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Lmao love heat story's can't wait for next chapter always a lol aught when humans find out about it

7759437 Seeing as you can read this, I'm working with the theory that you're not blind, thus you are probably able to see the word count, hence making your comment pointless...but if you're interested in how long it's going to be when finished, I gotta say not much longer.
Have a very fine day, mate! :D

7759447 I enjoyed the chapter which is why I asked. I've been caught hook line and sinker

7759463 I see. :)
Sorry to disappoint you...though I might return to it from time to time if it turns out that people like it, but this one is sure to be a quickie.:trollestia:

Finally! Been waiting for this chapter awhile lol. :derpytongue2:
Very nice. Im waiting to know what he's going to do now lol:duck:

This was a trick he found accidentally on one of their movie nights, when he absentmindedly let her hand caress Lily’s ear. With Lily’s muteness, it took him half an hour to realise that he was essentially torturing her, playing with one of her most sexually sensitive points. His fingers, and the dexterity with which he wielded them paralyzed her. When he finally did realise it, and let go of her ear, she clocked him right in the face. It was an awkward and painful night.

I think you ment "his"

Now we have to imagine what kind of things you can use spaghetti for...

An odd kind of door, to lock with a key from the inside...
Keep going! ;)

7852945 Ooookay...that's kind of disgusting, but if that's what you're into, who am I to judge!?:trollestia:

7852958 Where I'm from, there's hardly any that doesn't. We don't have those american style knobs either.

7852962 it's not what I'm into, but the wondering still occurs!

7852965 interesting. I can't think of any reason why you'd be given the chance to prevent your own escape. Only doors I know that are like that go in priso--- you're not stuck in an asylum, are you?!?! You poor thing!

7852971 Nay, it's to prevent someone to enter, even if they have a key. As long as the key is in the lock from the inside, and it's locked, the door can't be opened from the outside. Guaranteed privacy. You can jerk off with your pasta all you want, and no one will open the door on you, m8!

7852983 interesting concept with its own interesting failure mode.

7853006 It's possible to dismantle the lock from the inside, in case you broke the key into the lock...but that's not gonna happen here.

7853128 yeah, something tells me he's not going to find a screwdriver (no comment) that easily. :trollestia:

7853132 Nah, no dicking with the lock!:rainbowwild:

7853143 oh to be so innocent again! :raritycry:

Oooh I hope it updates soon.

7890934 that's up to you. I don't know why but there has always been something about mute people that I find oddly appealing. More so with this story and its involvement with ponies. I have only met one person who was mute and he was an awesome guy.

What have you done?


Mostly jesting.

In regards to Anon's 'arrangement'

Also, you're gonna want to throw the 'anon' tag on this.

8063658 When did THAT become a tag I could use!? Handy, that one! Thanks!


There were a bunch of tags added recently.

"That's alright. If not for you, she would've kept it to herself, suffering more because of my ignorance. I think I have some important things to do now, don't I!?" smiled Anon.
Whats whith the '!'? I don't think Anon would Shout the question

8084478 You never know! If you're being such a pain, you could edit it for me...then again, if that's the first mistake you noticed, maybe not. :D

Edit: Fixed it, thanks!

I like this story it makes me happy that is a good thing

Did…Did Rarity just offer herself as a way to apologies?

Why else will Anon would have a goofy smile while walking? Either she did, or she made a promise or deal to him so great that, he was actually smiling by how great of a deal he got, and I don't see Anon as the scheming type…and that is a really self explanatory smile

8084623 I love how you're thinking, but I won't spoil it!

Understood I will just think that pony society is more open when it comes to intimacy

That smile speaks of one who thinks he has the most excellent solution.
Let's see if it is as he expects, yeah?
Keep going! ;)

I like where this be goin. :moustache:

Lol that interpreting of the knocks

Moment of silence for the dead story..............Amen

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