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This is absolutely ridiculous. Obvious crackfic with little to no effort put into it. Can't really say much else besides saying that him cumming, her getting pregnant, and her giving birth, all happen in only a few paragraphs. Also, he kills his daughter a paragraph after that. Very little effort. I don't know what drove me to read it...

Im sending princess molestia to deal with you PERSONALY BLEEDINGEQUINE... but seriously how did this come to your head cause i probably cringed while saying WHAT THE FUCK??? 30 TIMES AT LEAST!!!!!!!!:applecry::rainbowhuh:


probably the best crack sex story ive ever seen. :rainbowlaugh:

~ deviantArt Shitposter, Prism

(Edit: Oh sweet lord, 2 hours and 2 dislikes gotten. Sweet. You guys need to NOT take the Internet seriously, it can damage your feeble minds.)

Words can not describe my hate and anger for this story

Far too obvious. Try again.





Because reasons.

Wow. I've never seen so much red...


I love making pasta sauce, so I kill a lot of tomatoes.

Needs "comedy" tag. Made me smile. Upboat.

Obvious troll. 2.5/10 due to lack of effort and transparent attempt to incite anger. Go back to 4chan and try to learn something this time.

You magical fuckweasel...

Hm, this is bad, obviously a troll fic, but...

Knowing she was dead, Big Macintosh started smashing his force onto her in an autistic rage.

Okay pal what the fuck.

They see me trolling..they haten....


Of course, out of all the people it would be Flowey.

I think that this story will set a new record of downvotes xd

Senpai noticed me. I'm so happy.

Time to cum over to the other side.

We've got cookies (LOL NO, we don't, TROLOLOLOL)

6620759 is there actually a way to find out what story has the most downvotes?

gr8 m8 i r8 8/8

What the fuck did I just read? Seriously? What the hell is this?

That story was just sickly, dude. What were you thinking? You need to see a therapist if that's what you think of to write.
Even suggesting, what were the mods thinking? I'm surprised that they even accepted this story to be published.

And I'm not saying that because of the ship, I could care less about marblemac. It was truly horrible.

You need to take a chill pill amigo.

Not exactly, more like a gorefic.


6620268 This is a masterpiece, what are you talking about?

You know you like it.

So this is what he meant by 'Puerto Ricans'...

6620870 Trolling is just a way for people who aren't funny to pretend they are. Kind of like how making illicit drugs is a way for unsuccessful chemists to feel like they are doing something important.

Do I look like I'm joking?

6622336 You again.

I agree. I'm... intrigued by this. By Bleedingequine. Creating something like this certainly requires some kind of talent. You don't see stories like this written every day. I kinda view this as just a certain type of perception regarding the marblemac fics... And very very shameless and flagrant.

A decent attempt at a troll fic in my opinion, and I wouldn't mind it being expanded. It made me chuckle a little. 7/10.

What is it with people and trollfics?

Goddamn, its a gorefic.

How is this so hard?

6623187 Whatever. A decent attempt at a gorefic then. HAPPY?!

6623197 I'd love to, however I'm a little busy raping my own mother with a clothes hanger. Can you give me an hour or two pretty please?

6621254 I think not but we may decide that the record would be the most downvoted have your ever seen. Personally I saw a story with 200 downvotes and 3 upvotes and this is record for me xd.

Well alrighty then.

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Abandon hope all ye who enter there... :rainbowderp:

I could have passed this. What the fuck.

Even on standards of trollfics this isn't good...

Why the fuck did I decide to read this?

That.... was fucked up.

Why would you write that? Or, how is your age relevant? It's not a good idea saying that on the Internet y'know.

The only reason I read this was because of the horrid dowvote ratio to upvotes. Normally stories with that kind of ratio are funny but this is just plain sick. Yes I know it is a poorly written trollfic but still, you could have at least put a tiny bit of effort into it. It gets a rating of 0/10 from me.

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