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A Broken Bond - Rated Ponystar

Applebloom tries out Scootaloo's scooter, but breaks it. Is it the end of their friendship?

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Chapter 5

A Broken Bond
Chapter 5

An MLP: FiM Fanfic by Rated PonyStar
Edited by Midnight Shadow and Kits

Disclaimer: I don't own MLP for obvious reasons and it's own by Hasbro and Hub. (Even after 11 years of fanfic writing I still hate doing this)

Rarity knew when she had been asked to take care of her sister when their parents went away on the trips they loved taking every so often, it wasn’t going to be easy. After all, she had her own busy career and social life to deal with. Yet, to this day, she never regretted it. Sweetie Belle, while sometimes a bit of hassle, was still a darling girl whom you just couldn't help, but love.

Whether it was wanting to be like her older sister and make her own clothes or have a small tea party for fun, Sweetie Belle made Rarity smile every time. The events of the Sisterhooves Social helped her realize the true value of being an older sister was and Rarity made a vow that should the time come to choose between her love of fashion or her sister, she would choose the latter no matter what.

This was why Rarity had been worried for the past few days. Sweetie Belle had come home every day looking depressed and when she had went to check up on her last night, she found her little sister crying silently asleep. Rarity knew that Sweetie Belle was old enough to come to her when she had a problem, but sometimes the elder sister had to take action.

“Sweetie Belle, can you please come down?” Rarity asked up the stairs. A few seconds later, a depressed looking Sweetie Belle poked her head around the corner and tersely asked her sister what she wanted.

“I thought it would be nice if we had a chat. I have tea ready with a plate of snickerdoodles in the kitchen.” Rarity said. Sweetie Belle didn’t say anything for a minute before she nodded and came down, almost reluctantly. The two of them entered the kitchen where the warm tea was already set as both sisters sat across from each other.

“So, how is school?” Rarity asked, while she poured the tea.

“Fine....” Sweetie Belle answered looking downward.

“Are you doing okay in your studies?”


“Does the tea smell good?”


Rarity, with a little mischievous grin, then said, “Did I tell you that I decided to enlist you in boot camp?”

“Yeah...Wait!? What!?” Sweetie Belle shouted in shock before staring at her sister with a stupefied look, “You’re not serious are you!?”

Rarity then giggled for a while upon seeing her sister’s reaction. She soon calmed herself down and took a sip her tea before leaning back into a more relaxed position, “No, just trying to get your attention dear. Now that I have it, do you mind telling me what the matter is? You haven't been acting yourself for the past few days and I'm worried.”

Looking away from her sister’s stare, Sweetie was hesitant in telling her sister what had happened. Yet a part of her wanted to tell her big sister about the feelings she had about the dilemma she and her friends were going through.

Sensing her hesitation, Rarity put her tea down and looked at Sweetie Belle with gentle eyes and said, "You know you can tell me anything, Sweetie Belle. Whatever it is I promise I'll help you."

Sweetie Belle was silent for a while. Then she whispered “I’m scared...”

“Of what?”

“...that I’m going to lose my best friends.”

Rarity listened as Sweetie Belle told her everything, from Scootaloo’s broken scooter to today when she found out that Apple Bloom was pushing herself to fix it. All the while Sweetie Belle looked more and more desperate as she went further into the story.

“Now Scootaloo doesn’t talk to ether of us and Apple Bloom’s working herself to exhaustion just to fix everything, and I know she’s suffering from it! I don’t know what to do, sis! I don’t know!” Sweetie Belle said, her eyes watering.

Rarity just walked over and nuzzled her sister, “Listen. Friends fight all the time. I’ve lost count over the times I’ve had issues with Applejack or Rainbow Dash. Sometimes they last a few days, but we always come back apologizing.”

“But how?”

“Because we care about each other, dear. I care too much about my friends to worry about some silly little grudge. It’s unlady like and when you really care for somepony you’ll want to make up with them. I believe Scootaloo and Apple Bloom still care for each other. You’ve just got to be patient dear and let them sort it out.” Rarity advised as Sweetie Belle slowly made a smile and hugged her sister.

