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After the Changelings got flung out of Canterlot, one of them brought a Guardspony with them. When they crash into a deep cave, both of them end up crippled and unable to leave the cave and all they have is eachother to count on for survival.

Edited by the fantastic mikesnipe
Preread by the equally fantastic shynight

Upped the rating and added "Sex" tag because of language in the later chapters.

Featured on 2015/10/25. Thank you guys!

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When Luna finds out the wereabouts of an artifact of great power, that belonged to her before the thousand-years-exile, she gathers her best and most trusted Guards, who can blend in with normal ponies, stay unseen in the light of Celestia's sun, to recapture what is rightfully hers.
But before they could start on their mission, they'll need another member, a certain changeling that could make their efforts considerably easier...provided they can catch him.
They must become a real team to get their hooves on the elusive bug, and with him the chance to recover Luna's artifact.
The chase ensues and turns Ponyville upside-down, but this time Discord is innocent.

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