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A Broken Bond - Rated Ponystar

Applebloom tries out Scootaloo's scooter, but breaks it. Is it the end of their friendship?

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Chapter 6

A Broken Bond
Chapter 6

An MLP: FiM Fanfic by Rated PonyStar
Edited by Midnight Shadow and Kits

Disclaimer: I don't own My Little Pony or anything associated with it.

Just as Pinkie promised, it didn’t take long for her to notify everypony in Ponyville about Apple Bloom's disappearance. With great haste, everypony who could volunteer headed to the edge of the Everfree Forest where Twilight and the others helped organize them into groups. After they were all organized, Twilight got everypony’s attention as they all stood ready.

“Okay, I think we have enough ponies to start. Now listen up everypony! We have a lost filly in the woods and she’s been in there for hours. We all know the Everfree Forest is dangerous and easy to get lost in, so we're going to have to do this carefully.” Twilight said, her voice filled with authority, “Here’s the plan. Dash and the other pegasi will fly over the forest as our eyes in the sky. If you see any sign of Apple Bloom, one of you will find another group on the ground while the others keep Apple Bloom safe. As for the rest of us, we’re going to split up evenly with each group having half earth ponies and half unicorns. If you find Apple Bloom, have one of your unicorns send up blue sparks into the air and we’ll know that she’s safe before meeting back here. If you’re in trouble, just shoot up red sparks and we’ll come to help as soon as possible.”

Everypony nodded and quickly got into their groups while the pegasi took off into the skies.

“Dash, keep a good eye out for her and stay safe,” Twilight asked her friend.

“No sweat, Twi. Me and the others, we’ll find the kid in less than ten seconds flat,” Rainbow Dash said confidently as she flew up. She signaled the others to follow her and the pegasi team was off.

“Fluttershy, you and Pinkie Pie head with a group to the west end of the forest. Find Zecora and see if she’s seen Apple Bloom. I’ll head over to the center of the forest with my group while Applejack and Rarity head over to the eastern side.” Twilight said.

“Okie doki loki!” Pinkie Pie saluted.

“Thanks again, y’all. Ah can’t tell ya how much this means to me and mah family,” Applejack said with a grateful smile.

“Don’t worry, Applejack. I’m sure we’ll find Apple Bloom,” Fluttershy spoke softly. After saying good luck to each other, they headed to their groups and soon the rescue operation was underway.


Unbeknownst to the rest of Ponyville, another group of ponies was already searching for Apple Bloom. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle had been running nonstop through the Everfree forest, calling out their friend’s name in the hopes that she would answer. While Scootaloo was filled with pure determination, Sweetie Belle was exhausted from all the running and was starting to lag behind.

“Wait...please...” she gasped, her throat parched, “Can we take a...break...”

Scootaloo stopped and turned around, “Come on, Sweetie Belle! We have to find her! We’re wasting time and every second we wait is another second Apple Bloom is in danger!”

“But I...need...to...rest...” Sweetie Belle begged as her legs gave in.

Scootaloo groaned, “Fine, but only for a short while.”

Sweetie Belle sighed in relief as she began to relax while Scootaloo looked around before asking, “Um....any idea where we are?”

There was a long silence between the two before they groaned.

“Great. Not only is Apple Bloom lost, but so are we. This sucks,” Scootaloo muttered as she kicked a rock.

A nervous Sweetie Belle then asked, “W-what do we now?”

Scootaloo replied, “We continue on and find Apple Bloom! That’s the most important thing!”

“But... what if she’s...” Sweetie Belle said, but stopped. It was a small concern that had been in her head for a while now and she didn’t want to say it out loud, but it wouldn’t stop whispering.

“If she’s what?” asked Scootaloo.

Sweetie Belle nervously answered, “...dead?”

“SHE’S NOT DEAD!” shouted Scootaloo, scaring Sweetie Belle, “Don’t even think about it! Apple Bloom is not going to become dinner for some kind of monster in this stupid forest! She won’t die! I won’t let her!”

Scootaloo turned away from Sweetie Belle and mumbled, “She can’t... I still have to apologize...”

The thought of losing Apple Bloom was hard enough, but the idea of Apple Bloom getting herself killed because of her was something that Scootaloo couldn’t live with. If Apple Bloom never came home because of their stupid argument she would never forgive herself. She couldn’t lose another person she cared about to this forest.