“Thanks big sis,” Sweetie Belle said, but her smile soon disappeared, “I just wish Apple Bloom could stop working like crazy. I’m worried something will happen if she keeps it up.”

“I’ll be sure to talk to Applejack and get her to talk to Apple Bloom.” Rarity said, before a series of knocks was heard from their back door.

“It’s open!” Rarity shouted, as a worried looking Applejack entered through the back, “Ah, speaking of which. Applejack, there is something I must address to you about your sister.”

Upon hearing her sister mentioned, Applejack went straight up to Rarity’s face and asked, “Ya see my sister?! Where?!”

“Huh? No, I was just talking to Sweetie Belle and...”

“Then ya saw her?!” Applejack asked Sweetie Belle who looked at her with eyes of sheer panic and anxiety.

Rarity decided to calm her friend down before anything happened, “Applejack! Darling! Relax, you look like you’re going to have a heart attack.”

“Ah’ll be havin’ one in a minute! Apple Bloom didn't come home so me and Big Macintosh looked all over the farm and even most of Ponyville, but we’ve seen no sign of her! Ah’m really worried, Rarity. Ah’ve got a bad feelin’ that somethin' happen to her and it ain’t good. Have ya seen her?”

“Apple Bloom’s missing?!” Sweetie Belle shouted, “Have you checked anypony asking for help with some jobs?”

“Why? Do you know somethin’!? Say it!” Applejack started as she towered over a frightened Sweetie Belle.

Rarity quickly pushed her friend back, “Applejack, please! I know you’re worried, but try to calm down.”

Applejack took a few deep breaths and slowly nodded, “Sorry, ya’ll. Please, Sweetie Belle.”

Sweetie Belle quickly told Applejack what her sister had been doing for the last four days. Needless to say, Applejack was both shocked and outraged that Apple Bloom had been doing extra work at the cost of sleep and food. While she did feel a bit proud about her sister’s determination, she was even more worried now considering the health of Apple Bloom’s body.

“Ugh! That stubborn pony! She’s more stubborn then Winona when it’s bath time.” Applejack muttered, “Anyways, thanks for the help. Ah gotta head over to the job board and see what jobs she might have taken. Maybe ah can ask whoever put them up if they’ve seen her.”

“I’ll come with you!” Sweetie Belle shouted before looking at her sister with pleading eyes.

Rarity nodded, “I’ll come too. Don’t worry. We’ll find her.”

“Much appreciated, both of ya’ll. Now come on! Time’s a wastin’!” Applejack said as the three of them hurried outside.


She was lost.

Really lost.

Apple Bloom would have kicked herself for being stupid enough for heading too far into the Everfree Forest, but she was so tired that even walking felt like a strain. Collapsing near a tree, Apple Bloom took a look at her surroundings not recognizing any part of the forest she was in. She said it would only be for a few minutes till she would turn back, but she kept going; determined to find that stupid cat.

Now, here she was: lost in the Everfree Forest at night, cold, tired, and hungry. Curling up to keep warm, she shivered as the bitter wind blew through the air and shook the trees. The sound of the branches creaking made Apple Bloom tense, her nerves jumping at every little sound that she heard.

A sudden growling sound almost made Apple Bloom leap, but she realized it was her own stomach. Looking around she tried to find something to eat, but there were tons of plants she didn’t recognize. Not wanting to risk getting sick, she settled for just eating the grass which tasted bitter and cold.

Despite the bad taste, she still continued munching while wishing she was back home having some of Granny Smith’s apple cinnamon rolls mixed with applesauce. The thought of such a tasty meal made her mouth water. She just hoped that she would even get another chance to taste it if she ever got out of here.

