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When Moondancer and her friends Twinkleshine, Colgate, and Lemonhearts receive an invitation from Twilight to go camping in the Whitetail Woods, Moondancer is faced with a conundrum. She's never been camping before. No problem, everything can be solved with books and a bit of studying right? But when Moondancer finds the Unturned Survival Guide, however, she will need more than just studying to see herself and her friends through what comes next.

Unturned was and still is being created by Nelson Sexton
MLP belongs to Hasbro

All pictures used in the creation of this story are courtesy of various Unturned forums or the wiki.

Chapters (8)
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yup it was only a metter of time when i see a crossover of this game

6307683 Don't eat the berries! Oh, too late.:twilightoops:

6308338 Same here for the gold edition :pinkiehappy:. As you said, the 3.0 preview is awesome and I will be including new updates to the preview in my story based on their relevance.

Ah, I remember the first time I encountered a full moon horde... It was terrifying, and still kind of is.

I couldn't agree more, especially when you're busy looting a town or something and your so focused on your your inventory that you don't notice the little moon icon till it's too late! :rainbowderp:

I dont like the maga zombies they Scarry

I don't like the mega zombies dey scary

That thing in the picture reminds me of the Jerry. Was this intentional?

7293441 Nope, but i'm getting Undertale soon so maybe then I'll see the similarity.

Wasn't the Usbeknakov called the Zubeknakov in 2.2.5? I could be wrong though, haven't played classic Unturned in about 3 months.

7299853 As far as I know it's the other way around, it was called the Usbeknakov in 2.0 and when it was added in 3.0 it became the Zubeknakov.

That moment when you find this on the front page's updated category. And then that moment when you have an internal debate whether to read it or not.

So this is a thing, apparently. Huh. Never thought I'd see this crossover.

This was really cool dude. Can't wait to see how you include the new zombie types. Burner, invisible and the rock throwin mega!

7148856 They where scary enough before the most recent update, now they throw boulders at you! :twilightoops:

7465236 yup, :) and they will be included in the upcoming chapters!

Very nice firefight chapter, but Darold should have been fine. He needed to simply infuse the medkit, box and all, into his body and the bullet wounds would heal instantly.

8287095 That's Unturned logic for you. XD
Glad you liked it.:twilightsmile:

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