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Haycartes was one of the greatest equine intellectuals of all time, having made outstanding contributions to geometry, algebra, optics, as well as magic. He is regarded as the Father of Modern Philosophy. Yet, these days, many ponies do not even recognise his name.

Twilight Sparkle and Moondancer set out to educate their friends. Using the Haycartes Method of course.

A crossover with Descartes' Discourse on the Method.

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Adorable, short, sweet and interesting. Another good work by Pineta on the magic of science and philosophy! ^^

...meanwhile, over at the Canterlot Library, Rainbow Dash put away the marker she had been using and nodded to Rarity.

"So, how's that look? Did I get the moustaches curly enough?"

Rarity cast a critical eye at her friend's artwork. "Really, darling. I suppose we could put just a touch more work on the eyebrows, and you misspelled 'Egghead' over here on her side. Twice."

With a swoop of wings, Rainbow Dash darted out the door, calling back over her shoulder, "That's intentional. It'll drive her nuts. Now come on, before they wake up. I'll race you to the doughnut shop."

“So...” she said. “If you've magically projected your minds into the book using the Haycartes method... And a key part of Haycartes philosophy is that the body and mind are separate entities... Where are your bodies now?”

That, my dear, is an excellent question.

Occam's Razor indicates that one should not assume dualism without evidence.

My first thought about Decart being a dualist, is that he didnt only propose I think, therefore I am, but also, I think, therefore you are. And the third. I dont think, therefore it cannot be.

Show him Felix Baumgartner on his top of atmosphere supersonic drop on an iPhone or similar and watch his mind break. Especially if you used Siri or similar by voice. :trollestia:

This is really well done, pictures and references and all. Also the description of how the animation in the book looks is great.
Have an upvote!

A lovely little introduction to the father of philosophy, in our world and Equestria. And given that the spell was developed by the original dualist, it does seem like it should separate mind and body. Hmm... I suspect 6219157 got it right.

What a perfect little story.

*Begins humming the Philosopher's Drinking Song*
...And Renee Descartes/
Was a drunken fart/
I drink therefore I am~

A very nice little story. :twilightsmile:

Unless you've come up with a really obscure horse pun that I'm not seeing, you misspelled "cogito".

The French mathematical tradition, Walras, Debreu, Benassy, and so on, are very important in the mainline of economics and my own research. I don't know much about Descartes specifically (although I know a bit more now), but I'm sure his life is a major reason why economics is what it is today.


Show him Felix Baumgartner on his top of atmosphere supersonic drop on an iPhone or similar and watch his mind break. Especially if you used Siri or similar by voice

I think Siri alone would do it.
I was undecided, but 6219157 has convinced me.
Thanks. I need to teach my spell checker these new words
I think the big legacy from Descartes (outside philosophy) is how he showed we can apply mathematics, and the rational thinking behind mathematics, to other subjects. Which in due course influenced David Hume, and then Adam Smith.

Congratulations! You managed to turn a dry and slightly depressing philosophical read into something amusing and inspiring.

Thanks. That's what I try to do.

Huh. I'm ashamed to admit I never actually made the connection between Descartes and Haycartes. :twilightblush:

When using annotations put the annotation bits connected with the number in your A/N. If you chuck it into your story itself it disrupts flow and just looks bad as a whole.

If you want a good example of how that system should be used in a MLP Story. Look at https://www.fimfiction.net/story/54117/whom-the-princesses-would-destroy it's a cute story, and shows how annotations should be handled.

Other than that, it's a good work of fiction. And I also wonder where their bodies are.

The fact that you bothered to make the image illustration look like the episode deserves a like and fav!

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