Even though she was scared out of her mind, she knew that her older siblings would know that she was in trouble for not arriving at home this late. The only problem was she didn’t know if they knew where she was. Yet, she had to have faith that her big brother and sister would come for her, along with everypony else. Till then she had to make sure she was safe.

First thing to do was find some place to rest. There were many dangerous animals in the Everfree Forest and standing out in the open didn't seem like such a bright idea. Getting up carefully, Apple Bloom moved onward, hoping to find a safe place. But just as soon as she started moving, she felt her hoof hit something and tripped. Groaning, she got up and turned to look what it was only to feel her insides freeze.

It was a skeleton...a cat skeleton.

Apple Bloom felt her mouth start to dry out as her bones began to shake. Her heart started to beat so fast it felt like it was about to burst right out of her chest. As she slowly crawled away from the remains of the cat, her mind quickly began to imagine the cat bones being replaced with a different set, one that looked like a small pony with a cute red bow on top.

Finally, she got up and just ran. Fear driving her forth without any stop. She didn't care where she was going. She just wanted to leave that image away forever, but it still haunted her as she went deeper into the forest.

As she ran, a set of eyes watched her from its hiding place deep in the forest, its present hidden. Upon seeing such a tasty pray, it licked its chops and soon began to follow in secret.


Upon arriving at the board, they looked at each of the fliers and then split up to find the ponies who put them up. They asked every pony who put a flier up if they had seen Apple Bloom, but all of them said no. An hour later, they all met back at job board with neither Apple Bloom nor any clue to her whereabouts.

“Now what do we do? It’s already night time and still no sign of her!” Applejack said, “We’ve got to figure out where she could be!”

“Wait!” cried out Rarity as an idea struck her, “Twilight can help us! She can use a dowsing spell to find Apple Bloom.”

“A drownin’ spell? Rarity, this ain’t the time to be thinkin’ about swimmin’, much less drownin’!” Applejack said.

No, dear. A ‘dowsing’ spell! It’s a spell that allows you to find something or somepony wherever they are. One day I lost Opalescence and couldn't find her. So when I told Twilight about it she used a dowsing spell to help me find her. By using the hair brush I use on Opalescence as a medium we found her over at Fluttershy’s cabin.” Rarity explained.

“And ya think Twilight can use this spell to find Apple Bloom?” asked Applejack.

“I’m certain. We just need something belonging to Apple Bloom to use as a medium for the spell to work.”

Sweetie Belle jumped up and down, “I know! I know! Our crusader capes! I brought them back to my place a while ago to add some work on them! I still have Apple Bloom’s back home!”

“Wonderful! Sweetie Belle, you go get the cape. Applejack and I shall met you at Twilight’s.” Rarity said to her sister.

“Gotcha!” Sweetie Belle replied, as she headed back home.

Applejack turned to Rarity and asked, “Ya sure this spell can help us?”


Smiling with determination, Applejack shouted, “Well, what are we waitin’ for? Let’s head on over to Twilight’s!”


Twilight could feel the sweat dripping down her entire body. It had taken all day, but she was so close to finishing her potion. Dozens of chemistry equipment and books lay in front of her table as she took one last look at her notes. She then slowly began to levitate a vial filled with blue liquid over a beaker filled with purple liquid.

“Concentrate Twilight...concentrate.” Twilight muttered to herself, “Just one drop...one drop...”


“Hey Twilight!” shouted Spike.

“WAH!” Twilight shouted as she jumped. The vial almost fell into the beaker, but Twilight was fast enough to stop it with her magic and sighed in relief. Her relief quickly turned to anger as she turned around and glared at her assistant.

“Spike! Do you know what you could have possibly done?!” Twilight shouted.


“You could have ruined my experiment! This formula could be the very thing that could change of all of Equestria! I have to get every ingredient right or else who knows what may happen! I could even blow up all of Ponyville!”

Spike gulped at the thought that he could have been the reason why there home was almost a crater, “Sorry, Twilight! I didn’t know!”

“And just where were you anyway? You know you shouldn’t be out this late.” Twilight asked, with a parental attitude.

