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Started writing on this site at 11, came to an end at 19.


It's funny... the '20's have always had a plague of some kind... turns out instead of wiping out 1/3rd of Europe, this one intends to keep me locked up at home until further notice...

My name's Flash Sentry, and at the moment, I am completely, totally lonely...

Wait... why's Sunset calling me?

My entry for Secret Moon's Self-Isolation Writing Contest.

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I liked it! Good job

As one of the few Flash Sentry fans, this fic's a satisfying story. It also captures the essence of being stuck at home, which is SO tiring at this point. Great work, mate.

Okay, I feel a little dirty liking this story since I'm not a fan of this ship, but well done. It's a little short and sweet, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Pulls out a gun and aims it at the author


Puts hands in the air

Ok gotcha! Just wait until quarantine passes, I promise!

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