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After not writing since high school i'm very grateful for mlp and the brony fandom for inspiring me to be creative again. Currently working full time, I write when I can.



Bruce Wayne, billionaire philanthropist and businessman by day, by night he is the caped crusader, the dark knight of Gotham, the Batman. So why is it Bruce has woken up in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by talking horses? Why has he regressed back to being a child? Why is he now a talking horse himself? Will you ever get any answers? Find out in the next exciting chapter, same bat site, same bat story.
(Story proofread by King Murdock)
Read the sequel here - Bruce Wayne, dark knight of Ponyville

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Ah poor Diamond Tiara her father adopts her a brother and he has more business sense then she could ever have. So how will Bruce handle being a pony and how long until he feels the need to become Batman? I will be following this story with great interest as there are so few quality story's with the Batman/Bruce Wayne as a main character.

I have 1 problem with this story
1) Bruce Wayne lived with the family butler after his parents died.
other than Thai it is good.

6082322 Why thank you, i won't spoil much here in the comments but yes indeed it will become necessary for Bruce to don the mask.

"My name is Bruce Wayne."

I think it would be neat to have Filthy Rich mishear it as, "Spruce Wane." That would be more pony-like, and could have been exactly how it sounded. He probably wouldn't know how to spell either Bruce or Wayne, anyway, just from hearing it.

Just a thought. :pinkiehappy:

6082329 I did think about that, and it will be addressed in the next chapter. Also i'm borrowing from allot of different Batman continuities, like for instance in the original comics Alfred didn't join the cast until Batman #16.

6082351 That's funny, well there are still plenty of characters for Bruce to get introduced to. Filthy's father perhaps?

I'll give this and try and see where you go with this also obvious joke in 1...2...3


batman+my little pony = pretty good fan fiction

By being adopted by Filthy Rich, he's related to Diamond Tiara.

6082840 I can't say it will be easy for Bruce having Diamond Tiara for a sister. :fluttercry:

6082863 Being related to Diamond Tiara must be one of the worst fates that a foal can have.

6082361 have you seen the gotham TV show? pretty sure that is canon. not entirely sure though.

seems small for just to people- er, ponies." asked Bruce. Two
Also the i thing gets on my nerves for what ever reason. gust capitalize the I's and fix your like sounding words. Love the story so far tho keep up the good work

6083246 Not yet, but the premise is interesting. The only problem is i don't have TV so i'll have to watch it online. And when i start watching a new show i loose all control and end up binge watching the whole thing. First world problems, amiright?

6083293 Thanks for the grammar notes, neither me nor my brother are great at this kind of thing:facehoof: It definitely helps having eagle eyed readers, hopefully i got everything fixed this time.

6083346 dam u I see what u did there:facehoof:

Hmmm somewhat curious that Filthy Rich immediately assumes Bruce was abandoned when Bruce says he lost his parents. somewhat mind you having both parents die while their child is young is a somewhat rarer thing but not exactly unheard of...

Wonder if Bruce will be able to get Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon to actually treat their fellow ponies like their fellow ponies.

6083572 Well Filthy did find him sleeping outside in the rain, as time goes by you'll learn more about why he's so willing to take in a lone child. As far as DT and SS, well I won't spoil what I have in mind.

You misspelled a word in the summary. You forgot the 'c' in 'exciting'. 'Exiting' means you're going out an exit.

6083719 Lol exiting chapter:rainbowlaugh: Thanks for pointing that out!

6083663 No I meant his thinking Bruce's parents abandoned him as opposed to Bruce's parents having kicked the bucket and thus no longer being their for him.

6083305 spoiler alert: he keeps living with the butler from the minute his parents die.

6083897 Oh i get what your talking about, yeah that is a bit confusing isn't it. What i was trying to convey more was, Filthy was thinking the community was failing in their responsibility of caring for the fatherless boys. I probably should have worded it differently though.

Wow. The second I read the story for the first time, the second chapter popped up out of nowhere.
I hope to see more good sir!

6086470 That's a funny coincidence. I actually could have had chapter two out sooner but I decided to go watch 'Jurassic World' instead, I'm super glad I did:yay:

the second i saw this i knew this was going to be funny

So if $5000 is a lot of money that would be a Batman from the 60's at the latest. So even if you use the mask from Batman the Brave and the Bold it will be Adam West's voice I will be hearing. Great job on this chapter keep up the great plot line you have going!

I'm enjoying this so far. Carry on good sir. :twilightsmile:

6086738 I know it's a jumble but I love Batman from so many different eras. It would feel wrong to just use the Tim Burton or Bruce Tim stuff. Also now i can't read Bruce's lines without hearing Adam West, thanks allot.:rainbowlaugh:

6086755 Thank you, for the positive reinforcement :twilightsmile:


Yup Adam West is the second best person to ever be Batman. The only person better is Kevin Conrory who did Batman in the DCAU. Adam West just felt better here though.

Batman literally knows every form of marshal art there is and he knows them so well that it is mussel memory...
Gust so u know:raritywink:
Also this chapter is better done and nothing really botherd me anof for me to notess.

Make him beat ponies up :pinkiecrazy: for me:pinkiehappy:

6086933 Hmm muscle memory eh? It might be a chapter or two but i'll work in some foal kicking flank action. :rainbowdetermined2:

6086945 Except that was the muscle memory of the human body, would that muscle memory have converted over to his pony form, and how would martial arts designed by and made for bipeds work for quadripeds?

(To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if this scenario occurred in some comic but I have no idea if such a comic providing such answers exists, if it did I'd wager it would probably be a silver age comic, when things were getting quite silly, and probably would have warranted a Graham Chapman intervention)

Who else read all of Bruces lines with the Christian bale batman voice

6087094 Not saying it will happen but how would you feel about bring in crazy silver age stuff like Bat Cow, or Bat Baby? I think it's a little bit too out there, but hey the story's still in it's infancy.

Bruce: SWEAR TO ME!!!

Filthy: Alright I promise i'll be the father you need.


As crazy as the Silver Age was it could ruin the direction of the story you could be taking. If you are going more silly then yea go for it, but if you are going for the more gritty it would be out of place.

6087247 Yeah i agree completely, still I had a silly idea of Mootilda running around fighting crime with Bruce. One can only dream:facehoof:

You wrote


it's called Gotham.
Besides that, continue with the good work.

6087491 Oops guess I got mixed up:facehoof: Thanks for pointing it out.

"I am glad to be of service, do you need anything before you go to sleep? A glass of water perhaps?"

Now for the one hour version! :trollestia:

6088069 You caught me, I wasn't intentionally trying to reference that song but I did have it in my playlist that day. Guess it snuck it's way into my subconscious.

6087145 Um I was only putting a point on how using muscle memory as an excuse for Bruce's knowing martial arts would be tricky given the fact he has a whole new muscle structure to work with. I wasn't implying adding silver age stuff to be a necessary discussion I simply hypothesized that their may have been a story their that could have given clues as to whether or not Bruce had ever been turned into a quadruped before and how it effected his fighting prowess.


Diamond: i don't know!

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