“I got bored. You’ve been doing this chemistry thing all day. So I went for a walk, went to the park, and then went over to Pinkie’s for a snack. She made these really awesome cream puffs with rubies in them, but I kind of ate too many and fell asleep.” Spike answered nervously.

“Ruby filled cream puffs?” a bewildered Twilight asked, “How do you even make that?”

“I don’t know, but they sure were tasty!” Spike licked his chops and rubbed his stomach, “I gotta ask for the recipe.”

“Well, tell me the next time you go out. Meanwhile, just be quiet as I finish this.” Twilight said as she went back to her equipment.

“What are you making anyway?” Spike asked as he walked over and examined the large amount of chemistry equipment on the table. He had seen her do this all morning before he left, but she was too busy to answer his curiosity then.

“It’s a potion that could possibility increase magic proficiency up to ten times the normal amount! If this works, then this potion could unlock new magical powers and abilities for everypony. Maybe even allow earth ponies and pegasi the ability use magic as well!”

“I thought earth ponies and pegasi couldn’t use magic?” Spike asked.

“They can’t cast magic, but all ponies have magic inside of them. It’s used differently depending on the type you are. Unicorns are more connected to magic and their horn is used to channel the magic flowing through them as a way to release it. Pegasi can’t channel the magic within themselves, but they manipulate the magic around them in order to create the weather. Earth ponies are the least connected to magic, but they are the most sensitive to the magic around them. They feel the magic in the earth and understand it better, which is why most earth ponies are well adapted to nature such as Applejack’s family.” Twilight explained, in full lecture mode, “With this potion, I believe I can unlock new magical discoveries in all ponies. I just need one more drop from this vial and...”

She slowly tipped the vial and a single blue ounce dropped into the beaker, turning the liquid from purple to light blue.

“Success!” Twilight gleefully shouted, as she began to imagine the praise her mentor would give her for her discovery. However, as she turned her away from her work, the beakers started to bubble uncontrollably.


“I can’t wait to show this to the princess! She’s going to be so proud! I wonder if this is enough to get a statue of me in the Academic Hall of Great Discoverers!”

“Twilight...I think you should look at this....” Spike nervously mentioned as he slowly walked away from the bubbling beaker.

“Not now, Spike. I wonder when we can start mass production!?” Twilight said as the beaker started shaking.

“TWILIGHT! HIT THE DECK!” Spike shouted as he ducked for cover.



A heavy black smoke erupted from the library, surprising many ponies in their houses who wondered what the hay happened. Back inside, Spike nervously poked his head out of a pile of books to see the entire library covered in black soot, including a stupefied Twilight.

Spike couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Twilight. She was not only covered in the black soot, but her mane looked like it was designed by blood thirsty wolverines. Twilight coughed out some smoke and glared at Spike, “It’s not funny...”

Spike slowly calmed down and asked, “So, I guess it was a dud?”

Twilight looked at the beaker and saw it empty, the liquid had evaporated. With a disappointed sigh, she answered, “Yeah...looks like it.”

She was about to clean up when the door open again. This time it was her friends Rarity and Applejack who were flabbergasted at the mess.

“Ew! What is this? It’s disgusting!” Rarity cried out as she stopped right in front of the door, not wanting to get dirty.

“What in tarnation happened? Did somethin’ blow up in here?” Applejack asked, as she entered the room despite the mess.

Twilight's shook of the soot all over her and used her magic to put her hair back in proper position, “Sorry for the mess, girls. I kind of had an experiment that went wrong.”

“I’ll say. This place is a travesty.” Rarity commented, “Somepony please clean this up!”

Spike was already front and center as he saluted, “I’ll do it! Give me two minutes!”

Like a flash of light, Spike dashed into the closet and grabbed a mop and pail full of water. As soon as he had grabbed them, he zoomed all over the house like a purple streak cleaning all the soot up for his beloved Rarity to walk through cleanly. With his desire to impress his crush guiding him, Spike managed to clean the room in two minutes flat with no place unchecked.

