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Starlight and Twilight should share Spike
And personally I like SpikeX either Twilight or Starlight more then SpikeXRarity

Twilights inner reaction when Starlight walks in

Everything after that was like watching a car crash in slow-motion. I could literally see Starlight flying through a windshield.

“You know…” Twilight paused while making the cup of coffee dance on her magic hold “if not because I’m an Alicorn, I will be worn out of magic by now, studying all day… helping Spike to sleep with a rather potent spell…” she paused, “Using a cleanse spell on a brazen little hussy in the middle of the night.”


Everything after that was like watching a car crash in slow-motion.

Holly molly, jackpot, that was just the effect I wanted to show for that scene.

*inhales deeply* ah... I see you are an user of refined tastes as well :moustache:

:rainbowderp: uh,......I'm going to say yes:pinkiesmile:.....even though I have no clue what you mean by that:moustache:

I like it more please . Sequel? Spike deserve more starlight clop.

Comment posted by Poputrash deleted Sep 25th, 2017

:raritystarry: Oh dear Twilights castle just exploded in a fashionable display of fur...
:pinkiegasp: and bone
:applejackconfused: and mane
:twilightangry2: It's more then dirty laundry.........

:moustache: I had this really great dream, Maybe Twi can use that sleep spell again, It was great!


“Why were you… covered in~” she paused, her left eye flicking as the tendrils of her mane started to turn into flames, “my dragon’s sperm.”



It was a reference from an anime. Eitherway It means that i like the way you think (with your shippings)

Twilight looks like she's about to murder Starlight.

oh look the last generation of spike clopfic authors

It has been a long time since i submited something though. It was driving me crazy.

> “Jajajajaja!”
Immersion broken

dang it, I knew something was off with that line :ajsleepy:

Just say 'I was drunk'. That justifies it. Doesn't it?

las pegasus is the only place in which you get forgiven for doing crazy things while drunk :trollestia:
I could try, that is, if my internet services gets better (or back, to begin with. im using my phone to survive but is really expensive). so, for the meantime, hang in there major cliffhanger! :pinkiegasp:

Funny, now that I think about it I always thought Ponyville was the kind of place in which you get forgiven for doing crazy things just in general.

What if Spike have his way with the Pie sisters?

I will like to try writting something likely, because spilight and twilight are becoming my conmfort zone and i need to be able to make good stories with any kind of character even if they dont get along (not the case with the pie sister btw)

BR¿? (english isnt my first language, somethings are still new for me)

I suggest making(not buying) a Desktop PC. If you need a good "writer's" Desktop I can send you a picture of a part list. That is moderately cheap.

I have a pc, but using the internet from my phone makes my limited service runs out really fast. Starting this week I'll be searching for another company that can provides me with non limited services

If you send me the specifications of your PC, I could see if there is a way around your issue for less money.

“What are you talking about?” Starlight interrupted, “Do you know that ‘baby’ is just a title and that he is over legal age right?” she asked at her with an arched brow "even more, he is your age, Trixie".

Okay, if you want to explain away Spike's age (and I find it doubtful he's the same age as Trixie, since Twilight hatched him around the age of 8 and she's around 20-23 by now. We'll assume legal is over 15, I suppose. No statutory in Equestria.) you don't say 'baby is a title'. '

“What are you talking about?” Starlight interrupted, "He's only a 'baby' relative to other dragons, by pony standards he's more than old enough."

This story has an interesting premise, but there are a lot of grammar, spelling, and general sentence issues with it that really made it more difficult to read through.

I noticed from comments that English isn't your first language, so these kinds of things are to be expected in that case, but you should really try to find yourself a good editor that can help you to clean those areas of your writing up. There are plenty of good editing groups on this site or out in the wider community. I would highly suggest going to them for a bit of help.

I just found them funny. But then Im' about one fourth as drunk as Trixie rightnow.

Ya. I had a huge problem with this as well. While I certainly don't think Spike is literal baby there is no way he's Trixie's age since most of the main characters, including Trixie and Starlight, are around the same age. Hell the MLP comic say's Trixie was a student at Celestia's when Twilight was.
Spike's at least 6-7 years younger then Trixie and Starlight, so all that's really needed is to say that he's like 16 and that 16 is the age of consent in Equestria.

Aside from that small nit-pick great story.

The age decition was more of a joke, or better say, something to add for the random tag.
The idea to putting him at the same age than trixie came from the web series glim-glam and friends (in which spike is older than trixie).

I supossed this kind of coment will came sooner or later, after all, i usually search for help before submiting things but i had to make an exception this time because my internet service is limited

Can we have more of this, please? This story have potential to be continue....:twilightblush:

I read that series, you must have misunderstood something, because Twilight says he is a little younger than Twilight herself, and I don't think Trixie's age is ever mentioned.

I remember there was a time in the series when they needed to sneak some adultered cider and spike was the one who bought it, trixie asked him how he was able to buy it and he showed her his id in which its shown that he is 21(i think, that post is old, but it was a funny one)

derpicdn.net/img/view/2017/4/4/1403610__safe_artist-colon-raph13th_spike_starlight+glimmer_trixie_absurd+res_black+and+white_comic_deep+lore_glim+glam+and+pals_grayscale_monochrome_p.png This is the comic, and if this it to be taken seriously it makes twilight 8 years older than trixie, which seems really wrong. Also, that ID doesn't say he's twenty one, it just says who he is. Knowing Celestia, she probably just gave him an ID making him able to get whatever he wants because he is trusted that much.

Well, that was a bad one from my part. Btw: i miss reading that comic(and the one about twilight adorkable friends)

I don't see how this can be continued. Starlight molested Spike in his sleep, got busted by his mother/big sister, and now Starlight is going to wish that Twilight just killed her. There's nothing else to tell.

I think there's considerably more screwing going on than you imagine. Twilight didn't call Spike "my son" or "my brother", but "my dragon". As how a mare would say "my stallion". So it seems Twily is the one satisfying Spike behind the scenes.

You don't say? *having favorite shipping thoughts* :twilightblush: :moustache:

I guess it's how you interpreted it because I didn't interpret it that way. I got her saying 'my dragon' as in 'the dragon I raised', 'the dragon in my care', something like that.

Pssst. You have a typo in your short description.

*marks read it later

Just thought you should know.

Why fingers? Why arent you able to stop my silly mistakes?!
(thanks for pointing that out btw)

As always, what a amazing fic, need a continuation pls!!!!

I see. Problem is it's hard to tell it's a joke. Her being unsure would have helped. Like maybe she say's "I think he might be as old as you." That at least leaves open her being wrong about his age.

Better yet, what if the Pie Sisters have their way with Spike?

Mmm that will help a lot, I'll change it as soon as i can

I like the way you think :trollestia:

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