a great chapter and now we see the flock is now growing to double its previous size. I loved how Sugar and Tight couldn't let go of each other even in front of the Doctor. I wonder why Double Diamond was in the cave alone without Tight Squeeze should he have at least warned him of where he was going? I can't wait to see that will happen next.

This is fine. Everything is fine. Vegetaballs are good for you, right? :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, that new cover image is very disturbing

Well, he's dealing with it pretty well.

I do wonder what the plant wants. Does it just want to spread its seeds in a very unusual fashion, like the tree in Given Shape?

This was an other great chapter to this awesome story, I can't wait to see what will come next

The mind control is starting to begin in earnest. Very excited to see what happens next.

Don't do weird plants, kids. Or you might be hypnotized into endless sex.
On second thought, do weird plants.

Question for the plant: "Does your species have a name?"

This boner is so powerful it might very well take over the world!

I have a question for Tight.
"What is it like having a body of flesh and a tail made of plant?"

Really. You really went there with the name? That was bad, and you should feel bad for doing it.

What? I don't get it.

So, they're slowly being turned into plants?

8151148 Tight Squeeze. Did you not see the pun she made with the name?

Oh that! I thought you were talking about the A/N

I predict a pony cactus coyote hybrid. Or at least a cactus coyote geared for sex.

So, I only just realised this, but the cover art is what is going to happen to Tight Squeeze, isn't it?
Poor stallion looks to be hypnotized. Is he even himself at that point?

It fused the cactus thing and Night, let the hive grow, its soldiers have arrived to protect the breeders and queen(Sugar).

I’m really enjoying this so far. It’s interesting to see that the mental changes introduced by the plant is beginning to manifest in all of them. I found the mind control that Starlight experienced in the first chapter really exciting, and I’m eager to see that sort of subjugation begin in earnest.

Looks like the plant is beginning to diversify its powers with what it did to Night, due to the cactus I’m guessing. Wonder if there’ll be more like that.

So it's a hive structure. The queen, the breeders, the workers and the warrior.

8213208 Not at all. It is merely adapting various ponies for various tasks. Such doesn’t mean an automatic hive structure. Also, normally the queen IS the breeder.

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