When he was done, he then appeared right back in front of the white unicorn and bowed, “Is it suited to my lady’s taste?”

Rarity looked closely at the floor and nodded much to Spike’s delight, “Yes. I suppose this will do. I would ask that it be waxed, but there is no time. Twilight we are here for your help.”

“What is it? Is something wrong?” Twilight asked.

“Yeah, Apple Bloom’s missin’! Ah’ve looked all over with Rarity and we can’t find her! Ya got that dowsing spell or whatever it’s called, right? Can you use it to find her?”

“A dowsing spell? Sure, I can do that. I just need something of Apple Blooms to act as the medium to locate her.”

“Sweetie Belle’s already on it. She’s gettin’ one of their Crusader capes.”

"I'm right here!" Sweetie Belle shouted, as she entered the library with the cape around her neck.

“Perfect. Spike, get the map of Ponyville and the dowsing crystal please.” Twilight asked as she took the cape and tore a small part of it off. Spike came back with the map and a small red box that he put on the table. Twilight opened the box and lifted out a small dark green crystal with runes on it that was held by a black leather necklace.

Rarity was captivated as she stared at it with reverence, “My stars! That gem is absolutely stunning!”

“It’s a Dowsing Crystal. It has the ability to lock on to a living creatures life force by connecting itself with the magic around the world and finding that creature based their magical signature, which is found in our DNA." Twilight said.

"DNA?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"Yes. DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic acid, is what contains the genetic makeup in all living things. I have it, just as you and everypony here has it. It's like a blueprint that contains all the genes from our parents needed to maintain our cells and pass on genetic traits. The unique thing about pony DNA is that all of us carry what is known as the "Magical Gene". It's the gene that allows us to be connected with our magic." Twilight explained, "Depending on what type of pony you are and your background, your magic gene will be different from others. All ponies have the magic gene, but each utilizes their magic differently as I just told Spike earlier.”

Twilight then tied the cloth around the crystal and levitated it near the map, "By using the cloth from the cape, we can use it to focus on the exact location of Apple Bloom by her DNA signature.”

"Ya getting’ any of this?" Applejack asked Spike, who shook his head, “Well ah don’t care how it works! Ah just want it to find mah sister!”

“Okay. Now I just need you all to be quiet. This requires a lot of concentration.” Twilight spoke as she closed her eyes and concentrated, connecting her magic with the crystals. She focused on Apple Bloom’s own magical essence from the cape and sent it into the crystal which began to glow green and start spinning around. Once she put in enough, Twilight stopped pushing the essence in and just let the crystal do its work. It kept spinning faster and faster until the crystal started slowing down while heading closer to the map.

“Almost there....” Twilight whispered as she continued to hold her connection with the crystal. Finally, it stopped and landed on the map, but where it landed made them gasp in horror.

The crystal was pointing directly at the Everfree Forest.

“The Everfree Forest!” Applejack shouted, “What in Equestria is she doin’ in there!?”

“Are you sure that’s where she is!?” a terrified Sweetie Belle asked.

Twilight slowly nodded, “Yes. I didn’t do anything wrong. She’s right there.”

“Ah gotta go after her!” Applejack shouted as she rushed for the door, but it was slammed shut by Twilight’s magic. Turning around, she glared at the unicorn and shouted, “What are you doin’, Twilight! Let me out or I’ll buck the door if I have too!”

“Applejack, you can’t just rush in there.” Twilight said, but Applejack didn't want to hear any of it as she stomped her hoof on the ground.

“To hay with that! Ya know how dangerous that forest is! Its night outside and who knows what kind of horrible creatures are out there looking for their dinner!? Mah little sister is stuck in that forest lost and scared with danger surroundin’ her at every corner! What if she’s hurt or...or...” Applejack turned away not letting anypony see a small tear fall from her face. She quickly wiped it away and continued, “Ah ain’t lettin’ nopony stop me from getting’ into that forest!”

