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In an alternate reality, the only one of the Mane 6 to escape capture by Tempest and her goons in Canterlot was Rainbow Dash. So now she is faced with the task of doing everything that she and her friends accomplished in the movie.

Because let's face it, she totally could if she had to.


Thank you all for getting this story on the popular list for October 14th and 15th of 2017! :rainbowkiss:

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Hence we have My Little Pony: Awesome Pony edition.

I haven't seen the movie, but I know that one of my fics will in fact be based on the movie. ^_^

And Spoilers for the fic based on the movie: it's Samneo related :-)

A bit silly, but still amusing.

There is a bit of tense confusion in it, though, with the story randomly switching between present and past tense in the prose a few times.

Oh, that’s my bad! I was trying to use past tense for this one, but I’m used to using present tense in my other stories. I’ll go through and fix the issues later today.

It should be AJ and Flutters who escape.
They were borderline background characters in the movie.

Well truthfully, the only ones given anything to do in the movie we’re Twilight, Rainbow and Pinkie. AJ, Fluttershy and Rarity hardly did anything at all. But, I wouldn’t be able to make it so that AJ and Flutters escape as they wouldn’t be able to do everything that they would need to do in the movie.

And therein lies the problem with those two: you can't write much for them given their characters.
I'd say Rarity had more face, though, given her interactions with Capper.

I hope there will be a Sonic The Hedgehog crossover story for the movie soon. Because I really want to see Sonic kick the Storm King's butt with Chaos Control!

Written by a true Rainbow Dash fan.:rainbowlaugh: As an Applejack fan, maybe I'll have to write MLP Movie: Applejack Does Everything!:ajsmug:

Overall, an enjoyable read. Keep up the good work.


Good luck with that :rainbowlaugh: it wouldn’t be easy with no magic or wings. I say she gets as far as the airship and gets tossed overboard because she can’t make them be awesome again! XD. And thanks man! Although I personally thought it was crappy.

This version would've won oscars. No doubt about it.

Oh yeah definitely XD. Not to mention that most of the people who went to watch the movie only went to see Rainbow Dash in illustrious Toon Boom Harmony animation :rainbowlaugh:

I went there to see a good 2D animated movie in theaters, which I haven't done since Treasure Planet (and it wasn't my favorite Disney movie, nor was Atlantis), and to see the Storm King die. (Credits aren't meant to be taken seriously, and are inconsistent with that scene in the film)

But, the Sonic Rainboom was pretty spectacular.

MLP Movie: Rainbow Dash Does Everything Written by Rainbow Dash herself.
Also good work.

Yeah, she might as well have! :rainbowlaugh: and thank you! Although, to be honest, I probably put the least amount of effort into this of any of my stories.

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