Sensing her inner fear, Sweetie Belle got up and nuzzled her friend, “You’re right. I was being stupid. Come on, let’s keep going!”

Scootaloo nodded before they pressed on.


“How could ah have just run off like that? Scared like some baby... now Ah’m even more lost!” Apple Bloom told herself. After calming down a while ago, she tried to retrace her steps to see if she could go back to a part of the forest she recognized.

However, the night made it harder to see, even with Luna’s moon up in the air. Apple Bloom didn’t know if she was going back towards Ponyville or deeper into the forest at this point. Arriving at a clearing, she sat down and cursed her luck.

Apple Bloom started to regret even thinking of trying out that scooter. If she had just respected Scootaloo’s wishes not to touch it then this terrible week never would have happened. She would never be in this forest and her friends would still be with her. It just wasn’t fair in her mind for all this to happen, but she knew deep inside that it was her own fault and nopony else’s. Tears soon began to fall from her eyes. She was scared, alone, and lost with no idea what to do.

“It can’t get any worse...” she whispered.


Apple Bloom’s head shot up as her body froze. Her breathing went silent as she slowly gulped and looked around for the direction of where the sound came from. The silence of the trees made her nervous as her heartbeat increased and her hooves started to shake like jelly.

Was it a pony from Ponyville? Or was it something else?

That’s when she heard something in the bushes behind her and turned around only to scream and jump away as a large figure nearly took her head off. Apple Bloom got to her hooves and just stared at the creature in horror.

It had the body of a pointy eared tiger like she’d been learning about in school and was about five feet in length and at least twice her size. Its fur was dark grey with black spots while on its back its bristling mane stretched up into the air like a mohawk.

The thing that stood out most was its face. There was no skin, only the muscles and skeletal structure of its skull as if its skin was ripped off of its face. Its dark blue predator like eyes glared at Apple Bloom with a gaze full of hunger.

Apple Bloom knew what this was. When she had visited Zecora, the zebra had told her about all the different kinds of creatures that lived in the forest and had showed her pictures of each one. This was known as a krenshar, a creature that was not only scary to face but also hard to outrun.

A terrified Apple Bloom slowly tried to back away, but the krenshar wasn’t going to let that happen. It leaped into the air with a fierce growl, its claws ready to tear her to shreds. Apple Bloom quickly dived forward in the nick of time as the krenshar sailed over her. Getting to her hooves, Apple Bloom ran deeper into the forest with the krenshar right behind her.

As she ran, she proceeded to run though bushes as well as jump over rocks and logs in order to gain distance between her and her chaser. The krenshar, however, was both quick and agile and it managed to follow past the obstacles with ease.

Knowing that she had to do something fast, Apple Bloom tried to look for a way out when she spotted something far away. Narrowing her eyes, she saw a large river in the distance and decided to take a chance by using it to escape while hoping the creature couldn’t swim. A growl alerted her to the krenshar that was only a few feet away from her with its jaw ready to bite her little flank off. Knowing that there was no time to think of another plan, Apple Bloom headed straight for the river at full speed.

As they were only a few feet away, the krenshar realized what the pony was going to do and pounced. Apple Bloom, using all the strength she had in her legs, leaped out and dived into the river. The krenshar quickly stopped itself from falling into the water as its prey swam with the current downstream. It growled in disappointment before abandoning the river, hoping to find another way across.

Meanwhile, Apple Bloom struggled to keep herself above water as she let herself drift for a while until she was sure the krenshar was far away. Swimming towards the other side of the river, she lifted herself onto dry land while coughing out water, “That...was...too close.”

After drying her body with a few shakes, Apple Bloom looked up the river trying to see if the krenshar was still chasing her. After seeing nothing, she felt more relaxed as exhaustion started to overwhelm her. She had to find someplace to rest and get her strength back before anything else came after her. Turning to her left, she noticed a small mountain of rocks, no bigger than her family’s farm, off in the distance. With her destination in mind, she dragged her sore hooves forward.


“Apple Bloom! Apple Bloom!” shouted Applejack, calling out along with a few of the other ponies in their group. They had been searching for at least an hour and still no sign of her which made Applejack more nervous with each minute passing.

“Do ya see any of them sparks in the air, Rarity?” Applejack asked as she looked up past the trees.

