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Shoutout to FourShadow’s incredible story for inspiration for this story.

For the last 3 years, the students and even some of the staff at Canterlot High have been tormented by the nefarious Rainbooms, with powers, to boot. Now the only thing standing in their way of world domination is Pip, formally known as Pipsqueak, who was bitten by a radioactive spider and has gained meta-human abilities as a result, Flash Sentry, a broken soul with nothing left to lose, and three new students who want to rise up to terror.

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Nice this.

We need more stories about EqG Pip!

Spider-Pip, Spider-Pip
Does whatever a Spider-Pip does

Ok when the Rainbooms and Sunset are finally exposed and such. Please please Please Celestia is fired, for gross incompetence in handling all this.
Or made to apologize in a humiliating way for failing so badly.

This story really sounds a lot like "A Shattered Rainbow Rock" but with a Spider-Man crossover attached to it. :rainbowhuh:

Also, I know it's a superhero/high-school story and all that, but the Rainbooms' bullying goes waaaaay over the top. That scope of outrageous antics - from their powers to stuff like dye packs, animal attacks just cross the line into farce... especially this whole bit with Celestia saying that the Rainbooms have clean records. Um, what?

Actually I was greatly inspired by that concept of an alternate universe where the roles were reversed and yes, I have read Shattered Rainbow Rock before writing this. I’m going to be honest, I don’t even know where Spider-Man came in, I just got the idea planted in my head one day and it never left. I wanted to see if it stuck with people, and if you don’t like the idea that’s okay— trust me, I know how random it is.

Ah, I see then. Well, in that case, I might suggest you put some kind of credit to Shattered Rainbow Rock in the story somewhere, if for no other reason than just out of politeness to the writer of that work. It's good to give credit for inspiration.

And yeah, I don't know if I'll look at the rest of this story yet. But I will say that I do appreciate your politeness about what I said.

I’ll keep that in mind, thank you for your input.

Very great story!Cant wait for next chapter!

So.. Is Rarity not evil? I'm a bit confused. Love it but confused.

I liked this chapter

Its called complicated. She might just be the least evil. Mean, vicious, but they have something going on between them. At least from what I can tell.

Oh. Ok. That is fine then. She is the most likeable out of the group at the moment.

Ok this story become crap. What the hell?!! One when did Flash get venom seriously WHEN HUH WHEN?! You just threw it in there when did he get venom?!

Seriously did you have to have Celestia's back broken? Now she going to get a lesser downfall from grace.

I wanted her to suffer the full consequences of her stupidity and actions!

Think of it as a twisted form of karma-- she blindly allowed the Rainbooms to do their thing, and in return, Applejack blindly breaks her back... But don't worry, Celestia isn't going to turn into another villain any time soon.

Don't want her to turn into one. But I'm sure Karma isn't done yet, I wonder how they will handle the lawsuits sent to them due to her letting them do what they done.

Pip said it ruined lives students and teachers lives, due to her defending them.
The school board are going to want a scapeGoat and guess who it is...Not that it's a lie, she is responsible for the entire mess.

“Not you, but people will—I have a feeling I’ll have a date with the judge real soon...” She sighed.


And several dozen lawsuits!
I wonder how many took their lives after their lives were ruined.

Wait you left out what happened to Sombra and Chrysalis, are they dead captured or what?

Also bon bon says she the good guy, yeah yeah yeah pretty sure she be fumbling a lot of apologizes, when the bad guys escape again and again.

also sequel soon?

Sombra’s arrested alongside the Rainbooms and there will be a sequel soon, once I start getting my other fanfics out of the way and done with

Could this be the start of a low-key marvel universe?...

Well i'll be damed. This is fucking awesome. You really did do a good job of making this. Its almost like you created another universe of its own. Amazing story and keep up with any other stories you got:pinkiehappy:

The/da hellllllll?:rainbowhuh:

“MUM! PIP’S GOT A NEW GIRL!” I heard her scream out.

“No, no, no, no! Octavia Melody, don’t you dare!” I said, stopping my movement try and text mom.

Lol that’s why I like Octavia.

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