“AJ, listen to me!” Twilight yelled, “I know you want to rescue your sister! We all do! But if we’re going to do this we need to do this with a plan! You don’t know where in the Everfree Forest she is and it’s much too big for you to look for her alone! If you go out there by yourself who knows what will happen? What if you get hurt or lost as well? Then who will help Apple Bloom? We need to get everypony to help us out! Just charging in blindly isn’t going to help Apple Bloom.”


Twilight walked over and hugged her friend, “Trust me. We’ll find her. I promise.”

The cowgirl pony didn’t answer at first, but she then sighed and slowly nodded before hugging her friend back, “Alright Twilight...Ah trust you.”

“Good. Now here is what we need to do. Rarity, you head over to Fluttershy and then go get Rainbow Dash with her. Tell her we need the entire weather patrol for this,” Twilight ordered.

“Of course.”

“Spike, I need you to wake up the mayor and inform her about the situation. She can help us get Ponyville organized for a rescue mission.”

“Got it, Twilight.”

“Applejack and I will go get as many ponies as we can up and ready. We’ll all meet at the edge of the Everfree Forest with everypony in half an hour. Understood?”

“Understood!” a saluting Pinkie Pie shouted from behind, which made everypony jump at her sudden appearance out of nowhere.

“Pinkie!? How did...when did you...” Twilight babbled, wondering how she got inside without anypony noticing.

“The door was open so I decided to come in.” Pinkie Pie said, like it was no big deal.

“But I just closed it!” Twilight said, “And I’m pretty sure we would have seen you coming in.”

“Silly Twilight! I just used the secret entrance!” Pinkie Pie said.

“I have a secret entrance?” Twilight asked, confused.

“Duh! Everypony knows that libraries have secret entrances. For a pony who spends so much time in a library you really don’t know much.” Pinkie Pie said, much to a confused Twilight who couldn’t help but think she was just insulted, “Anyway, I couldn’t help, but hear everything! Don’t worry! I’ll get everypony up and ready lickety-split to save Apple Bloom before any meany pants monsters try to eat her. And when we get her back we’ll have a huge ‘Rescue Apple Bloom’ party to celebrate our success!”

Twilight had to admit, if any pony could get ponies together for any reason it was Pinkie Pie, “Okay then, the three of us will round the town up. Everypony else knows what to do?”

A collection of nods answered her, “Good, then let’s go!”

Sweetie Belle then interrupted, “What about me? What can I do?”

Rarity quickly answered, “You’re going to go home and wait for us, dear. It’s too dangerous to bring you along.”

“But I want to help! Apple Bloom is my friend and I want to help find her!” Sweetie Belle pleaded.

“I know you do, Sweetie Belle. But the forest is much too dangerous and I can’t bear the thought of something happening to you.” Rarity said.


“No, buts!” Rarity interrupted, “You’re going home. When we come back with Apple Bloom I will let you know. But for now, I need to know you’re safe and that you’ll promise me you’ll stay safe.”

Sweetie Belle wanted to argue more, but Rarity gave her a look that clearly showed she wasn’t going to win this argument and just nodded in defeat.

“Alright, everypony! Let’s go!” Twilight shouted as everypony, but Sweetie Belle, rushed out of the library. The little unicorn just stood there, feeling helpless with one of her best friends in mortal danger.

She had to do something. Anything!

A thought then came to Sweetie Belle’s head. What about Scootaloo? Didn’t she deserve to know about Apple Bloom, even though the two were in a fight?

Making up her mind, Sweetie Belle ran out library and made her way to Scootaloo’s house, thankful that it was only two blocks away from Twilight’s place. Arriving at the door, she knocked repeatedly until the door finally opened revealing a surprised Scootaloo.

“Sweetie Belle? What are you doing here? It’s late at night.” the pegasus asked.

