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Bruce Wayne, welcome to Ponyville - ultronquake

On his way back from work Filthy Rich finds an abandoned child and decides to take him. One odd thing is the child doesn't have a pony name, Bruce Wayne, the other thing is he says he's not even a pony at all.

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Chapter twelve

Time was rolling by faster and faster it seemed, Bruce felt like he had only just started school the other day, but now they were nearing the end of semester. Perhaps time was flying by faster now that he was in a fledgling relationship, not a day went by where he wasn't spending time with Silver Spoon. He was still learning the ropes about being a boyfriend, or coltfriend as it were, either way he couldn't be happier.

Dimple had taken Bruce's advice and joined the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the things they were trying made Bruce's wild ride with them seem tame in comparison. But it was just what he wanted, Dimple was getting close to Apple Bloom and the little bit of affection that was growing seemed to be the tonic he needed.

There were other events going on too, a representative of the Equestria Games came to school. She was scouting talent for the flag carriers during the opening ceremonies, the auditions were a blast. The crusaders had their act, showing off what made Ponyville special, the collaboration and friendly spirit from all the pony races.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had an act as well, though theirs was more talent based than the crusader's. With some help from Randolph, the girls had assembled a two pony gymnastics routine. They didn't win the tryouts, Diamond hypothesized it was a biased judge clear and simple. The pony in charge just so happened to be Scootaloo's mentor, guardian and sister, Rainbow Dash.

Regardless of that, the Equestria Games representative Ms. Harshwhinny did see their act and was quite impressed. "If there were a junior league for the games I would have you competing," a high compliment to be sure.

Bruce also got the opportunity to meet Ponyville's resident princess, Twilight Sparkle. She was holding some kind of skill training sessions at her home and everypony willing to learn was invited. Needless to say his sister and fillyfriend were more than exited, the whole time they kept asking questions about being an alicorn and what it's like being a princess. Twilight seemed to take it all in stride, humbly replying, "Really, I'm no different than anypony else."

Bruce used his time there to try and learn about her excursion to the human world, to find out what she knew. But whenever the subject got brought up it would immediately turn to the subject of some doofy sounding guy named Flash. So that line of questioning turned out to be a bust, at least Bruce got some pretty good nachos out of it.

After that it was crunch time, Ms. Cheerilee gave out the final exams to all the students. A test to see how much you have retained over the past half year. All the pointless factoids about which Wonderbolt captain introduced bellbottoms to their uniforms, in what year did Starswirl the bearded create the amniomorphic spell? All somewhat useless trivia, yet their retention of it would mean the difference between passing on to the next grade or being held back.

Everypony offered to help Diamond prepare, but to their surprise she refused them all. "If I'm going to pass I need to know it was me, not any of you interfering." Diamond had said with pride. With some hesitation Bruce let her go it on her own, the entire time he worked on his finals he couldn't help but feel nervous. But to everyponies surprise Diamond Tiara aced her finals. It truly was a testament to how far she had come in those few months.

As a reward for all the hard work, Filthy arranged a treat for his children. "You don't know how proud you've made me today. Seeing you put so much effort into your education, it helps put my mind at ease."

"Well I'm just glad it's over, it's no fun having to cram tests all week." said Bruce.

Filthy nodded in agreement, "I can appreciate that, in a way that's my job. Constantly having to learn about new products that vendors want to sell in our store. Well, you'll learn about that the hard way once you’re old enough Bruce." He chuckled as he pictured Bruce sitting behind a desk doing paperwork, somehow that didn't seem right. "Anyways, as a reward for all of your hard work, I've got a little surprise for you."

"Ooh is it a kitty?" Diamond asked hopefully.

"Ah, no kitty I'm afraid," her face went all pouty. "I talked with the manager of the theater and we're all going to a private screening of the new Zecoro film before it even gets released."

Diamond perked up a little bit, "Can we sit anywhere we want?"

"Anywhere you want princess." said Filthy.

"Yes! Royal box here I come!" Diamond said with a hoof pump.

Bruce had a request too, "Dad, could I bring Silver Spoon with me?" He was a little shy about it, seeing as he hadn't exactly told Filthy they were dating.

