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Will definitely read through this when I'm done writing for the day.

This off to a spooky and interesting start! I'll be watching now.

How apocalyptic. Did they ever actually go to that crash site? If they didn't, this could be all over the country. That would be bad. That could also mean that the key to whatever happened is there.

Someone's going nutty. And it's serious this time!

I'm assuming he could tell that last line was a lie? Applejack's a horrible liar.

Goddamn that's a lot of chapters. You should really try to collate them into a few bigger ones. I know, it's a neat idea and I like the whole "journal entry" format as well, in principle, but it's already getting to be a bother to read and can only become worse as the story goes on.

Otherwise, this is starting out interesting. I'm getting more of a Tommyknockers than Zombie Apocalypse vibe from it, which is a nice change of pace.

I'm fine with these journal like short chapters. The way this story is going hooks me as much as it worries me.

What secret could possibly be so important that Spike can't know what's happening? Is there even one?


The fact that Twilight is a lost cause, and perhaps Patient Zero?

Hmmm, sounds like whatever this is, it either affects only unicorns or has a much greater affect on them.


Seems like a legitimate theory.

I fear he won't like what he sees...

Hmm...the way this is portrayed, this almost makes it seem like the sickness is caused by earth ponies or something.

Well, that's a sight I don't think Spike will like to have seen.

The situation is bad... I doubt there will be any happy ending to this story.

So....Is Applejack helping or just waiting?!

Hmm, I wonder what the procedure is if something like that does happen? In reality.

Uh-Oh! Does Spike have the Rasp too?! This is getting Or is he immune like the others? What happened to Rarity that would make Applejack so distressed? This is even more scary than before. Poor Spike!

You know...I once read an interview with Steven King where he talked about his thoughts on writing horror. He said he always thought of the things that frightened him the most and wrote about those. He said it was a sort of therapy in that after he wrote about that event it didn't frighten him so much anymore. He also thought that if he wrote about it, the event wouldn't happen. I've always thought there was some truth to those statements.

I one time in my life, I had a recurring nightmare. I talked to a friend about it and they suggested facing down the object of my fear in the dream. I finally tried it and vanquished the nightmare image. It hasn't ever returned. May be there is some truth to facing ones fears, even in the dream realm. Food for thought, I suppose.

Just like in my nightmares... open any door : bucked.

Fluttershy could be fine because her immune system is super-strong after she's shared her living space with filthy animals for a good chunk of her life. Doesn't mean she's immune, but she's in a good position as long as she STAYS healthy.

One thing to another! This is worst sort of terror!

Huh, I wonder if there's any reason Scoots is healthy. Is it a sign, or just luck?

Great, couldn't Spike have just turned around when he felt the belch coming on? You'd think he'd be used to it since he's been doing it his entire life.

She had the DJ's sunglasses clipped to her bow-tie and there was all over her hooves.

I think there's a missing word here. What did she have over all over her hooves?

Also, the solution to the missed message is fairly easy. Compose a message to the Princess that reads "Missed your last message due to rampaging zombie hordes. Please resend."

7369754 Yeah, it's almost like he were distracted or something. :P

7369900 Ugh. The laptop didn't save the edited version. That should have been "blood" all over her hooves. Hopefully fixed now.

Spike's been sending messages to Celestia and this is the first (and) only message she's returned since all of this started. It stands to reason whatever was on that message is incredibly important...

7370069 Hmm, good point.
7370079 Spike really needs to get a 'busy' tone for Celestia's messages.

Thanks for recommending this story. I enjoyed every chapter! :twilightsmile:

The emoticons don't seem like something Spike would do.

Hmmm. What we know about it so far is that it has a few defining symptoms.

1. Victim loses energy.
2. Victim regains energy, but raspy coughing begins.
3. Headache.
4. Hysteria.
5. ???

It also seems to be airborne, seeing as how they haven't even gone to the crash site. Spike appears to be immune, perhaps his dragon magic has something to do with that? Maybe his immune system is naturally much stronger than a pony's.

Well, now AJ is infected.

7316913 More like Unicorns and Pegasi.

Why is this chapter so short?

I...want...more.... :fluttercry:

so send something and ask them to send it again

7501085 Spike's been sending messages all this time. This is the only response he's gotten...

Ohhhh...this is a good set up, I can sense it already!

Nice to see you back, my dear!

Well, you know what they say, whenever you have something important, always make two.

Uh oh, Spike....be careful! Those ponies you hit with green flame aren't going to e happy to see you!

Well, that's what you call a hope spot.

Vital information that had been delivered to us was gone forever, and it was my fault.

Just ask for a new one, you doof.

Well, on the plus side, that probably answers whatever questions they may have had left.

Spike..... you left the rope tied to the balcony. What if they climb inside?

Well, retrieving that message turned out to be a bad idea after all.

So it turns out that in the face of apocalypse, secrets can get people killed. Who knew?

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