“No, none. I really hope we find your sister soon! This filthy forest is really damaging the manicure on my hooves,” Rarity commented as she looked at her hooves with worry.

“Ya should be more worried about findin’ mah sister then some fancy smancy manicure!” Applejack shouted.

“Applejack! I am worried about your sister. No need to get all snappy.” Rarity glared back.

The cowpony sighed, “Ah know. Ah know. Ah’m just...”

Rarity smiled and put her hoof on her friend’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Applejack. I’m sure I would be acting the same way if Sweetie Belle was in Apple Bloom's place.”


Everypony looked up to see Rainbow Dash fly towards her friends, “I just got a tip from Wind Whistler! She said that she found a track of hoof-prints nearby heading southeast! They’re filly sized tracks!”

Applejack’s heart gave a leap. “Are they Apple Blooms!?”

“Most likely, but that’s not all. The strange thing is that there were another set of tracks not too far off heading in the same direction. Only these track showed two ponies traveling together and they were also filly sized. Any of you got an idea what’s up with that?” Rainbow Dashed asked.

Both Rarity and Applejack looked at each other with wide eyes.

“Don’t tell me...” Rarity asked, but she knew that her suspicions were right.

“Rainbow Dash! Follow those tracks and keep yer eyes open for anypony! The rest of us will follow ya, but don’t wait up for us. Also, ah need ya to send some pegasi over back home and check to see if Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are still there!” Applejack ordered.

“Wait, are you telling me that all three crusaders are lost in the Everfree Forest?! Jeez! Why can’t those three ever stay out of trouble!? Though I do have to give credit for their guts...”

“Rainbow!” Applejack shouted, getting the speedster back to reality.

“Right! On it!” Rainbow shouted before she dashed off into the air.

“Everypony follow us! Time’s a wastin’!” Applejack shouted as she guided the group southeast.


Upon arriving at the mountain of rocks, Apple Bloom felt more exhausted than ever. Between walking who knew how many miles and getting chased by that krenshar, she was already set to fall asleep then and there.

“Actually, that doesn’t seem such a bad idea,” Apple Bloom thought out loud as she started to curl herself up. She would only take a short nap and then she would start walking through the forest again. Maybe even climb the stone mountain and see if she could find a path home.

That was until she heard a sudden familiar growl that made her stand up with her eyes wide open, “No... don’t tell me...”

Slowly, the krenshar came out of the trees with its sharp teeth and bony face reflecting in the moonlight. It unleashed a loud roar before it started charging at Apple Bloom. It took a second to get over the sudden shock before she turned around and started climbing the rocky the mountain.

As she jumped from rock to rock, the krenshar followed with perfect precision in each jump with catlike reflexes. When it was close enough it then jumped over Apple Bloom and landed on the exact rock she was about to land on next. Apple Bloom tried to maneuver out of the way, but the creature knocked her down with the back of its paw.

As she fell, she felt her ribs and shins slam against the rocks of the mountain before landing back on the ground, her body covered in bruises and cuts. As she got up, the krenshar leaped into the air and landed in front of her. It slowly crawled towards her with its mouth watering from the smell of blood from her cuts. Apple Bloom pushed herself back into a large rock before realizing that this was it.

She was going to die here.

She would never see home again. She would never get her cutie mark. She wasn’t going to graduate from school and she wasn’t going to get married. She was never going to see her family again and she would never see her friends ever again.

She would never get a chance to apologize to Scootaloo.

“Ah’m sorry everypony...” Apple Bloom whispered, before closing her eyes and prayed it would all be over soon.

The krenshar prepared itself, ready to kill its prey when a rock slammed into its face from above and knocked it backwards. Looking up the krenshar then felt more rocks being thrown at its head as it howled in anger and pain.

Apple Bloom opened her eyes to see the sight before her, just before she heard two familiar voices, “RUN, APPLE BLOOM! RUN!!!”


Scootaloo didn’t know what to believe was crazier. The fact that they’d found Apple Bloom alive or the fact that she and Sweetie Belle were angering what looked like to be a cat from ponyhell.

Sweetie Belle had suggested heading to the small mountain of rocks to climb and take a better view of the forest. As they climbed to the top, they heard roaring sounds that made them head up the mountain faster in order to see what it was. When they made it up to the top they were shocked by what they saw.

It was Apple Bloom, about to be eaten by a strange beast.