"Hmm, yes I don't see why not. Bring your fillyfriend, make a date out of it." said Filthy.

Bruce was stunned, "Y-you mean you already know."

"M'boy, it's rather hard not to notice when a pony is in love. As a matter of fact, looking at you reminds me of when I first started courting my Screwball." Filthy ruffled his son's mane, "Enjoy your youth son."

Bruce emphatically thanked him and ran off to the telephone, a few rings later she picked up. "Silver guess what!"


The Ponyville movie theater was a relatively new establishment, it even still had carpets that weren't sticky. When the four of them arrived the manager was already waiting outside for them, "The theater is empty as you requested Mr. Rich, and I've also turned all the arcade machines onto freeplay mode in case the kiddies want to play." The manager was dressed in a something resembling a bellhop outfit, he wore a little red fez to match.

"Good job Reel Deal, is the film all ready?" asked Filthy.

"It's all set, I can start it up anytime you like." said Reel.

The foals knew what’s what, Diamond went straight for the claw machine. No longer would that plush kitty evade her, this time she had unlimited tries. Bruce and Silver took to the concessions counter, greedily eyeing the sweets behind the glass. Reel Deal took his place behind the register, "Anything I can get for you two?"

"I want a box of jelly foals, a large bag of popcorn and a cherry cola. What about you Bruce?" Silver asked.

Bruce couldn't help but drool a bit, "Can I have some of those salted caramels?"

"Certainly," Reel got the candies, poured the soda and filled up the largest popcorn bag he had. "Here you go."

"So how much do I owe you?" asked Bruce.

Reel shook his head, "No charge, everything's free tonight."

"Really? Why's that?" asked Bruce.

"Don't you know? Your father financed the construction of my theater. If not for him I'd never have been able to raise the funds." said Reel.

Filthy stepped up behind Bruce, "Nonsense Reel, I'm the lucky one for stumbling on you before anypony else. The tidy profit you’re turning in is proof enough of that."

"He is exaggerating, without your father's assistance my dream would never have become a reality. I am eternally grateful, so anytime you kids want, talk with me and I'll get you in for free." Reel gave a little bow.

"Thank you Mr. Deal! Come on Silver lets go find our seats." Bruce was tugging her hoof, pulling her into the theater.

"Sorry princess, looks like your game will have to wait." said Filthy.

Diamond didn't seem to notice, her attention was solely on the wobbly claw and the plush black kitty. 'You've slipped out of my claw too many times. But you've met your match!' With a press of the button the claw descended, its three teeth wrapped around the torso of the stuffed animal and it rose. At a snail’s pace it rode it's rail till it was over the chute, Diamond's heart nearly stopped when the toy landed on the glass wall, halfway to freedom.

"Your mine!" she shouted punching the machine until the kitty fell into the prize shoot. Will glee and pride Diamond paraded around her bounty.

"Good show princess, can we get to watching the movie now?" asked Filthy.

"Fine," said Diamond.

Reel escorted everypony into the screening room, and Diamond into the elevated box seats that were normally reserved for royalty or V.I.P.'s. "Hey Silver, let's sit up front so we can see all the action." said Bruce.

"Actually I need to sit towards the back, everything gets blurry if I'm too close to the screen." Silver said apologetically.

Bruce gave a little peck on her cheek, "I don't care where I sit, as long as it's next to you." Her cheeks went beet red, Bruce, Silver and Filthy all took seats a few rows from the back, Bruce was sitting in between them.

After a minute the projector flickered on and musical fanfare emanated from the speakers. Galloping across the screen in glorious black and white came the masked vigilante Zecoro. He was deft with a sword and cunning in the way he moved, fighting to protect the oppressed from their oppressors. It was clear Filthy was enjoying himself, "Bruce did you see that? He just cut a Z into the villain’s shirt!"

"Uh huh," replied Bruce.

"This is so much fun, you know I used to read the Zecoro comics back when I was your age. I think I still have them all locked away somewhere. Maybe we could look for them after-" He stopped himself as he saw Bruce was too busy necking with Silver Spoon to pay attention. "*Hmm* I guess I'll just watch the movie then."


After the movie all in attendance were feeling worn out, watching two hours of fantastic stunt work was quite exhausting. Now it was time to head on home, "Can we walk you home Silver Spoon?" asked Filthy.

