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Cameron is based on a friend, and his OC is owned by him.

This...doesn't have anything ti do with this guy, does it? The stories are gone but man, they were on a whole new level of bad.

This guy is Cameron with a new account.

Hmm. I like where this is going, but it needs more development in character as well as more descriptive in plots, and I don't mean the backside plots.

I've been told I have a problem with that before. Hopefully, The later Chapters will give you the Character Development you desire.

"Have fun, Cameron..."

I wonder what she means by that?:pinkiehappy::raritywink::twilightblush::rainbowlaugh::ajsmug::derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Bronyonfire101 deleted Oct 30th, 2016

Something tells me that he's ether going to mate with them or he'll get mated.....if that makes sence

Comment posted by Bronyonfire101 deleted Oct 30th, 2016

7683163 listen to one of there songs
We'll understand

And that last line killed my interest.

Good chapter, if ponies aren't carbon-based, then what are they?

7956195 hmm well isn't all life on the planet Carbon based for us

Better not turn him into a pony, or you'll get a lot of disappointed fans here.

7964910 I won't be disappointed in the least

I don't care about him being a pony, as long as he remains male.

uhhhhh, am i the only one to comment one this chapter?

Celestia's eyes twinkled with mischievous mirth, her mouth pulling into a wide smile, "How would you like to experience the Festival as a pony?"


A nice, straight forward enough idea, but it needs some pretty heavy editing.

Does this story have femdom in it?

Okay, now I've got to wonder if Cadance is super against or uncomfortably into M/M. (Fingers crossed for the latter.)

Celestia opened her eyes and saw a Blue and Green pony with no cutie mark then he fanned his wings, "Oh..." He looked at himself, lightly fumbling his feet as he tried to look behind himself. She got up and looked at him, "Odd...I thought you would be taller."

Someones a halo 4 fan

Huge red flag for me: as the princess of love, there is NO way I can imagine a homophobic Cadance. Especially not if, as mentioned earlier, most ponies are Bi.

She's not really homophobic... I'm going through a re-work of what she's doing right now in the story, but It caused me to rewrite the ending of this chapter and most of the next one.

I... Didn't even realize I made that reference... huh...

This chapter needs work. It left me confused on who was talking to whom.

You kind of lost me here after the long pause between updates.

The human protagonist is a bisexual dude who isn’t aggressively unpleasant. It’s sad how rare either one is.

So many stories that are updating today that I have not seen in years!

Wished the story would’ve continued

Yeah, Wish I had time to write...

I understand and marry Christmas

Lastly, do we resemble animals from where you are?

I imagine the Equestria ponies would look to equines what gorillas look to humans if we were to see them in real life.

our skin color changes slightly

Slightly to significantly. There are also changes to the shape of bones and even the shape of brains and the way in which it grows as we age. It's pretty darn fascinating.

I find it fascinating that you're also made out of Carbon

"Organic" simply means something that contains carbon. Diamons and coal, for example, are organic. If MLP ponies did not contain carbon, they would be inorganic. Which is possible. They could be cobalt based for all we know.

Most ponies here usually are bisexual until they finally shack up with another pony.

From a nature point of view, it makes no sense as genitalia exist solely for reproduction which is only possible with the opposite sex. On the other hand, in a clearly horny-tastic species for a fanfic it actually makes a lot of good sense that they would be bisexual. Because of lust and the need to vent that lust, evolving in such a way would make sense.

Earlier Cadence said most ponies are bisexual. It does make sense for the Princes of Love to be pissed at the idea of sexual interests that does not result in babies. Or if we go with Alicorns being connected to cosmic forces, someone being attracted to the same sex because it defies the very purpose of genitalia and therefore nature. But, as already stated, she is the one who said most ponies are bisexual. So Twilight's concern is weird.

Unless, of course, she's a rabid BL fan and will Kool-Aid Man her way in when she hears talk about BL that she's not part of.

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