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I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman!

Batman has protected Gotham for almost a decade. Gotham's criminals have all been locked up and have stayed that way for a year. Batman wasn't needed anymore, they won.

But the night has been turned against him.

Now Batman must hunt down this madman, calling themselves "Nightmare Moon" and bring them to justice.

Not to mention at 12 in the afternoon...

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I don't know about this. Just off.

Yeah I know what you mean . :trixieshiftright:

“I mean, yeah, the crime rate’s down, but after what happened with Joker--”

“Joker’s gone, let’s just forget about him.” Bruce responded quickly.

Pretty sure what happened to Joker is responsible for Bruce giving up the cape and cowl, and other members of the Bat-family not talking with him.

Nightmare pulled out a torn piece of fabric and threw it at Bruce. It landed next to Bruce, revealing Superman’s symbol from his suit.

That doesn't surprise me. Supes has always been weak to magic.


Vulnerable, not weak.

Can’t wait until next chapter

Meh, not like NM had powers that Bruce did not fight, except the moon moving power, the illusions of fear are like 'scarecrow'

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