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This story is a sequel to Duet Beneath a Setting Sun

For Adagio, she's afraid of how Sunset would react, and she knows that it's only a matter of time before she has to tell her girlfriend that she's pregnant.
And on the cusp of the greatest decision of her life, Sunset finds out that Adagio had been hiding that from her.

And the fact that she's not the sire.

Coming clean isn’t easy, nor are the consequences, but will both girls have what it takes to reach a new dawn?

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Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 22 )

I'm glad to see this story I watched you work so hard on finally up

Fantastic work! This was worth the wait! I'm looking forward to what happens next.I do hope they keep the baby. (Even if it is Bluebloods).

7307878 Im glad you liked it :D

this made me cry :fluttercry:
please continue :pinkiesad2:

7307913 the second chapter is done but im waiting to see how this goes before i post it but i promise even a few dislikes wont dissuade me from posting it in a few days

:rainbowlaugh: Oh Luna, that ending was sooo funny. And very Pinkie too. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not going to to pry,

Extra 'to'

I didn't know I was pregnant until a few day ago.


“ I know I will,”

There's a space before the I

Adagio released Aria, and stood up.She dusted herself off,


Aria rolled her eyes.”Come on, Adagio,

Space and quotation is facing wrong way

“Well now that the fate of the ring has been decided,

Every time I read that, I think Lord Of The Rings

Love this story! :3 (I couldn't help but edit)

7309919 fixed all of them :3

You ended it perfectly! I'm so happy they kept the baby! My question is will there be any more stories involving these two?

7311286 Yes we are in progress with a third story.:3

Baby is coming!!! :twilightoops:
i love it :raritystarry:
good work dude :pinkiesmile:

I love this story, and I cannot wait for the next one.

I have to admit.. if I were in Adagio's position, I would have aborted the baby. I hate sexual assault with a passion. I know what happened doesn't technically qualify it as sexual assault in the United States, but to me, it is. And I would've felt too violated to keep the baby. But, that's just me. Plus, I know I would be a horrible mother, and I couldn't take the pain of pregnancy. Or support the child.

Plus, I hate Blueblood. Always have.

7457384 the baby will play a bigggggggg part in the next story

Cuuute! But how did they make a baby?

"oh come on!"
-sweetie belle:unsuresweetie:

7629236 Human Blueblood Rape her.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

It doesn't truly get descriptive but it mentions rape

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