“Apple Bloom...she’s...she’s...” Sweetie Belle tried to say as she tried to catch her breath. Upon hearing the name, Scootaloo just frowned and shook her head.

“I don’t want to talk about her alright. Just go home and...”


Scootaloo’s eyes went wide as she stared at Sweetie Belle, stunned, “Wha...what?”

“She went into the Everfree Forest! I don’t know why, but she’s been in there for hours and nopony as seen her! My sister and her friends are getting everypony in town to go rescue her, but I’m scared Scootaloo! It’s been hours and who knows what might have happened to her already!” Sweetie Belle shouted.

Scootaloo’s mind was still trying to wrap around the fact that Apple Bloom was lost in the most dangerous place that she knew of and was still out there in the dead of night, “What in all of Equestria is Apple Bloom doing in there!? Is she crazy!? Everypony knows that the Everfree Forest is dangerous! Especially at night!”

“I don’t know...maybe she tried running away or maybe there was a job she took that led her there...” Sweetie Belle commented, which got Scootaloo’s attention.

“Job? What do you mean job?” Scootaloo asked, which made Sweetie Belle cringe having mentioned Apple Bloom’s secret. This made Scootaloo suspicious as she looked her right in the eye and said, “You know something, don’t you? Tell me what it is.”

Sweetie Belled tried to resist, but she gave into pressure and said, “She’s been doing jobs and extra chores at her farm to get money. She’s done nothing but work, school, and chores with little sleep and eating for the past four days! You’ve seen how it's been affecting her haven’t you? How she keeps falling asleep in class and how tired she looks every day? It’s because she’s been working her body to the brink!”

Needless to say, Scootaloo was shocked. The reason for Apple Bloom’s behavior wasn’t because she was angry or ignoring her like she thought, but because she was working like crazy.

“But...why?” Scootaloo asked. What drove Apple Bloom to push her body to its limits?

“Because she was going to use the money to fix your scooter. She found a unicorn that can repair anything to its original form if it’s been broken. She’s been doing it for you.” Sweetie Belle confessed.

“For...me?” Scootaloo looked at her in shock. Apple Bloom had been doing all that work, just for her? Scootaloo couldn’t believe it. After all the yelling and insults, Apple Bloom was still willing to work non-stop just so she could repair the scooter she broke and obtain forgiveness? Guilt began to form inside of Scootaloo as she realized that Apple Bloom was truly sorry for what she had done and Scootaloo did nothing, but ignore and hate her.

“...why?” Scootaloo asked.

“Because you’re her friend and she loves you, Scootaloo. Just as I love you both and I know you feel the same way about us.” Sweetie Belle said as Scootaloo stared down at the ground in shame.

Schootaloo was ashamed that she let her anger against Apple Bloom get the best of her and not only made her suffer, but Sweetie Belle as well. She had hurt both of her friends by letting herself get blindsided by her anger and sorrow, ignoring their own feelings.

And now Apple Bloom was in danger...her friend was in danger.

Scootloo looked up at Sweetie Belle with a determination and said, “We’re going in after her.”

“What?” a shocked Sweetie Belle said, “But my sister and the others...”

“To hay with what they said! Our best friend is in danger and I’m not going to sit here any longer while she’s in trouble! Cutie Mark Crusaders never abandon each other!” Scootaloo said. Sweetie Belle looked at her; surprised by not only the outburst, but the fact that Scootaloo called Apple Bloom her best friend.

“Does this mean you’re...” Sweetie Belle asked with a smile.

Scootaloo nodded, “Yeah...I ...I still care about her... I was being an idiot, but no more. We’re going to find her and we’re going to save her, even if it takes all night! I’d rather lose a thousand scooters then lose another pony I care about!”

Sweetie Belle nodded, feeling just as determined as Scootaloo, “Then let’s go! Cutie Mark Crusaders Rescue Team!”

“Right!” Scootaloo shouted as the two of them made their way to the direction of the forest post haste, praying that their fellow crusader and friend was still alright.

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