With no hesitation, Scootaloo did the only thing she could do and threw a rock at it before it could attack her friend. Sweetie Belle followed suit and the two of them continued to throw rocks. They hoped that Apple Bloom could escape with the distraction they provided, but Apple Bloom was too stunned to move and the beast was starting to evade their throws.

“What do we do!?” shouted Sweetie Belle. She kept throwing rocks, but her aim was getting worse with each throw. Finally, Apple Bloom seemed to have gotten her wits together and started to limp away from the krenshar. Seeing how her friend was too injured to move, Scootaloo then made an effort to get to her by jumping off the rocks one by one while using her still developing wings to glide down.

The krenshar was now annoyed by the sudden arrival of the two other foals, but it wasn’t ready to let go of its meal. The muscle and bone faced tiger roared as it dodged the next rock and jumped on top of Apple Bloom, pinning her to the ground. Apple Bloom screamed as the krenshar roared in her face, ready to rip her face off.

That’s when Scootaloo did the most foolhardy thing she’d ever done in her entire life.

She jumped right off the rocks and landed directly on the back of the krenshar who was taken by surprise. Scootaloo bit her teeth into its fur and held on tight as the krenshar jumped up and down, trying to get the pegasus off of its back. Apple Bloom watched as Scootaloo tried to keep a grip on the krenshar before she decided to help by grabbing its tail. This only made the krenshar angrier as it ran into the forest full speed with both ponies on its back, determined to get them off.

“Apple Bloom! Scootaloo!” cried out Sweetie Belle as she headed down the mountain, hoping to catch up.


Both girls continued to hang on as tight as they could while the krenshar ran through the forest, trying to knock the two foals off. It tried jumping around and waving its tail around to throw either of the two fillies off of him. Despite their muscles burning, and the nauseous feeling from all the movement, the two of them still held on tight.

The krenshar was fueled with rage. Not only were the two fillies humiliating it, but they were hurting it by holding on to its tail and fur. It then proceeded to run into the direction of the river and was about to turn when Apple Bloom finally lost her grip on the tail just as it swiped upwards, sending her into the air. She waved her hooves around in midair before landing right on top of the krenshar’s face, blinding it. With its vision blocked, the confused krenshar didn’t know where to turn and proceeded to head straight for the river. Both girls tried to let go in time, but they weren’t fast enough and splashed into the river with the krenshar.

Scootaloo was able to support herself above the water, but Apple Bloom, who had suffered too many injuries, was barely able to move and struggled to keep afloat. Seeing her friend in trouble, Scootaloo swam over and held on to her, helping her keep her head above water. A familiar cry was heard as they looked behind them to see the krenshar trying its hardest to swim, but failing miserably. It gave out one last cry before it sank underneath the water and didn’t surface.

Both girls held each other, relieved that the creature was gone, but then they heard something that made them tense once again. Looking ahead they saw the river was starting to get faster and faster as the water started to rush around as if there was a storm.

“Rapids!Apple Bloom! Hang on!” shouted Scootaloo before they were tossed around by the fierce velocity of the water. Scootaloo could feel her whole body get thrown around like a rag doll. Her wings were pushing against the rapids so hard it felt like the feathers would be shredded off.

Apple Bloom wasn’t doing much better as the pain in her body, combined with the cold punishing rapids, made her feel sick both inside and out. The two of them tried to hold on to each other, but the force of the raging rapids made them lose each other’s grip. The two of them tried to swim back near each other, but the current was too powerful. As she struggled, Apple Bloom didn't notice a large rock that stood in her path and she smacked head first into it. Scootaloo watched in horror as Apple Bloom’s body went limp and was dragged by the water as if her body was a piece of dead wood.

“APPLE BLOOM!” shouted Scootaloo. She started to swim with the current, forcing every inch of her body forward till she reached her best friend and held onto her. Looking up ahead, she then saw a log by the edge of the right side of the river that was just close enough to help pull them out.

With all her courage and strength, she proceeded to swim towards it while holding Apple Bloom’s limp body with her teeth, her hooves, her tail - anything to keep her friend safe. As she got closer, Scootaloo knew that if she had any hope of getting the two of them out of there she had to grab it.

She veered closer... closer... she was just inches away....


