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This ain't as easy as I make it look.

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You have my attention.

7255980 Feel free to check out some of my other stuff.

Did he just laugh?

Did Venom Snake just laugh?

I am not used to this.

Nice story though, the intro has me hooked and the back story was told quickly and with just enough details.

Metal Gear Solid Displaced Fic

This isn't the actual Venom Snake. Thanks for the comment though.

Will the actual Diamond Dog's be in this? I hope so.

7257047 If you mean these
I honestly hadn't even noticed that they had the same name until you mentioned it. Thanks for the idea, I may use it.

7257259 Yeah. Those guys. Wish they would show up in the show again.

I want moar =D

How often will you update? On a regular basis or whenever you feel like uploading another chapter?

Comment posted by James-Plasma deleted Jul 23rd, 2016

Absolutely wonderful mate!

Sadly I only caught one of the referances. Unless DD was also a referance.

7264389 Well upon rereading, the other might be DD.

The the ship''s name Oregon, is one.

7264398 Yup. Here's a hint, the second one is shortly afterwards.

7264401 Is it the small speech? It has been a bit since I played MGSV, but I'd does sound familiar.

7264407 The bit directly after it actually, now the question is, what is it from?

Naked, venom, punished, liquid, solid, solidus, and now mythic? So may snakes.:applejackconfused:

Comment posted by Sun Downer deleted Jul 28th, 2016

7433861 No, R&D was the platform that's under construction.

7433864 Ya, didn't see that till after I posted, thats why I deleted that comment.

Pretty good chapter mate.

I THINK I see it... but I can not rember the movie.. wait.. a member of mr. T's A-team said "I love it when a plan comes together I think I am right

7476790 *Sighs in relief* Thank you. Now, prepare for the prize that was promised, it'll be PMed to you sometime today.

7476920 Should have mentioned, the first guy to correctly identify all the references would get a sneak peak of my plans for the Mane 7, guess I wasn't thinking that it would happen.

7476973 Eh...Ok, I guess?
Honestly, I only know about this reference because I watched the movie a few years back.
G.I. Joe isn't something that I even know about. I've only heard the phrase "G.I. Joe" itself passed around.

Now on with the mission!

Wait, I thought Big Boss was a woman.


THE Boss was a woman. the title got eredited by Naked Snake at the end of the operation Snake Eater, as the man who surpassed the boss, hence Big Boss

then the story became complicated...

7546460 that's THE Boss, BIG Boss killed The Boss in the events of MGS3 Snake Eater.

wow, a rank S++?.. I really want to get my hands on one in my game

Nope, I have no idea of my own at the moment.

Comment posted by Starfire Skyblaze deleted Jan 5th, 2017

aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i want more :pinkiesad2:

also FIRST! (suck it :pinkiecrazy:)

7845409 Don't worry, more will come soon

Welp, time to activate the tracking beacon!

Nice. Though, does he sound like Sunderland Or Hayter?

mythic Snake, nice.

lol I actually have quite a few of those S++...

Can't wait for the next chapter

I got that reference it's from The A-Team

I is confused now, who were they, what was that all about, and what the flapjack just happened?

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