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My Little Dashie merchant born and raised.


This story is a sequel to My Little Dashie: 5th Birthday

(NOTICE: It's not required that you read this story's predecessor in order to understand and enjoy this one. But, the views on it would be heavily appreciated :rainbowkiss: )

Six whole years have passed since my little Dashie arrived in my life, if you could've called it one. These years have been the best of my life by an absolute landslide. It's only fair that I show her just how special she is to me by making her special day the best she's ever had and then some!

Happy Birthday, Dashie!

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Thanks for the feedback! I would love to work on stories more often! But with school, work and esports it is very difficult to find time for this... Hoping I have more time for it soon though!

Yeah I can relate to that as well. I didn’t wanna make this story very long. In between 2-3k words was the goal. And it ended up being just over 4K. It’s no big deal of course. But in this story it didn’t even get to the main part of the day until nearly 1000 words in. My stories are always longer than I plan for them to be and yet I still find myself aiming lower than I should for word count.

Nice to see this series hasn't disappeared after all these years. This was a great way to get back into the story of My Little Dashie. This was very sweet indeed, good work.

Aw, thank you 😊. Yeah I feel like I’m one of the only people who still works on this beloved series we have here. At least semi consistently. I feel like I’ve done better work as this was kinda rushed to meet the deadline of the 17th, but I’m just glad to get another story out. If you have any story ideas I’d love to hear them. Running kind of dry recently...

loved it, like the last birthday

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