Scootaloo just stared in disbelief as the log cracked in two and the part she’d tried to grab fell into the water. Her thoughts were quickly disbanded as the rapids continued to throw the two of them around. Scootaloo tried to stay afloat, but her legs were getting tired and she felt like they were ready to fall off.

The water kept pushing them downstream until Scootaloo managed to see where it was taking them.

Up ahead was a massive waterfall.

Scootaloo was too shocked to think of anything. She just held onto her best friend as tight as possible.

“Apple Bloom... I’m sorry...” she whispered as they got closer to the edge.

Scootaloo closed her eyes before she felt her whole body drop with the sound of the raging water all around them. She tensed up, waiting for the collision between them and the most likely sharp rocky bottom that was underneath the waterfall.

Suddenly, she felt her body connect with something, but it wasn’t water or rocks. It was something soft and warm. Scootaloo then began to feel the wind against her face and instead of heading downwards she felt the opposite.

“Don’t worry squirts! I gotcha!”

That was the last thing Scootaloo heard before she finally blacked out.


The moment Scootaloo woke up, she gritted her teeth as a wave of pain washed all over her body. On one hand, it meant she was alive, but on the other hand, she was bruised all over.

“Scootaloo?! Are you awake?!”

Recognizing the voice, Scootaloo opened her eyes to see her teary-eyed mother standing over her. Looking around she saw that she was in one of the rooms at the hospital back in Ponyville.

“Oh Scootaloo!” Olive Garden cried as she hugged her daughter, “When I heard what happened I just couldn't stop worrying for hours! I’m so glad you’re safe!”

Scootaloo hugged her mother back as the two held each other, neither wanting to let go.

“Never do that again! Never make me worry that I’ll lose my daughter ever again! When I heard you went into the Everfree Forest and they brought you back all banged up I felt as if the world around me had shattered like glass. You don’t know how relived I was to hear that you were going to be okay,” Olive said.

Scootaloo nodded as she shed a few tears, “I promise. I’ll never do something so stupid again.”

The two continued to embrace each other as if nothing in the world mattered until Scootaloo asked, “How did I get here?”

“Rainbow Dash spotted Sweetie Belle as she was running after you. Sweetie quickly told what had happened and then Dash rescued you and Apple Bloom when you were falling off the waterfall. Everypony was looking for you three and the-”

Scootaloo suddenly sat straight up and shouted, “Apple Bloom! Where is she!?”

Olive quickly tried to calm her daughter. “It’s okay! She’s alive! She suffered some terrible cuts and a minor concussion, but she’s alright!”

Scootaloo let lose a deep breath and fell back onto her bed.

She did it.

Apple Bloom was home.

“Can I see her?” Scootaloo asked.

“Dear, you really should rest,” Olive said, but Scootaloo looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Mom, please. I need to see her.” Scootaloo whispered softly.

Olive tried to think of something to say that would make Scootaloo stay in bed, but she couldn’t say no to those eyes. After all she went through; the least she deserved was seeing Apple Bloom safe and sound.

“Okay,” Olive sighed. “But only for a short time.”

Scootaloo nodded as she slowly got off of her bed and followed her mom out of the room. Her aching body made her wince with each step she took, but she ignored it.

After a short walk through the hospital's halls, the two of them arrived at another room and opened the door, surprising everypony inside. Applejack and her friends were there along with Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, Sweetie Belle, and finally Apple Bloom who was covered in medical tape around her waist, hooves, and head.

Nopony said anything as Scootaloo slowly walked towards Apple Bloom. She was shocked to see Scootaloo, but relieved to know she was alright too. As the fillies looked at each other for a long time, all the adults realized that this was between the three children and one by one left the room.

When the last one left, Apple Bloom finally spoke, “Scootaloo... ah...”


Scootaloo’s shout surprised both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle as she continued, “What in the world were you thinking!? Forcing yourself to work like a dog and then going into the Everfree Forest alone!? You have to be the craziest and stupidest filly I’ve ever known!”

“Ah’m...sorry...ah...” Apple Bloom tried to find words, but all she could do was stutter.

“You could have been killed!? Hay, you almost were! Don’t you know how much I... I...”

Apple Bloom didn’t expect it. In one minute, Scootaloo was just screaming at her and then the next minute just ran to her side hugging her and crying. Apple Bloom didn’t know what to do, but she held on to her friend and let her cry.

“Ah’m sorry... ah just wanted to... fix everything... ah didn’t mean to make ya worry,” Apple Bloom apologized.

