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I'm male, and autistic, just so you know. I've been looking for a career for years till I came here. Hugs to those I love, and the trustworthy friends I make here someday.

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Awesome Vinyl Scratch and Octavia :twilightsmile:

This is pretty good. The royals.

7854510 u know. Twilight, Celestia, Luna, crysalis( sorry if its not spelled right), nightmare moon and cadence.

Interesting. The first mare to get him when the season actually begins should be Twilight. He does live there after all. I would like to see him with either the pegasi twins (Flutter and Cloudchaser) or the Spa Twins (Aloe and Lotus).

Celestia, Luna, and Cadence:twilightsmile:

Royals. Royals. ROYALS. ( but sounds like the chant TO-GA TO-GA TO-GA.) I happily await for more.

Nursery moved her pointer finger in a 'come and get it' motion,

She introduced herself as Octavia Melody before extending her hand.

Time out! Are these anthros or humanized ponies?:pinkiegasp:

Does it have to be a royal? Couldn't he have a short break and breed somepony else? Like maybe genderbent Shining Armor/Gleaming Shield? If not, then my vote is Cadance :p

Cadence sorry Shining Armor well not really. I'm personally hoping she really get's turned on by the fact she's cheating on her husband.

7884262 of course. I can do a genderbent character after the royals chapter set.

As for alicorns, like Princess Celestia, Luna, and myself, are sterile. Nothing could gets us pregnant.

What about Cadance having Flurry Heart? As for who's next, I don't care as long as it isn't Cadance. She's already taken.:twilightangry2:

I'll be skipping this chapter.:flutterrage:

Man this was super hawt! Cheating Wives have always been my main fetish (I know I'm sick, but what can you do). My only complaint about this chapter is that she didn't mention Shining Armor at all. Way my boy, Darren, better than him? She already voiced her wishes to get impregnated by him, but would she be willing to sacrifice anything and everything to be with him afterwards? Stuff like that really bring out the cheating aspect of it all. But that's just me, I guess. Like I said, it was a really hot chapter nonetheless. Onward towards the final two royals!

7907649 thank you so much. Cheating wives is a good fetish along with my list of best fetishes, but i'll tell you that later when i can. Thanks again for enjoying this chapter.

It's pretty good. You should see about getting it edited though.

Can Chrysalis being an option? it could be interest if she plans to get back at Cadence for the weeding by giving Darren a rage potion…then it back fire and she becomes his bitch and now she is ashamed to admit it but she love it and want him to actually turn into her master

7917383 Chrysalis may not count as a royal, but i can consider using her in a later chapter. Just PM me the details in which you want it to go, and i'll be glad to pull it off when i can.

Any male become gender opposite...So that why Cadence don't have Shining Armor, I guess?

If all male is female now. Than I vote for Thorax. She is royalty too. XD

Now that he's in Canterlot the next one should be princess Blue Bell you know Blue Bloods female self

Don't go so fast dude…or miss, remember, there is still one last princess in the list

Oh you know her, just need to think carefully we have seeing her in more than one occasion and she always knows how to be the center of attention

Well technically speaking Discord is a spirt of chaos not a king so Eris wouldn't be a princess so…no

7966087 As far as I know there's only 4 princesses Princess Luna Princess Celestia Princess Twilight and Princess Cadence

Nope there is still technically one more…she actually outrank them, that should give you a clue

7966404 You don't mean Celestia and Luna mother because that is the only one that should outrank them And why are you being all mysterious about this are you trying to make it a surprise

Technically speaking she is a goddess…outrank them sure but no the one I'm thinking is not THAT big. As for mysterious, I suck in social skill, being mysterious is my way to start a conversation.

I think even Pinkie would grow tired of me, sorry for bother

7966454 You know what I am completely lost I do not know who you're talking about but you're not a bother

Anyway since you really want to know I was referring to QUEEN Chrysalis, that is the one missing

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