"Thank you Mr. Rich, I had such a wonderful evening," Silver said while nuzzling Bruce. "I think if we cut through this alleyway we'll be on my street." The alleyway she was pointing to seemed to be right, indeed Banks street could be seen on the other side

The four trotted through the alley, careful not to step in the dirty puddles. It was pretty dark, the only streetlight was on the other side thus the entire causeway was filled with shadow. Halfway down a clinking sound was heard, a glass bottle slid across the cement, hobbling out after it was a dirty looking tramp. "Hey mister, can I trouble you for a drink?" he said in a slurred voice.

"Sorry chap, I can't help you with that. I can point you to the nearest rehab center though," said Filthy.

"No drink? That's a shame, I think I'll help myself to your jewelry instead." This time when he spoke his words were clear, and icy. A metallic click was heard, backed up by a glint of light reflecting off the distant streetlight. This pony had a knife.

"Girls stand back!" Filthy ordered as he took up a defensive stance.

This amused the criminal, "Oooh real threatening, a middle aged businesses pony." He jeered, and in one swift motion he swung his hoof striking Filthy in the gut. He reeled and stumbled and spattered. The thief turned his attention to the foals. "You two, not a sound or I'll actually use this bad boy."

"Daddy," Diamond cried out.

He walked up to her, tore off her tiara and sloppily placed it on his own head. "What, you don't like the look?" Diamond didn't reply, she only whimpered in fear. "How about you sister, maybe I need some pearls to complete the look." Next he walked up to Silver Spoon, she could feel the cold steel on her fur as it sliced her necklace. Several pearls dropped to the ground, he didn't even bother picking them up.

"Thanks again for these generous gifts, but I'm afraid I'll have to be leaving now." Slowly he started backing up, not at all noticing the colt that was standing behind him. That proved to be his undoing, Bruce used the brick wall to plant off of and did a leap onto the robber's back, knocking him off balance and slamming his face into the ground. "Mother B#@*er!"

Quickly Bruce stole the switch blade from him and threw it away, it danced across the cement like the bottle until it slid under a dumpster. "Dad can you help me hold him down?" With some effort Filthy pulled himself up, and walked over to his son and the thief.

"We're not going to hold him down Bruce, we're going to lift him up." Filthy slipped his hoof under the thief's shoulder and hoisted him back onto his hooves.

"What are you doing?!" Bruce demanded.

The thief was still wobbly on and could barely stand, "That's a pretty dumb mistake you just made. I could kill you right where you stand."

"But I don't think you would, even if you still had that knife of yours. You could have just as easily stabbed me but instead you punched me. And you didn't lay a hoof on the children. I'd wager it's because you still have a conscience." said Filthy.

"Shows what you know, I just don't like having to wash blood off my clothes." the thief jeered back.

"Is that so? Though I doubt you've washed those clothes of yours in some time." Filthy commented, indeed the thief's garments were grungy and ill smelling.

Bruce was busy returning his sister's tiara and what remained of Silver Spoon's necklace. "Dad shouldn't we be getting the police to arrest this guy?"

"Constable Oats lives his life by the law Bruce, and the law can be a harsh mistress. What is your name?" Filthy asked.

The mugger squirmed, as if a simple question like that was making him uncomfortable. "My name's ... Chill."

Something changed in Bruce, it was like he could suddenly feel his arms and hands once more, and they were balled into fists. "Bruce are you alright?" Silver Spoon asked, she gently caressed his cheek.

"Chill I'm going to give you a chance to pick your life out of the gutter, a chance to make yourself a better pony."

"Why?" Chill asked.

"Because we all need to grow together, nothing is gained by keeping ponies at the bottom of the ladder. In my opinion it's detrimental to the growth I want for Ponyville." said Filthy.

Bruce was getting more and more disturbed, flashes of his parent's murder filled his mind. "Bro what's wrong, you’re getting all weird again." said Diamond.

"What can I do? With my history nopony in their right mind would hire me." said Chill.

"I own several business here in town, if you give me your word I'd give you that chance you need." said Filthy.