“...Idiot...I’m the one whose sorry...I’m the one who should be apologizing....” Scootaloo said as she broke the embrace and looked at the ground in shame, “I should have told you about my dad...both of you....I shouldn’t have gotten so worked up over it either....”

“No! Ah was the one who broke it! Ah stole from ya and hurt ya! Ah was wrong!” Apple Bloom cried.

“I know...I knew you were, but I was too angry to see it. If I just forgave you then you wouldn’t have ended up like this. I would rather lose a thousand scooters then lose one my best friends.” Scootaloo said with a small smile.

Apple Bloom stared at her “Really?”

Scootaloo nodded, “When my dad died I was never happy. Every day I woke up only to remember that my father was dead. There are no words that can describe how such a thing feels. The scooter was the only thing that kept me happy and I thought that as long as I had it I could forget about the pain. When I met you two and we became friends I was able to feel that sadness and pain go away. You two were what made me feel alive and happy every day since we first met. When you broke my scooter I guess I still was thinking that I needed it to be happy in order to get over my dad’s death. The truth was I just needed both of you, my best friends.”

Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom and said, “I forgive you, Apple Bloom. Can you forgive me?”

Apple Bloom just nodded as the two hugged with all the hardship finally past them. That’s when Sweetie Belle started crying as the two looked at her in surprise and asked why she was sad.

“I’m not sad...I’m happy...” Sweetie Belle said with a smile, “All this time I was worried that you two would never speak to each other again. I was always worried that our friendship was finally over. I’m just so glad that everything is back to normal and you two are friends again.”

Both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo looked at each other with guilt. They had gotten so preoccupied in their argument that they forgot about Sweetie Belle who suffered just as much as they did

“We’re sorry, Sweetie Belle.” they both apologized as Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle jumped on the bed next to Apple Bloom and hugged one another.

“Let’s promise never to break up as friends. Even if we ever get in another fight!” Sweetie Belle said.

“Yeah! Nothing will ever tear us apart ever!” Scootaloo said.

“We’ll always have each other no matter what!” Apple Bloom cried out as all three of them looked at each other with smiles.

The crusaders had finally reunited.


A month had passed.

It had taken only a few days for Apple Bloom and Scootaloo to get out of the hospital, but when they did they couldn’t have been any happier. Even though all three of them did get grounded for a month because of their actions.

Although grounded, the trio decided to stop their plans for finding their cutie marks for a short time and focus on another goal: Making two hundred bits to fix Scootaloo’s scooter. It took a while, but the three did as much work as possible while making sure they didn’t overdo it like Apple Bloom did last time. When they finally managed to get all the money, they rushed over to Mr. Fix-it’s shop and presented him with the cash as well as the broken scooter.

The three fillies watched with anticipation as Mr. Fix-it counted each coin one by one. The broken scooter lay on his counter, ready to be fixed. Just as he counted the last of the coins he gave them a smile and nodded, “Two hundred bits. A deal is a deal. Stand back, girls!”

The three of them stood back as Mr. Fix-it’s horn began to glow as well as the scooter pieces before they were lifted up into the air and started to shine. The wheels were slowly shaped back to normal, the paint began to look brand new, the handle bars straightened, and the wood became clearer as each piece then connected with each other to reform itself back to its original shape.

In less than a minute, the task was finished and Mr. Fix-it levitated the brand new repaired scooter in front of the crusaders who just stood there in shock. It looked as if it just came out of the factory with not a single trace of the accident a month ago on it.

“All done girls. Now why don’t you try that scooter out and enjoy the sunny day our princess has given us.” Mr. Fix-it said as he went to the back of his shop, pleased with his success.

Scootaloo slowly walked over to it and touched it a bit before getting on and pushed herself forward a bit. The warm comfortable feeling that she got when she rode it was still there, like it had never left.

She smiled as a tear dripped from her eye.

“Thank you. Thank you girls.” she said to both of her best friends as they smiled at Scootaloo’s happiness.

As they left the shop, Apple Bloom then said, “So now that ya got the scooter back, ah bet ya want to ride it all around Ponyville, huh?”

Scootaloo thought about it, but then smiled, “Nope! I’m going to teach you how to ride this baby.”

“Wha!?” a shocked Apple Bloom shouted, “A-A-Are ya sure? Remember what happened last time?”

