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I liked it, I was wondering how you'd justify one of the main characters murdering everyone like that.

er why cant we read the chapters before there updated

You totally can, I'm not going to stop you. They're in the process of being updated, as this was my very first story, so the quality is very poor. Spelling mistakes, grammar issues, and run on sentences. You can still read it as is, and the story itself will not change after it's updated.

There will also be an Epilogue chapter added at the end, once everything has been updated.

I thaught it would be applejack or rarity, but I couldn't guess why and how she can.
I didn't even imagine that it was the spellbook!

im calling a crazy freaked out sie to cadence that comes outr when shes scared to kill others for no reason

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bucking way its * thud

creppy masked pony * no spoliers

Well, first let me tell you this is one of the best horror/gore fics I have ever read and probably is one of the most thought out of the bunch, I honestly am probably going to have nightmares tonight, 10/10:pinkiehappy:

I knew it! I knew it since that bitch found Twi with Pinkie's body, when she asked Twi to just "go ahead".

And such is the ending(?). Awesome story!! Definitely held the suspense.

7676472 Not really. Other than the Introduction chapter, which says the title, the only thing that references are the chapter names. :twilightsmile:

So birthday boy was the first to go. Some birthday present.

I thought for sure Cadance would be the next victim, considering she was knocked out leaving her completely at the mercy of the killer.

So Spike's evil book did this to Rarity?!

Discomfort settled in Rarity’s heart as she opened the castle door with her magic.

Looking back, I wonder why. Was she considering not killing any of them? Was she having second thoughts?

Rarity eventually entered the room, greeting Twilight with a gentle smile. The two spoke shortly about the party, while the Crusaders were already off running amok in the dining hall

You are literally talking to a soon-to-be murderer!

“Hey now, we better eat before you start forcin’ ponies out on the dance floor. Don’t want no one to pass out from starvation while they’re dancin’.” Applejack pulled Pinkie into a headlock as she cautioned the party pony.

Yeah, but you also don't want to throw up while dancing. They'll eat when they get hungry.

Rarity was going on about fashion to Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash was exaggerating details of her latest exploits in the Wonderbolts to the Crusaders, and Pinkie Pie was chattering on to Applejack about the delicious food she made.

And Rarity was also planning to murder everyone.

It was a piece of timber, made into the shape of a bone with Spike’s name carved into the center.

Been a while since I've read, but I feel like someone's getting clubbed with it.

“I know how much you want to be a true knight, and true knights wear white. Perhaps one day you’ll be my knight.” Rarity blushed and turned her head away, trying to hide her embarrassment.


The CMC are just painfully stupid sometimes.

Hmm... Let me put early bet and say CMC did it.

I guess wrong- Wait no, there's still two more of them.

Welp, I was wrong, It wasn't them.

“You just had to have all the pieces fit together nicely, didn’t you?” She slammed her face again, gritting her teeth with the angry tone of her voice. “You couldn’t stop THINKING!”

Really? I feel like Twilight figured out with observation. She almost fell for Rarity's lies.

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