Strong emotion was clearly evident on Chill's face, "Alright you have my-" His deceleration was interrupted by a brutal punch strait to his right eye. Once again Chill found himself kissing the canvas, standing above him was Bruce, his nostrils flaring with rage.

"Bruce! Why did you do that? He was starting to turn around." Filthy said, noticeably perturbed. But Bruce didn't respond, in fact he didn't seem to notice his father's words.

"Bruce?" asked a worried Silver Spoon. With heavy stomping hoofsteps Bruce went to Chill and punched him again. This time it drew blood, a small trickle of red came out from his nose. In a span of a few seconds Bruce sent blow after blow, with what strength he had left Chill tried blocking the onslaught but he couldn't stop them all.

"Daddy stop him!" Diamond pleaded.

"Bruce why are you doing this?" Silver cried.

Filthy stepped in to stop the brutality, gently wrapping a hoof around Bruce's neck and pulling him off. He still seemed to be in a crazed state, breathing heavily. Chill however was much worse for wear, one look at his muzzle was enough. Everything on his face was turning blue and purple, and quantities of blood were seeping out of multiple lacerations. No longer attacking Bruce gave way to tears, he was muttering something but it was barely intelligible.

To the side Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were huddled together, shocked and appalled by the sight of what Bruce had done. Filthy was brushing his sons mane saying, "There there." Anything to calm him down. "Princess I think now we should call the police. Can you get Reel to do that?"

Diamond ran off back into the theater, Silver stayed behind, opting to try and comfort Bruce. "Bruce why did you do that? That isn't you."

Through the labored breathing and tears he replied, "Why did I do that? Why did he kill my parents? Why did you kill my parents!?" Bruce got up again ready to go to town on Chill's face once more. Filthy and Silver Spoon quickly held him back, even if what he said was true they weren't going to let him act out this brutality.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Bruce demanded.

"Bruce how do you know he killed your family?" Silver Spoon asked.

Writhing in her grasp he replied, "His name is Chill, a man named Joe Chill shot my parents right in front of me in Gotham."

A bit of coughing signaled that Chill was still in the land of the living, and apparently he was conscience enough to hear what was going on. "Sorry kid, I never killed nopony. And my name ain't Joe." He was still too weak to rise but he still spat out a mouthful of bloody saliva.

Wailing through the air came the sound of sirens, the police were nearby. Filthy had to think fast, his son had just committed a grievous crime, he was going to have to use every last favor Oats owed him. Soon enough Constable Oats, Deputy Bulrush and Diamond Tiara all crammed their way into the narrow alley.

Bulrush was a squat unicorn, slightly obese and dressed in a less formal version of the uniform Oats was in during the funeral. In his mouth he chewed on a toothpick, "Sweet Celestia, look at this chump. He looks like he got hit by a stampede." commented the gruff police pony.

"Your son did this?" Oats asked in disbelief.

"My son was under the impression this was the pony who killed his parents," replied Filthy.

"*Phfowa* Damn, he sure knows how to dish it out. But even if it is true, this is some vicious assault and battery. I'm going to have to bring him in as well as your mugger here." said Oats.

Now came the hard part, Filthy had never tried anything underhooved with Oats, he respected his character too much for that. Well there's a first time for everything. "Oats you know what goes on in Equestria's prisons, you know what they'd do to a kid like him. Can't we just bury this?"

"Filthy, I'm not a fan of how our correctional system works either, but the law is the law. Besides... your thug over there has rights as well." said Oats.

"Eh boss, I think the only right this guy has now, is the right to a proper burial." Bulrush was pointing to Chill, who now was eerily still.

"What do you mean? He was just talking before you got here." said Silver Spoon.

Using his horn Bulrush lifted Chill's head, revealing a nasty wound on the back of his skull. "I'd wager pugilist boy did this one of the times he knocked him to the ground."

The severity of what he had done struck Bruce like the underground train in Gotham city. 'I k-killed someone? God have mercy on me, what have I done?'

"There's nothing for it Filthy, I'm going to have to bring him in." Oats said as he readied the cuffs.

In his panic ridden state Filthy's own words echoed back to him, 'Chin up Bruce --- I'll finish what you can't.' This sin't how he pictured this family outing ending, not in the slightest. "Oats you can't arrest him, I'm the one who beat Chill. He came at my family with a knife, I stopped him the only way I know how."