“That’s why I’m going to teach you. Somepony’s got to teach you how not crash and burn like a one winged duck.” Scootaloo laughed as did the others.

“Let’s do this at the park then! We can get ice cream afterwards!” Sweetie Belle suggested as the others agreed.

At the same time a nearby student of the princess was watching the event from her home by her window. She smiled as she saw the three fillies run towards the park as a thought came to her.

“Spike?” she called for her assistant.

“What is it?” asked Spike who walked over.

“Take a message for the princess please.” Twilight said as Spike took a pen and paper and began to write....

Dear Princess Celestia,

I’ve learned that even if you’re close to your friends there are times that you will fight with them and not only will you and the pony you’re fighting with suffer, but your other friends will as well. Yet if your friendship is strong enough, any broken bond can be healed and will create a stronger connection with your friends in its aftermath. You have to have faith that everything will work out for the best and that your friendship will still remain strong. Because in this world of ours there is nothing more valuable than the connections we share with those we love, including our friends and family.

Your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle

And with that last line, Spike sent the message away.

The End

Thanks to Midnight Shadow and Kits for their help in editing. Also, thanks to everypony who read and reviewed this story.

If you have anything you want to say to me, email me at: ratedrslant@gmail.com

Also I like to ask this from people: What did you like most about this story and what did you like least? I ask this because I want to always improve while also knowing what my best strengths are.

Be sure to read future works by me.

We are Bronies and we are Legion.

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Chapter 1/2 and Chapter 5 were my personal favorites. I also love how Applebloom shows her stubborness like AJ as she rides Scootaloo's scooter and breaks it and she does everything she can to help fix the problem even if it even kills her. Overall, it shows a great relationship between the CMC and each of their struggles to keep their friendship together. Each has their own story which balances their contribution to the story.

I can actually see this type of plot in a real episode. (Except the dead father and possibly the Everfree Forest scene)

Hands down one of my favorite MLP fanfics of all-time. Same level as Dash of Inspiration, Bittersweet, Guidance and Patronage of Trixie, Feathers, Kindness' Reward, Elements of Gaming, ect.

I'm having the same kind of problem with a friend like Applebloom and Scootaloo. This kind of helped in a way and a enjoyable read as well.

this was a good story i even stayed up all night to finish it:twilightsmile:

Relax, it's just friendship. :yay:

#9 · Jan 22nd, 2012 · · ·


BFF are the best kind of friends. :yay:

Really liked this one, as it reads as a normal episode of the show, though some parts seemed a little TOO melodramatic. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I still think you should have kept the "Storm Front" name for Scoot's father as the new name doesn't sound as good, I know you changed it because of the relation to nazis, but you were using the innocent meaning to it and I'm sure nobody would be offended by something like that.

Wow, just wow. Amazing story!! It would be in my top 5 fimfictions if I had to make one.

What did I like: Everything
What did I dislike: Nothing

As you requested

Thank you for this amazing story. Keep it up!!

This has to be the best fanfic i have ever read. I'm not kidding. I really enjoyed this. I got pretty choked up at the backstory of the scooter:
I enjoyed the ending very much, espichally the friendship report at the end. I always love a good happy ending.
Also the part where Twilight's experiment blows up in her face had me laughing my head off.
All I can is, excellent job. You should be very proud of this story.

Wow! This could have its own episode! I loved everything about this story.:heart:

Dude, this was awesome. It had a perfect blend of drama, action, friendship, and love. Just amazing. It could easily be an episode if the hell hound looked a little different and the part with the dead father was edited. One of the best fics I've read. Good job.:applecry::heart::scootangel::heart::unsuresweetie:

I said it once, I'll say it again: You just copy and pasted the script for the season 3 finale. :ajsmug:

Damn fine story, this should be an episode.

Great short story! Though a little darker, it is amlost like an actual episode! I loved reading every moment of it, and my only suggestion is to edit Twilight's letter to make it sound more like somethin she would send to Celestia in the show. There is something abou the letter that just seems... Off. Otherwise, great job!

This should be a special episode.

great story loved it

I could defiantly see a more child friendly version of this being made into an episode. Great story, one of my favourite ones with Scootaloo in.

Cracking story, mate. Really, really enjoyed it.

