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My Little Dashie merchant born and raised.


This story is a sequel to My Little Dashie: Fourth Times the Charm

At the end of My Little Dashie: Fourth Time's the Charm, Brian made it to the afterlife. In the epilogue of that story, Dashie does as well. Happy ending, end of story... right?

And yet, something seems as if it's missing. We still have so many unanswered questions. What was Dashie's life like without her father? What was "afterlife" like for Brian, and what did he do to pass the time while waiting for his little Dashie? What was the deal with Forest? How did each of Dashie's beloved friends pass away? And so much more...

With the help of research, theorizing, and educated guesses, I believe I've made a story that all fans of the My Little Dashie series can get some satisfaction out of!


A special thanks to Dreadnought for editing each and every chapter. I couldn't have made this story what it is without your help!


I would also like to thank the deleted YouTube account owner of DerpyPony22. I wouldn't have done something meaningful in my life back when I made this if it weren't for all of his works with My Little Dashie, My Little Dashie: A Sequel, My Little Dashie: A Threequel, and My Little Dashie: Fourth Times the Charm. He didn't make any of these stories, but he along with his group did beautiful readings on all four of these. I recommend checking them out if you haven't before on the YouTube channel: Rainbow Laugh


I didn't receive permission to do this from ROBCakeran53 or Ponymanne215. I planned to, but I saw that ROB never does reply to those requests (Edit: Thanks for the comment ROB!) and the latter hasn't been online since 2013. So I decided it would be a lost cause. Nevertheless, I was stoked to do this!

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7885566 Well, of course, it's unofficial. All of them are XD

Sweet a continuation of my little Dashie

7885909 That's right! Although of course it's unofficial. Also I doubt it'll turn out as quality as the original and 2-4. I just wanted to do it to basically fill in the gaps between Brian passing and Fourth Time's the Charm's Epilouge.

I ask of you all viewing this that you rate this story based on what it is, not based on if you like the idea or not. I worked hard and that effort is what should be rated I feel.


Hmmm you should make the chapters longer. Preferably around the 5K area.

7887630 I could see how that would be better, but to be honest I'm not entirely sure just how long this is going to be. I want it to be in between the sequel and the threequel in reading time, but again I'm not entirely sure. I don't want to make it too long by focusing on making these chapters take 25 minutes to read, and then end up having to make 15 chapters. That just seems way too long to me.

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Sorry for your loss. I felt the same way my grandfather died.

This fic has an interesting idea, especially your idea of the afterlife. What confuses me is why are there are so little viewers and why are there 6 Dislikes to begin with.

7925694 To be honest, Iwasn't saddened when I heard the news. He's distant and I hadn't seen him since I was maybe 4 or 5. But thank you for caring. You don't get too many people who do these days, and it feels good knowing that there are still people who do.

As for why this story is only 10-6: I think the majority of the dislikes are because some people just don't like the idea of people making installments to MLD. Some people just want to leave it as is so they can imagine what happens next for themselves.

I'm glad you like the idea. As the dislikes discouraged me at first. I probably don't get many views because I'm not a well known author so most of the major exposure I had came from the new stories section. This was also before I got my chapters fully edited which maybe had a factor.

I actually had a go at my own sequel a few years back. But I was young, and it sucked... a lot XD. I eventually deleted it before starting this story.

Thank you for encouraging me further to continue with this :) Chapter 5 will be delayed though, as I will be at the funeral area from Thursday afternoon to mid Sunday. It'll probably be up Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how things go.

Again, I'm glad you are enjoying it, and I look forward to making this story complete :)
P.S. sorry for making it so long

Huh. I wasn't aware My Little Dashie was a self-insert story.

7987606 I have no idea what that actually means XD. I figured it had something to do with the fact that Brian is a mysterious character and is human but not an OC

The weather here is a constant sixty-eight degrees, so there's no need for heaters.

If you are talking Celcius, then what you need is a lot of ice.

7988658 Nah dude, Fahrenheit XD. I'll edit it to make that clear. Thanks for reading!

8016604 Well, as the title suggests, it's the beginning of the end, and you gotta start somewhere.

7987919 A self-insert story is when you put yourself in a story with you as the main character. Is there going to be a sixth story?

8100635 Oh sorry, didn't know that.

And no way XD. And that's simply because by the end of this one the span of these 5 stories starts with Dashie being a 5 year old filly, and I'm sure you can figure out where she'll be in the end of this one. This story itself is kind of milking it a bit too much, but I enjoy doing it. Anything beyond this would be overkill. There really wouldn't be any interesting plot left to explore. The most I'd expect is a few short stories taking place in the Afterlife.

End of May... Dude, I really hate to sound like a critic, but we're halfway through June now.

Yes yes, I know. Chapter 11 has been completed for some time now. Around the beginning of June. I'm just waiting for my editor to finish checking it out. I don't want to put quantity over quality, you know? My editor said that he'd be checking it out today, so hopefully it'll be out Monday at the latest. Sorry for the long wait.

Also, you only liked and added this story to your bookshelf just yesterday. Did you read all 10 chapters in less than a day? O_o

Yes, I did. I'm a very fast reader, because it's a prerequisite to being a fast writer. And it's no big deal, life happens sometimes.


I figured it was XD. Thanks for the comment, man. It's made my day!

From what I've been told me, she just got really sick and passed for unknown reasons.

I believe it should just be ‘‘been told’’.

Also, even though I have a bit of interest in the potential epilogue, I do not really deem it necessary (and tend to get a drained, empty feeling when reading the word ‘epilogue’).

I'll be sure to I fix that! Not too sure how it happened though...

And thank you for the feedback! If I don't get anymore then I'll probably just go off of what you said.

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sorry for my language but MOTHER FUCKER YOU WARENT LYING AT ALL HOLY SHIT I saw that comment on the 4th one but I thought that would be the end

Haha yeah XD. I would never lie about something like that but I get how you could've been skeptical. Have you enjoyed what you've read so far?

I just finished this page and i'm in love!! can't wait to read the rest!!

Awesome to hear! Thanks so much! I’m reading along as well as it’s been awhile :rainbowlaugh:

Another chaper read before bed i'm going to try to squeez in all of them!

You got me! 2 tears on the third chapter! already a great start to a great story!

its begining to become hard to read with tears in my eye you did an amazing job with this!

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Wow! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much!

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This has been an amzing read and it brought a lot of emotions reading it! it was great but i'd find an epilogue unneeded. i would just have to say thanks for making this i have loved it!

I’m so glad to hear it! It was great to produce and I hope there are more things to come for it!

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