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Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice.


Anon goes to use the public restroom, only to discover the lack of urinals. This confuses him. Potty talk ensues.

Pre-Read and heckled by FlutterPriest and The Skeetster,

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This site needs an Anon tag


The second greatest urinal-related story in the fandom, after the seminal "Rarity Uses A Potty".


I'm the Skeetster and I approve this fic.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Lol, that ending tho.:pinkiegasp:

HA! Troll Anon, love it. :trollestia: And yes, 7207565, we do need an Anon tag.

I just want to say before reading this that urinals are totally mare-friendly. Maybe anon should have gone into the little fillies room.

Literally cancer. Have a like.

The Anon-Cancer is spreading. Yeeesssss. This has my seal of approval. :heart:

He should probably go over to the dragonlands. There's a better chance they'll have urinals over there considering a lot more of them are bipeds, even though it means risking getting flame broiled just to pee standing up without a lot of unwanted splashing!

According to Miss Lauren Faust, ponies poop into the ground. Miss Bon "Special Agent Sweetie Drops" Bon has a toilet.

This seems the most appropriate result really. But I'm skeptical if the guys wouldn't have the same question really.

7207577 Where's that story? I am intrigued.

And this was surprisingly good.

Damnit Rob

Indeed, Anon, why, in a world (or country, in this case) where quadrupeds are the main inhabitants, are there no urinals?
At least you figured it out.

That ending though :rainbowlaugh:

Ugh. I hate stories that assume all the humans that come to Equestria are male. Where's the story about Anon discovering the lack of tampons or panties or something? This WAS funny, even though I hate "Anon is always male" stories, however. I'd lover a sequel where Anon is female and she discovers that Equestria lacks certain...feminine hygiene products. :pinkiecrazy:

“Good, now put that garden hose between your hind legs.”

“I BEG YOUR PARDON?” Rarity all but shouted.

No, Rarity. Not like that. Dirty little pony.

7211966 Then try out Going With The Flow by anonpencil.

I think you mean, "Great Job, Rob" :moustache:

That last part though :rainbowlaugh:

They're out there, like Last of My Kind or A Voice Among the Strangers.
(I guess you just aren't clicking on them when you come across them...)

Well, at least it got a slight, internal chuckle from me, so I guess mission accomplished, buuut...
I'll be honest with you, this story's premise was kinda hard to believe for me in the sense that, how stupid is this Anon that he couldn't work out the answer to his own question in less than a second? It's so obvious that I can't fathom not coming to the correct conclusion before even visiting a bathroom. I can't be the only one to think this answer is an intuitive one, right?
Does Anon have downs? Is that it? Did a human with down syndrome get sent to Equestria? Talk about bad first impressions for humanity. Ponies probably think all humans are retards because of this schmuck.

Femanon: Why don't these ponies have any tampons or pads? I'd kill for some pamprin right about now! Why did no one tell me horses don't have periods?

Twilight: No, sentences have periods.

Femanon: So do humans!

Twilight: ...you have...organic punctuation? Show me!

Organic punctuation... you mean death. Which is what a period feels like.

7207565 I second that motion.

Trying to imagine Anon sounding like a normal guy in my head... all I can think of is a ginger redneck smoker for some reason...

“How do you have sex then? Standing up as well?”

Alondro ooooooozes in with the sleaziest grin imaginable. Even Quagmire is awed by it, in fact. "I could give you gals a personal demonstration. Giggity!"

Alondro promptly gets bucked in the balls. :X

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