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After the event of Friendship Games, Twilight wasn't the only Crystal Prep student who came to CHS. Sky Armor was a student who witnessed all of Cinch's actions. Following the Games, he dropped out of CPA and moved to CHS. However, the burdens of his past still haunt him...

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Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 45 )

Pretty good start.

7516805 That's for later in the story. Might as well add it now than later. There might be some sexual gags here and there but the main reasons for later. Don't worry, this isn't a clopfic

7517078 In my headcanon, Fluttershy does like meat, she just doesn't eat it often. So that lunch scene was added because either the school lacked much else, or Fluttershy wanted to live with the stereotype she's been given.

Eh, this seems alright so far! :pinkiehappy:

Make more scen's Wear sky tho's somfing awesom like...jumping from building's parkour fight etc etc. Oh can't wait for more i Love it it has a good consept and it's not hard to follow. :moustache:

i tale thsi sky was trained in disarming people, such as guns and knifes. Deepp breath.."that is not easy, do it wrong and goes bad.

Sky has just saved the day. Awesome story and I hope you keep on righting. I feel like sky would be a good bodyguard.

7517151 is this going to be updated?

Oh! Flutterfly is badass.

Which one is going to pair up dark or is going to be harem with the main 6 and more?

7897543 I'm up honestly torn between the two. I'll just have to see how the story goes.

Alright keep up with awesome work

Wow. Right now, it looks like he respects Applejack and Fluttershy, doesn't really like Rainbow and Rarity, thinks lowly of Sunset, and is confused about Pinkie. That sounds about right.

So, two of the three Dunderheads. Figures. Where's the third?

Wow, you really did a number on Fluttershy,,, or should I say Flutterfly? She acts all timid and fragile but she can go 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and open up a can of whoop ass.

I have a feeling that Sugarcoat likes Sky, might have liked him for awhile. Just didn't have the courage to approach him.

Not bad. I like it. I'll be watching this for more updates.

Comment posted by diablo4000 deleted Aug 13th, 2017

How come I have a feeling that Sky is going to end up with Sugarcoat. I also think Mare-Do-Well is a female (named Mare-Do-Well for a reason.)

Fluttershy is Mare-Do-Well, isn't she? And what's CDA?

It seems that you're skipping out on some stuff. Too many time skips and unconnected cliffhangers.

The cliffhangers will be solved, but I wanted to add a side-story next to the Mare-Do-Well plotline.

Whoa. That was just... whoa. I knew Fluttershyfly was Mare-Do-Well but this? Whoa.

So, for some reason, the students of Crystal Prep beat the hell out of Sky and Sugarcoat set it up, who was his girlfriend at the time? Abacus Cinch was the one that tied his hands together and she is his mother?? What was the deal with that last flashback? I can guess that Sugarcoat was blackmailed but what was Cinch's excuse?

The last flashback was to show how Sky was following the incident. The situation with Sugarcoat and Cinch will be explained next chapter.

If the above scene is anything to go by, I would hypothesize Juvenile Hall

Goodbye, Cinch. May you rot in Tartarus. Looks like Sugarcoat and Sky might become friends again. Sky x Flutterfly? We'll see.

I got to ask, was losing hsi eye a accident on the others or on purpose and hwo they get away with it in the first place?
Glad to see Cinch realizes too late what she lost andwill be living with the conqunces for the rest of her life.

His eye was an accident and they didn’t get away with it.

so...tempest enters the story now?

im cool with that

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Probably deep with a slight Spanish accent

"Berrytwist." The receptionist answered.

of course... why not?

This chapter felt... rushed. As in, there's some things that just don't make sense right now either. There's the case of after-surgery, her voice is 'regular' and she's able to wield it almost too well. Like, does it not hurt? I'd assume after shredding your vocal chords apart that you'd end up sore from both going full screamo, and surgery.

"Class, meet Sky Armor. He moved to CHS from Crystal Prep, and is said to be fiercely bullied, so please give him some space and time." She said.


I sense enough beef for a bbq

"You weren't exactly subtle. It's too soon to be throwing kisses around."

Well, where the hell was I? That popped up out of nowhere

Tbh, I hated the way I phrased that line as well, thanks for the feedback!

Is there going to be another following this

9986187 I see you all over the place seems we have the same interest rather it be your stories or being a comment.

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