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Prequel to: The Zombie War

A few months after the Fall Formal, a new student enters Canterlot High. Now he must discover it's crazy students and wild backstory...

Credit to my editor who helped me find this story's gift: Colonel Celtic Fire

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Since CHS seems like a highschool with junior classes, Jason is 14 as of now

Don't forget, the human counterparts of the CMC are there too, so it's probably a K-12 school...

6452076 That might be true, but I'm setting it up as a junior and senior high.

I like where this going. also I can help with being an editor/proofreader if you need one, and from the looks of things you just might need one, no offence

6454707 None taken. I think I could use an editor to make sure I don't get too dark or too off track. I'll send you a PM with the editor password when I finish the next chapter.

Why can't I see your avatar?

6455157 No idea. I plan to change it when I can. Maybe by Sunday

Comment posted by Lord Weesus Christ deleted Oct 4th, 2015

You know after all these crossover stories, it's nice to see a story that takes its time and become its own thing. I'll be keeping an eye on this story. It's earned its favorite.

Woo, an ACTUAL slice of life fic!!! :pinkiehappy:

Oh wow that just got dark.

Ok now I know Jason's a badass for taking a shotgun shell and living. This story got better, keep it up.

I like your book just ummm it's really fast pac I mean really fast paced.

Hi I is a good book hope you keep it up:twilightsmile:

I like this, definitely following.

6882046 Okay, no idea how that went up! Since the comment hasn't had any spoilers, I'll let it stay up. The chapter wasn't done, and since I'm writing on my IPad, I must've accidently tapped puplish instead save... my bad. PLEASE don't post any spoilers.

6882129 i wouldn't dare, not until i can

6622223 the most vital organ in the hip is your bladder...:ajsmug: the shin has arteries and the waist has kidneys, so its a pretty small but safe(ish) place to get shot.
(don't do guns kids)

"Jason. Jason Adams." I said.

The name's Anon, Anon Ymous

6944531 I dunno really, the pony versions of the CMC look about kindergarten-age.

6947383 Actually, I have a theory on why the ages are so different. In Equestria, they're kindergarden-age... by horse years. That's why, despite most of the ponies having jobs and careers, the human counterparts are 16-18. Horse age is different than human age.

Also, I'm also learning Akido in my Taikwondo classes. Pretty useful for taking out multiple people at once if you know how.

6947580 AAAaaaaaaaannnnnnd then there's Celestia between "Horse years" and "Human years". :trollestia:

6947606 Celestia seems at least 1060 in horse years. Principal Celestia could be at least 40 or somewhere in between. The immortality adds some holes in the theory, but remember, magic doesn't exist on Earth. That and the writers wanted Celestia to be a character.

6947643 Yeah. But imagine if Princess Celestia went through the portal to talk to Principal Celestia about something along the lines of a mid-life crisis? What would Principal Celestia say upon learning that her counterpart is over a THOUSAND years old?!

6947668 You might want to keep that idea. That sounds like a decent oneshot

6944817 Glad that I'am not the only one who noticed this! :eeyup:

6962958 I'm surprised I was the first tho :rainbowderp:

6944817 Actually, that's not a coincidence. In the sequel of this story, The Zombie War, it has the story of a manga that has various cartoon shows, including Samurai Jack, involved.

Feel free to check it out.

If this was presented to a TV production team with just a few names and places swapped for the sake of copyrights, then this would probably be a pretty good show.

Does this story take place before or after the other two Equestria Girls movies?

7037167 It takes place after the first one, but before the second one. This is to capture the adjustment period after the near-apocalyptic events of EG1.

Dafuq was that?!

I mean, it didn't seem to have any sort of tie-in with the story at all...

(Sorry for being rude. Forgive me? :fluttercry:)

7395495 This chapter is meant to be a start to a new side-story, which is Jason's past before the story

7396379 Oh, ok then. I just didn't get what was going on, since it seemed to just suddenly jump into a new story arc without any transitioning.

the three witches are the sirens aren't they.


Wow... what a twist.

6447876 Do you hate how your comment didn't get answered?

7605874 Did answer, just forgot to click reply

7605811 This honestly wasn't meant to be a twist. I intended this to be full-on implied.

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