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Started writing on this site at 11, came to an end at 19.


It's funny... the '20's have always had a plague of some kind... turns out instead of wiping out 1/3rd of Europe, this one intends to keep me locked up at home until further notice...

My name's Flash Sentry, and at the moment, I am completely, totally lonely...

Wait... why's Sunset calling me?

My entry for Secret Moon's Self-Isolation Writing Contest.

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This story is a sequel to Never

A whole year... a whole year and Starlight Glimmer still hasn't healed-- she was used, humiliated, and eventually expelled... all because of her... the girl who is now admired and respected by everyone, even the ones whose lives she ruined.

She now spends her days slumped in alleys or walls, just waiting for death to come for her... but she is about to interact with three people-- one who offers sympathy, one who offers friendship... and one that offers revenge.

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This story is a sequel to Spider-Pip: Origins

A year into Pip's career as Spider-Man, things have been going smoothly-- his friends have banded together to defeat the Rainbooms, who have been locked away in a super-max prison for the last six months, new allies have shown themselves in the form of Venom, a symbiotic creature from another planet that has bonded to his best friend, Flash Sentry, and his girlfriend, Adagio Dazzle, is a five hundred-year-old being from yet another planet-- the same planet where his arch-nemisis, Sunset Shimmer, has travelled from. But when the five super-powered girls escape with the help of an old threat, the new heroes must band together once again to survive... but not all of them will make it out the same.

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Shoutout to FourShadow’s incredible story for inspiration for this story.

For the last 3 years, the students and even some of the staff at Canterlot High have been tormented by the nefarious Rainbooms, with powers, to boot. Now the only thing standing in their way of world domination is Pip, formally known as Pipsqueak, who was bitten by a radioactive spider and has gained meta-human abilities as a result, Flash Sentry, a broken soul with nothing left to lose, and three new students who want to rise up to terror.

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Equestria has survived several invasions throughout the millennia... but what happens when they're stricken by an army that they can't defeat? Alien parasites that go by several names-- symbiotes, Klyntar, the list goes on. Blank Page-- a unicorn with a tattered past who wants to map out the Badlands, and Tempest Shadow-- pardoned commander of the Storm Army who isolated herself IN the Badlands, must come together along with several familiar and new faces to protect what's left of Equestria...

T-Rated for minor body horror, sexual references, and violence.

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I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman!

Batman has protected Gotham for almost a decade. Gotham's criminals have all been locked up and have stayed that way for a year. Batman wasn't needed anymore, they won.

But the night has been turned against him.

Now Batman must hunt down this madman, calling themselves "Nightmare Moon" and bring them to justice.

Not to mention at 12 in the afternoon...

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This story is a sequel to Zombie Chronicles: New School

After the world ends, Jason and his family must pull together, accompanied by friends new and old, in order to survive the new journey ahead of them.

Lines will be crossed, loyalties will be tested, and the ultimate challenge of survival will take its toll on everyone...

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"So what happened when this... Sunset Shimmer came here?"

"Oh, you should've seen it. It was like people were terrified of her the second she came through the door."

"But not you? You both squared up to her and called her buddies boy toys? Why did she not kill you?"

"Well, I'll tell you..."

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After the event of Friendship Games, Twilight wasn't the only Crystal Prep student who came to CHS. Sky Armor was a student who witnessed all of Cinch's actions. Following the Games, he dropped out of CPA and moved to CHS. However, the burdens of his past still haunt him...

This story is part of the NDSB Universe

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When the Dazzlings lost, they came back. Stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever. That was only the beginning, as more of the world was struck next. It was unknown how they came back, but they came back. The world was mostly overrun in a matter of days. This is now... Siren Bay.

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