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After not writing since high school i'm very grateful for mlp and the brony fandom for inspiring me to be creative again. Currently working full time, I write when I can.


(This story will no longer be updated. I may return to these characters in the future, but it will be in individual stories, not in the same format as this.)

(Art created using these fine fellows vectors) http://liggliluff.deviantart.com/ http://hawk9mm.deviantart.com/ http://intbrony.deviantart.com/
An alternate universe where due to a mishap twilight doesn't befriend the regular mane 6 but instead a different group altogether. How will events occur differently without the best ponies? Can twilight still save the day with an even more misfit group? Lets find out shall we.

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If Derpy becomes the Element of Honesty in this story, it will make six active AUs with her as a different Element of Harmony.

Someone already wrote a story like this.

5418590 yeah i just saw. oh well, i'd be more surprised if there weren't already people with similar ideas

Interesting tale so far...

In this story, is Dinky Derpy's daughter or not?

5494815 Dinky is gonna be her little sister, i already have Berry Punch and her daughter, plus I've set up Twilight as Spike's mother figure so having a third character with kids would kind of be unnecessary. But i'm not apposed to the fannon of Derpy being Dinky and Amethyst's mom

Lyra you Bitch! Wel she certainly isn't the element of kindness.

I notice several grammatical errors, and you ahve a tendency to lump dialogue spoken by seperate characters together as well speed through pacing just a tad. you should addressthese problems, particularly with dialogue, its ahrd to seperate who is talking when they're dialogue is put into the same paragraph.

Thanks for reminding me, i was going to go back and fix this stuff but i totally forgot. :twilightsheepish:

"Come on girls we can't let a couple of thousand year old fogies beat us in a race! Let's GO!" Shouted Cloudchaser.

Pretty sure that's not a smart thing to say about your living god-Princesses if they're still within ear...

I can only imagine what Luna would do for punishment.

Odly enough, this reminds me of Twilight Manages to Screw Up More Than Usual Twilight Manages to Screw Up More Than Usual

I still haven't read that story yet, mostly so i could be sure that the ideas i put in my story were my own and not just copying someones work. But i do plan on reading it now that i'm past the Friendship is Magic story ark.

Well, this is.....interesting: someone coming in and flat out telling her that the Gala is a boredom factory from the get-go.

Yeah it is a bit weird, i wanted to have different motivations for the mane six to be at the gala. Being dragged there against your will is pretty different, also not really spoiling much but she'll have a better outlook on the situation by the end of the chapter

I look forward to seeing what happens when Applejack is a secondary character.

Well, you might get there a different way but the destination of "Don't bite off more than you can chew" will be arrived at all the same.

True that, it's also building up to another moral as well. But you'll find out when it gets there.

Ah, well. At least she hasn't made any baked bads....yet. Also, Lyra seems to be the Element of Loyalty.....

Well remember this is all on the day of the Applejack appreciation day shindig, if i'm not mistaken the rest of the mane six's mishaps with Applejack are on separate days. Third chapter Lyra will be demonstrating some real loyalty to Applejack.

Is ignoring Big Macintosh going to become a thing?

Just playing off that joke from 'Pinkie Apple Pie' where he tried talking but they silenced him. I'm not planning on making it a recurring thing.

So.....let's see where this one is headed.

Solution is simple: have the screaming canary threaten Dinky...and then wait for RANDORI!!!!!


Also thanks for commenting on all these chapters, it really helps motivate me when i know someone's reading.

Also Also, i just realized i haven't had Dinky show up yet, i'll have to remedy that in the next story.

I should think that the report will be all about "Don't let your pride get the better of you."

Definitely that could be applied to Twilight here.

I know right, and i'll try to get part three out sooner than later.

Dang it i don't know this new fangled texting speech, :rainbowhuh: 6001794

Also i can't believe i didn't realize until now but i haven't been replying to your comments, just writing my replies on the same page. Sorry if that came off as rude, but i have read each one.

thise story is alsome I hate to see it end but your call. thise story is one reason I read the work you writers do, the if or what happens instead, the atory was inmy top 5. also I had I idea for a story about twight please contact me about that.

6249460 Thank you for the nice comment, I still like the characters I created for this story and it makes me feel better to know that others did as well.

I thought that a lot of great detail went into this, 'could have happened' scenario. I enjoyed reading it.

6285964 Thanks, I did put quite a deal of thought into it. So much so I had stories planned all the way to Rainbow Rocks.

6287389 I like the group of ponies you put together for it as well. Interesting combination.

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