The only bit I would change is the hellhound thing. To be honest, I couldn't really get it into my head. Using a timberwolf (or three) would provide one with a stronger mental image.

When I made this story, Timberwolves weren't even shown. This was around during the time Season 1 was just ending

I did suspect that was the reason. You've been writing for a long time, then?

I have a lot of your work to catch up on, then. Jolly good.

No story goes without it's dislikes

2788932 You are correct, and I hadn't even read all of it before I liked it. First chapter, BOOM liked. I truly enjoyed it, about as much as I had enjoyed past sins.

171173 I was waiting for it to load my other comment so looked at other comments. I always look at the picture and yours sir/ma'am, made me laugh.

Last chapter had me at the edge of my seat and cheering afterwards:pinkiehappy: Not only was there a happy ending:yay: but we also got a nice letter to the Princess for a lesson well learned:twilightsmile:

All your other stories have awesome cover pictures. This one is in dire need of one. Contact your illustrator and have him or her draw up a picture of Scootaloo yelling at Applebloom over a broken scooter in a dramatic fashion.

I don't have a single illustrator, but either way it doesn't need one. It's already complete and there is no point wasting money for a cover art

You really are a great writer, and I love the story! But I found it kind of predictable. When Apple Bloom found the job for finding the cat in the forest I knew Scootaloo would come find her. But I overlooked it, and otherwise it was awesome!

"Losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend."

Thumbs up for being well written, but I found the ending a bit too... pat and neat. One moment of stupidity and all is forgiven? Even with the scooter repaired, theres still the fact that Apple Bloom broke into Scoot's locker, stole her personal property after Scoot made it very clear that scooter is extremely important to her and that AB is to keep her hooves off it and then trashing it. Even if by accident. Simply because AB was too stupidly stubborn to respect her friend's wishes, regarding her personal property.

That.. goes beyond breaking something important to a friend through willful stupidity. Thats straight up friendship breaking betrayal and disrespect right there. Having it all just wrapped up and wiped away just sits poorly with me. Were I Scootaloo, I'd be wondering 'Sure she feels bad enough to try and fix things. Thats normal for anypony with a conscience. But can I ever trust her again? Were we ever REAL friends if she was willing to do that?'

AB should've had a serious conversation about trust and betrayal with :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Red_Snow deleted Aug 16th, 2014
Comment posted by Red_Snow deleted Aug 18th, 2014

This is the first full fanfic of the show that I have read and really great job

Um...if you don't mind:fluttershyouch:...I'm not really that good and have very little free time, but...:fluttershbad:I wouldn't mind...drawing a cover art for this story:fluttershysad:...for free, if that's okay with you...*runs away*:fluttercry:


But...it'll take a week to finish.

Strangely, I'm just not getting the hype. I found the story utterly boring, repetitive, unrealistic, and badly written. I never felt sympathy for Apple Bloom or Scootaloo. What's wrong with me? I'm still glad you had dedication to it. :derpyderp1:

5283942 Meh I can see how someone might now enjoy this, and the writing style could be disliked. I don't see why you commented though... For me when I see stories I hate I just dislike and leave. Commenting just makes people angry at you... Unless of course... You want that.


It's the internet. People have a right to comment what they want. If somebody doesn't like something, they can say so.

Really enjoyed this. On to the next.

Minus scootaloos father being dead, I can see this being an episode...

I really loved this story. So much. I almost cried, but didn't. It goes deep for me for reasons I won't state. Thanks.

I'll admit, the story got me to tear up a bit, but the ending was very sweet.

Snicker... Olive Garden.

I binged read the entire story while at work. Given that it was written a while back, I still found it an enjoyable read...definitely see why it's so popular.

I can empathize with Scootaloo's connection with her scooter. But I have to ask, given that Rainbow Dash was at Cloudsdale at the time, and that it should have been her on duty when the super storm came out of the forest, wouldn't Scootaloo shifted some of the blame on her father's death on Rainbow? After all, it was her absence that forced her father to go out that day.

This really could have been an episode if the creators took a chance and dealt with the theme of a parent's death. I like how you connected the death of Apple Bloom's parents with Scootaloo's dad. It would be a bond that connected them for life. Also, Sweetie Belle's suffering during their feud was also well put.

The moment when Scootaloo realizes how precious much more precious her friends were to her than a scooter was the standout. It really is a powerful message that I wish someone had put on TV.

Well done.

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