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My Little Dashie merchant born and raised.


My Little Dashie is a fantastic story that spans many years, with each year bringing more growth between Dashie and her dad than the last. This is, except for the years that are skipped, of course. 2020 just so happened to be one of those years. Looking back on the year it was, it's easy to see why.

This got me curious, however. Dashie may have been quarantining long before it was the cool thing to do, but "Pops" still had to pay the bills somehow... This story offers a month-by-month glimpse into what life must have been like for our favorite duo in a year when the poor got poorer and the greedy became the needy.

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Here's my question. I know you've written plenty of follow ups to that overrated story (yes I read it. I don't see why people make a big deal out of it). But it's been a while since then.

Did you write the original? And if you didn't, seeing as this is a rewrite, did the original author say you can? Usually a good idea to ask before you do, if you didn't write the original.

I’ve been doing this for a while, yeah. When I first started writing, I did attempt to ask the original creator of the story. But he never answered, so at that point everything is free range. I have spoken to the original creator before and he has commented on a few of my stories, once even laughing it off when I said in my description that “he never really does answer requests” so there are good vibes between us and no need to ask each time I create a story. I appreciate you wanting to make sure I’m doing this correctly!

A good start, eager to see where this goes

Nice work, as always! And sadly, that's only the beginning, Brian

Well, I finally got around to catching up with this fic, and I must say, so far so good. It’s kind of weird actually, reflecting on the mess that was last year thro the first fanfic I ever knew about...

I’m really interested in what are you going to do next (I can’t wait for an update :P), specially with that somewhat ominous last 2 paragraphs

it's fine, better late than never. And good luck for college!

I’m glad you’re enjoying! These kind of comments give me motivation for future chapters! To be honest, I’m probably overdoing it with those last paragraphs. It’s a good way to end the chapter off instead of how I usually do it. While I can’t say when the next chapter will be out, I can definitively say that this story will be wrapped up during the summer.

its fine better late than never. NIce work!

Good to see a new chapter :twilightsmile:

By the can considering the pandemic isn’t technically over I’m starting to wonder if the fic will end in June/later and not diciembre 2020 itself. But that’s just something I’m starting to be curious about.

Now April, this was when things began to get interesting/horrendous, although at least for me may of last year was the more notorious in comparison (hard believe is has been a year now).

Any way, as always I’m very curious to see how the fic is going to continue.

Also I enjoy a lot the fact that you show dashie’s dad taking extra precautions like showering after work, it really helps to show the strong relationship the 2 have

Thank you my friend :)

I appreciate the feedback! Unlikely it will go into 2021 because things are close to normal around here. It’ll end on New Year’s Eve 2020 probably.


Ending the fic in 2020 New Year’s Eve makes sense... however I would recommend you to write an epilogue going over 2021. Thing might be going back to normal but they aren’t 100% back to what they used to be.

Besides I need more my little Dashie content in my life XD

You and me both! XD if I finish 2020 before the end of summer I’ll Defo consider it based on your recommendation. However, even if I don’t, that won’t be the end of MLD content whatsoever. After this story I’ll take a break from writing new ones in order to create readings for all the ones that I’ve written so far. I’m so looking forward to it! Feel free to DM me with story suggestions for after this one. It’s been getting difficult to make story topics that are interesting and haven’t already been written.

i enjoyed it, better than nothing

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Your welcome, keep up the good work!

Curse you!

You're making me want to cry!

My apologies! Next chapter will be much happier!

better late than never, nicely done!

I appreciate it :)

you're welcome, hope you are doing well

Don't you DARE give me such a scare ever again! :twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Anyway, that was adorable.

Many thanks once again!

Oh don’t you worry :raritywink:

you're welcome! Hope you can enjoy my story so far

Unfortunately he’s not overthinking it…

I remember the mask mandates going into effect around March 20th where I live. The stores in my area ran out of masks by then, but luckily a relative of mine was able to make a couple of cloth masks for me and for of my other relatives living in another state.

As for the toilet paper situation, some of my relatives sent me a package of five or six rolls of toilet paper and a few other miscellaneous supplies. It will be interesting to see what Brian does, especially since I don’t remember him having any relatives including distant ones, or ones living out of State.

I had similar problems but our mask mandate didn’t go into effect until late June if I recall… we had just enough TP to get by. And yeah, hopefully they’ll be alright! Thanks for reading!

Thank you as always!

Everyone in my family got the vaccine as soon as it became available and we had both doses back in the Spring. Also we wear our masks and only go out when we need to and so (statistically speaking) it will probably work out as it eventually does for Dashie and her “dad” (based on the ending of the original story).

Same here! Definitely wasn’t planning on anything that drastic happening 😂

Nicely done and yeah, helloween suffered due to Corona

You put in this year instead of 2020.

Oops… that’s uncharacteristic of me 😅. Thanks for letting me know, it’s fixed now.

That’s terrible!

If this was a cartoon, my heart would have melted from the adorableness here.

I'd like to think that's the goal. Glad that you think so!:rainbowkiss:

nicely done! though, if they only knew....it ain't over yet

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