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I like to see something for what it actually is, not for what other people want it to be. Delusions of grandeur be damned!

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1 dislike eh? Welp, you can't please everybody! Let it never be said that I have not tried.

You might want to specify who is talking more. A conversation between more than 2 people and the only indication of who's talking is dialect or pure rage in Mortimer's case. Aside from that I'll see where this goes.

I tried to to make it more easier to understand who is talking, without stopping the reader from enjoying. Mortimer as you can tell, was a very angry individual.

Charlie isn't really one to freak out about much, he's usually too mellow, unless provoked.

All right. Why does he have rooms color coated to each princess? I get having a room filled with books. Why does he have three guest rooms? Or did he get a house large enough for a family of four but is still single? How did the girls know what the rooms in his house had?

Finally. What is his position in the company? The former one. What type of company is it? Does he work for a Bank or a Financial institution? A Law Firm? A company that employs Engineers? A Construction Design Firm? What? It's obvious that he has a white-collar job.

I'm not going to spoil it for you, you'll find out in chapter two.

White collar, yes. He's doing a money management job, for big banks and very rich clients.

And since most people may have already read the first chapter, Charlie is now promoted to be above what he was.

Haven't read yet but does cadence have a phone in the picture

thanks! I promise to give it my all.

Oh and if you ever need help let me know

When are you going to do more of this fic

It’s kind of like those old cartoons with the 2 dimwits trying to get the main cast and generally having a horrible time doing so 😂

I love this story so far and can't wait to see where it goes.

This was a awesome and adorable read the way the Princesses reacted to amusement park was cute and funny, to bad the asshole due had to tag along. I hope that the girls teach him about herds and make one. I feel sorry for the clown thou.

"Hmpt! Fine, but don't expect a hug and a kiss from me, monkey boy."

"Hey! Monkey boy! For your information, pony, you're one of last creatures that i'd ever want to have a kiss from, you'd probably just give me a disease or something." Now Luna was triggered, she approached Charlie with a look of aggravation.

"What did thous't say to me? To compare me to a filthy rodent, you've got a lot of gall."

"I do, don't I? I get that from a lot of people, the attitude comes with my nature." They both butted their heads together, glaring static at one another.

"Is that a fact, Charlie? Okay then!" Luna then just gave a small peck on his right cheek, causing him to rub his cheek and then a look of horror, plastered on his face


:rainbowhuh: What is this conversation? This is not how adults interact with each other.

"And you said that your name was Twilight, yes?"

"Mhmm! That's my name, don't wear it out!"

:facehoof: What are we 9?

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If you didn't dislike my story, then who did? This stuff takes work, you know.

{edit} Not that it matters, compared to all the likes, but seriously. Do people not know quality entertainment when they see it?

You know, instead of just disliking, why not leave a legitimate reason for doing so, so I can know where to improve on my work, rather than just dislike then run away?

That was a awesome and funny chapter, I'm hoping they keep getting closer and closer.

Sees the chain of unnecessary dislikes, quick to take notice to them
So then, the simple question of "where can I improve" is asking too much then? Well, that's nice to know.

Hmm, I wonder if it's the same person? When I say "marco", you should say... C'mon, it starts with a P and ends with an O.


I love this story already, but you made it to good, because now I can’t wait for the next chapter! :rainbowwild:

But seriously, you put some nice effort into this, and
You deserve the like and the adding to my shelf. Very good story! ^^

Eh, someone will always find something wrong with everything.

Ain't that the truth. Even if there's no reason, whatsoever, they still will.

That guy that came in was way too quick and I had no time to react. Hardly worth a dislike. So what if I made a mistake, we're all humans. Yes I'm aware of the error I made with surgery instead of sugary.

I'm surprised they didn't call the police. I would've expected there to be cameras that saw the act.

This was a beyond fun and hilarious chapter I can't wait to see how Twilight will get back at Luna.

So nice of you to notice. That's actually what I was aiming for.

I can understand a few dislikes, that's to be expected. But is twenty really necessary? And yet, everybody asks me why I've been disabling my ratings in my stories. Why do they think? This story is my crowning achievement, it hardly deserves twenty dislikes on it. I think that's a trite excessive, don't you think? Nobody appreciates true quality and art anymore, philistines.

This is probably why a lot of good authors just quit from this site. That's what happens when you slap a gift horse in the mouth. Pun totally intended. So don't complain to me about the lack of good stories on this site, as that number gradually increases over time. If you guys are looking to dislike something, then dislike this, motherfuckers! sports out both middle fingers!

If there's going to be that many dislikes, would it be asking too much to ask what it is they find to be so repulsive about this story? Instead of being a man and talking to me, they dislike and then run away like a little bitch. They can't blame me, they can't blame anybody else, they only have themselves to blame as this was entirely and ultimately their choice to do. Don't throw stones at glass houses and expect everything to be fine and dandy. This is why a lot of good people just up and quit from making stories here.

Don't mind the haters just too what you do best my man and i like All of your stories

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