Bruce Wayne, welcome to Ponyville

by ultronquake

Chapter ???

In a formless void two figures watched the proceedings taking place in Rich Manor. One of the figures was slightly upset, the other filled with satisfaction. "What did I tell you? No matter what Batman chooses to be the hero." said the happy one.

"Well how do you know it wasn't our interference that caused him to decide as he did?" asked the perturbed one.

"I'm sure he would have chosen to fight crime once it actually started becoming a problem. I just felt we needed to get things moving along. By the way, nice work with that puppet, you had everypony convinced."

The grumpy one conjured up said puppet, an all too familiar mugger, now known as the late Winter Chill. "Why thank you, you know I used to use puppets like these all the time a thousand years ago. It's so fun getting ponies to do the most awful things to them and then seeing them become horrified at what they did." He cackled and chortled with glee remembering those heady days, then he paused. "Did you just say 'everypony?'"

The giddy one quickly denied it, "What? No, your just hearing things!"

"You did! You said everypony, not everybody." It dawned on him what was going on, "You're not one of those bronies aren't you."

The other's checks went hot with embarrassment, "Well, well so what if I am? I can like more than just Batman."

"I was wondering why you wanted to bring him to my little corner of the multiverse, but now it makes sense. You're just acting out your own little fan fictions."

"Your not going to stop it are you?"

"Stop it? Tartarus no! I haven't gotten to cause this much chaos since I was released, I love it. But if this is going to continue there is a rule I'm setting."


"Keep Fluttershy out of what you have planned, she's such a delicate little flower."

The smaller one swore to this condition, his fingers crossed behind his back. "Oh I almost forgot, Bruce Wayne chose to become a hero so I won the bet. Pay up hodgepodge!"

The taller one fished out a wallet from the nothingness and pulled out a fresh twenty dollar bill, "Were both interdimensional beings of near infinite power, what do you need with money you little imp?"

"I could ask you the same, but to answer your question It'll make a great souvenir!" He stuffed the bill in his own yellow belt covered in pockets and compartments. "So what'ya say, wanna skip all the boring stuff and get to the action?"

"Sounds like a plan." The being conjured up a comically large television remote and started mashing the skip scene button. When they resumed something seemed different.

"You know I can't quite put my finger on it, but... Did Ponyville always have hundreds of skyscrapers?"

"Oh for ponies sake, we've gone too far forward!"

The rotund one was about to hit the rewind button when it caught his eye, "Not too far, just right, look!" Shining brightly across the sky was a high powered searchlight. Illuminating the black clouds was the silhouette of a bat. "Grab a seat the show's about to start."