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A curator was found murdered in his own office, guarding a journal from EW2 era Equestria. The journal as it turns out, belonged to a former detective. A tale of forbidden love, a feud between sisters, and a legendary medallion. Can Private solve this murder before history begins to repeat itself?

(Based heavily on the Castle episode 'The Blue Butterfly')

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Hm... the story begins again, but seeing this? I give points to Even for that nice burn to Clippers. Of course, I don't think he's going to get any respect from ANYPONY who knows him.

Though starting to read the journal? I think Private is taking Noir seriously, but he is a detective himself... so it makes sense in a funny and strange way. Then again, his comment about the writing style is probably one of the more amusing parts of this.

It's good to see this story, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Ooh, this is an interesting beginning. And yay, new Noir.

The new tags must be a bit of a blessing for you.

I missed this like the sun and moon.

OH! I love Castle! And I remember that episode! This will be pretty cool!

The wait is over. Glad to see your still with us. Cant wait to see what happens next.

Why does this particular story remind of the LA Noire video game? (i'm a gameibg nerd, don't judge me)

While I don't know the Castle series, I'm liking the start of this.

I can't wait to see how this case progresses. It will be the first time we see Evening in action.

This is getting really good, also liking the Even and Sparkler moments.

Oh puberty, you turn the most sensible of us into mindless bafoons who dont know what the hell were saying fhalf the time.

“Only question is now.”

Do you mean 'how'?

Great chapter. So glad to read your stories again.

Help, my sides hurt so much from Even making a fool of himself!

Not to rush you at all but why are these taking so long?

6934686 Ah okay understandable. :) at least i now know that these stories have not just been scrapped.

I really want more of this
I might just reread the entire series just to past time

7071117 Ikr? I love the entire thing!! But jeez, it takes a while to write, don't it?

I've read all your Noir story's and this is the one I am currently on right now. So Private and Even are on a new case which involves a priceless artifact? Not bad for Even's first case as I hope he does well. Also I really hate Insight as I want to punch that guy in the face. I so hope you have Private or someone give him a well deserved ass kicking. Also Clippers is an absolute idiot! How this moron got into the police force is beyond me.

The introduction is to this is good and I really hope to see this updated soon. Also when will we see Raiden Bolt again? I am getting worried about him since he and Private are friends plus I'm sure his family misses him along with Rainbow Dash. Also will Daring Do make an appearance in this story or do you plan to save her for another one? I hope to see an update to this soon.

Good Luck Jacoboby1.

Read this chapter again and I really want to see the next chapter soon because this is getting good! So Private and Even are out to find the medallion but unfortunately Sparkler is with them. I don't know weather she is being stupid or reckless or just being a adrenaline junkie. Sorry in my honest opinion she shouldn't be sticking her nose in something that isn't her buissness since her family would get worried and she might end up getting hurt but I can see Even getting a girlfriend once he builds up the courage for it.

I like the scenes with the journal that it shows and I'm wondering if Case and Red got out safe and did they have a family? I'm hoping to see more.

Good Luck Jacoboby1.

Hay then I just want to say...that I really LOVE YOUR STORY'S HERE. :pinkiehappy::heart::pinkiehappy::heart: that are so cool, so awesome, so adventures, and so epic, and romantic all at the same time, LOVE THEM ALL. Also I have like some questions for you to answer: what will they do? Will they be able to defeat the evil violin that has been killing evrpony? Will pinkie and her special some ponies get married? Will Rainbow Dash and Raiden be together again?(cause I ship them SO bad, :heart:and they are so cute together and they have a ton in common to:heart:), will Raiden and Privet be friends again?, Will spike ever ask rarity in marriage? Will these elements of harmony save equestria from the evil murderer Colin?

So that's all the questions I have for you my friend, and good luck on the next chapters to. Hope you reply back soon. Lots of luck.:raritywink::rainbowdetermined2::heart:

IT'S FINALLY OUT!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Glad to see this is finally back. Hope your health and angst problems are fixed.


I'm just jossing, yes I am alive though for all you know I could just a zombie typing away at this keyboard.

Nah I know you're alive. Good to see you.


its great to have you back hugs you and doesn't let go

Hell yes. An update!

Great one, as always!

It is here!!!!! Yes! yes! yes! I missed Private and his mysteries adventures.

Hew will never give up on his loyal fans.

Holy shit he returned. I'm glad you're okay. :heart:

So happy to see you back and writing again!

Great chapter!! Things are startin to heat up a lil.......

Also: IT LIVES!!!!!

So glad you're back with a vengeance, Jake! Hope I don't have to wait 2 more years for the next chapter, it'd be difficult. I'm really wondering about Presto...............................................................................

Welcome back man, I too have made my return as a reader. I still faithfully await my second cameo where I finally marry my beloved Derpy!!! :rainbowlaugh: :derpytongue2:

Yay! More updates!

And they're just as good as I remember.

Welcome back!!! Again!!! As to this number...

The three of us arrived at Whiskey and Gin’s front door. I knocked lightly and the old couple opened the door to see us three standing there. Gin smiled upon seeing us, “Oh, hello again.”

“Hello Red Light.” I then looked to Whiskey. “Hello Case File.”

Oh my Luna! Mind blown!

I'm so glad I decided to come back, just in time for my favorite author to start getting back into the swing of things. Carry on the good work!!

I'm so glad you're back! It's been so boring shuffling through FIMFiction searching for a good author with a decent series.

Now THIS is going to be an amazing investigation for Privet Twilight and Sparkler and Even to. :rainbowdetermined2:I wonder who murdered the Chandelier grandfather? Who could have done it? :rainbowderp: I am really loving these detective Private story's here my friend, also did you answer my other questions I sent you? Anyways good luck on the next updates my friend. :raritywink::heart::rainbowdetermined2:

I'm asking a few questions I've been wanting to ask you. So here this Is: Will they be able to defeat the evil violin that has been killing evrpony? Will pinkie and her special somepony get married? Will Rainbow Dash and Raiden be together again?(cause I ship them SO bad, :heart: and they are so cute together and have a ton in common to:heart:) will Raiden and Privet be friends again?, Will spike ever ask rarity in marriage? Will these elements of harmony save equestria from the evil murderer Colin? Well that's all the questions I have here my friend so hope you answer them. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Here's something I've been meaning to ask and it's related to some of the characters. Doesn't Private another uncle besides Cross's dad? And did you ever plan on having him make a full appearance.

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