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Pretty good but you need to space the paragraphs a bit, I got lost like three time. You have seal of Fucking approval my friend
If You ever want to crossover, send me a PM or message me through my user page.

6745387 ty for the seal, and I get the space between fix, I looked back and saw that -_-
I'll get the token up for him to start crossovers soon like in a chapter or 2

6745454 Be warned, I know what magic the gathering is but not it's rules, items and etc.

6745462 don't worry I have a plan to make things simple to learn, I think I'm going to do a explain chapter of how his magic works and shit

I think this is good story so far, and I can't wait to read more of it. :pinkiehappy:

Ha! He's enttance was hilarious, for some reason I imagined him shouting I'm back, bitches!

6746378 Haha I thought of that but I think what I wrote is more funny

A Magic the Gathering story. It has been a while since I've seen one of these pop up. Granted you did have to pick the most annoying planeswalker to deal with in almost ALL of his different forms.

I'm curious to see where things go from here.

6762367 Gave it a read, laughed again. This crossover was the best I ever done.

At least he isn't Nicol Bolas, Karn, or one of the older Gideons.

'So I'm going against what my gut say what could go wrong?'

Is that a rhetorical question? :pinkiecrazy:

I was testing out a spell with the Elements of Harmony to see if I could store them into some boxes as a "Elements of Harmony blast in a box! use once" deal, that was a big fat no as the blast hits me instead and I got stoned.

...dude... not cool... :twilightsheepish:

and now here I was getting killed by a hug of DOOOOM!

But what a way to go...:derpytongue2:

Nice story so far, quite a few grammar mistakes, but all in all good work.

6896796 yup, I'm the same way and I wrote the chapter!

Jace Beleren, a master of five colors? You're joking, right I know he's powerful. Planes walkers are, but he's a Blue caster, illusions, counter spells, and mind magic (aka milling). I dunno, seems like giving Chandra or Garruk Gideon's abilities. I'm assuming, of course. *shrug*

6897034 Jace looks like Jace Beleran but the they are not the same person.

6896950 I don't know what your talking about

It Was!


Welp.... That's a twist I never saw coming.... also... re read the story and fix a few errors....

6899840 I'll get on that soon, also did your brain went dead? I people saying that their brain went dead when they read that part.

6899878 no... just never thought about a theory like that... i blame applejack reminding me of my mother....

There are a lot of spelling errors and run-on sentences in this chapter. It's not a very good first impression.

Nope. Fuck this shit, I'm out. It's almost to the point where every third word or so, is spelled wrong.

6907359 I don't blame you for hating it b/c of the spelling.

Am I the only one that guessed amber was scoots sister right when it was said she had a sister

Okay gotta ask, what kind of deck do you play with?

6940181 in magic the gathering? Do you mean in the story or in real life?

a stallion that was wearing a very expansive

An expensive what? also...

“Come on Ajaxs don’t be a scaredy cat, what’s going to happen.” It seems that the universe was listening to me because a huge chunk of crystal came down and landed on the planes gate, destroying it completely. We all blinked at it and both Ajaxs and Applejack looked at me.

Murphy: Challenge acccepted

6943150 First part: expansive Suit my bad -_-

Second part: God dang it Murphy! >:(

“We have come to you because you have started your path to ascension, To become the sage of the five paths.”

Sounds like naruto....

The whole town hates me and I didn’t do anything.

Again sounds like naruto....

The mane six, Moonlight, Sylph, Mr. and Miss Cake, the CmC, Vinyl, and some others. I blinked a few times and saw that my vision cleared and rubbed a tear away on my sleeve. Great I was just saved by the power friendship, I feel all sappy inside.

More naruto....

“So you found out that he’s your rage.”

too much naruto...

6943818 That explains it... though... a little too inspired from it....
Also.... I can't picture fem-jace at all and i do not want to look up any fan art.....

6897034 Color identities can change over time. Maybe this displaced is just a step short of transcending color, same as Ugin did.

6897034 That said I do think he should have stuck to the monoblue. Or used an OC with a unique theme and color identity.

How about Heralds of the five Tuths.

“That just it we can’t, if we straight up kill him he would just come back, I seen him locked up one time but that didn’t work. The only way is to find a way to take his immortality then kill him.”

I know this is anticlimatic but... gatherer.wizards.com/Handlers/Image.ashx?multiverseid=407638&type=card

7034794 OMG! This is too funny, I was laughing so hard... I might use this. Thanks for the idea.

What is the name of the fan fic that you did this crossover with?

7044690 Ashes to Ashes by We -are -legion. Note just before reading, the Shade from that story and this chapter are different (like years a part)

Awesome chapter, please make more like this.

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