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This story is a sequel to Spider-Pip: Origins

A year into Pip's career as Spider-Man, things have been going smoothly-- his friends have banded together to defeat the Rainbooms, who have been locked away in a super-max prison for the last six months, new allies have shown themselves in the form of Venom, a symbiotic creature from another planet that has bonded to his best friend, Flash Sentry, and his girlfriend, Adagio Dazzle, is a five hundred-old being from yet another planet-- the same planet where his arch-nemisis, Sunset Shimmer, has travelled from. But when the five super-powered girls escape with the help of an old threat, the new heroes must band together once again to survive... but not all of them will make it out the same.

Chapters (2)
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I hope some X-men get introduced

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