Constable Oats looked at Filthy's perfectly clean hooves, he looked at Bruce's bruised and bloodied hooves. "I see. You do realize what your getting into? Depending on what the D.A. chooses you could get charged with murder in the first degree. Even if he pursues ponyslaughter, you'd still be going to prison."

"Daddy no! Don't do this!" Diamond pleaded.

"Hush princess, It'll all be fine." Filthy assured her, he then held out his hooves in surrender. "Please Oats, if our friendship means anything, arrest me for murder."

A a pained look spread across Oats' brow, "Bulrush?"

"Yeah boss?"

"Please note in the report that we were misinformed by dispatch. Upon arriving at the scene the true perpetrator confessed. You got all that?" asked Oats.

Bulrush nodded yes, "You want me to cuff him for you?"

"Yes, yes please." Oats hooved off the cuffs with tears in his eyes.

"Oats can I trust that you'll get my children home safe?" asked Filthy.

"Yes Mr. Rich, you have my word." He took a big gulp, "Bulrush take him into the station, and into a holding cell."

In his gruff yet polite manner Bulrush ushered Filthy into the back of the police stagecoach. Once he was securely locked inside the only view Filthy had was through a small reinforced glass window. Burring his feelings Oats took hold of the foals and started ushering them out of the alley. "Come along kids, let's get you home."

Diamond would budge, she broke free and ran to the coach. She banged on the walls and shouted after her daddy. Filthy heard her and his heart broke, he tried to reach out to her but he couldn't. He tried to tell her, "I love you," but the walls muffled his words. The stagecoach pulled away with no lights, no sirens, it was a sleepy night in Ponyville.

Diamond Tiara sat alone under the street light weeping profusely. Bruce as well broke off from Oats' grasp to comfort her, he placed a hoof on her shoulder, "It's-"

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" She screamed, throwing him off. "Don't touch me, don't speak to me, don't you ever get near me ever again! I hate you! You took my daddy away from me!" With that Diamond Tiara ran away, too fast for Oats to follow.

Bruce felt his heart sink even farther, the pony who had been his closest companion his entire life in Ponyville now hated him. 'Oh god what have I done?'


The rest of the way home was horrid, a crack of lightning signaled the oncoming of a late night storm, courtesy of the Cloudsdale weather factory. Silver Spoon was keeping her distance from Bruce as the walked, she was full of conflicting emotions. Soon enough they were in front of Rich manor, Oats knocked on the door and Randolph appeared in his usual nightgown. "Master Wayne, Mistress Spoon, where is Master Rich and Mistress Tiara?"

Bruce didn't answer, he only trudged inside, dragging his soaking wet pelt across the carpet. Silver Spoon tried to say something, "Bruce I-" but the words failed her. Oats began explaining the night's events, much to the shock of Randolph.

Bruce made his way up to his room, not even bothering to get dry before curling up into a ball inside his sheets. He felt somthing pulling on the strings of his soul, dragging him off to sleep, or the depths of hell.


A sickening musk seemed to permeate the air, grey smoke swirled in the dark alleyway. On the ground was a spilled bag of popcorn, soaking up the water in the puddles. Bruce was on his hands and knees, right next to the bullet ridden corpses of Thomas and Martha Wayne, his parents. The tears rolled down endlessly, Bruce was all alone.

This was the same dream Bruce had experienced time and time again. It's contents had haunted him those first two nights in Equestria, and once again Bruce was reliving that awful night. "Is this my punishment? I only wanted to be happy." Bruce cried out, repeating the tired phrase.

"No child, neither God nor man nor pony is punishing you. This is the creation of your own heart." said a booming voice.

Bruce looked around to find it's source, the only thing left in the dream was the specter, the man in the mask. "Who are you?"

The mouth didn't move yet words came out, "I am one whose been watching you ever since you've arrived in my land. And it is time that we talked." Like a man would step through a door, a tall pony stepped through the chest of the specter. She was magnificent, an alicorn with fur of dark blue and a mane of swirling stardust. "I am Princess Luna of Equestria, and we have much to discuss."

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