• Published 24th Dec 2014
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Friendship Still is Magic - ultronquake

Twilight Sparkle and her new found allies, Cloudchaser, Berry Punch, Lyra Heartstrings, Lotus Blossom and Derpy hooves must confront an ancient threat in the Everfree Forest. And, you know also do that thing the princess said about making friends.

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Apple Bucking Season: Hallucination

The cycle continued for several days, Applejack would spend the day and night harvesting the orchard with a short diversion to "Assist" somepony with an insignificant problem. She was too proud and giving of herself to refuse. At each turn Lyra would be their to help clean up and apologize on her behalf.

Eventually though, even Lyra had to take several breaks if she didn't want to end up as bad off as Applejack was. During one such break quite allot happened, Lyra read all about when she woke up the next morning.

The Ponyville Gazette

Hero to zero, just like that

It brings great sadness to the heart of this reporter to bring this news to you the public. But lo it is my duty, to say the truth, our fair town's one time hero Applejack has descended down the course of villainy. Recent incidents of her skulduggery include mass food poisoning of half the population, turning law abiding citizens into projectiles aimed at our local library (No doubt due to her hatred of the printed word.) and worst yet she even created a stampede more dangerous than the one we experienced last week.

This reporter is left wondering if perhaps this dastardly apple horse didn't manufacture the cattle stampede as well. Currently Applejack's whereabouts are unknown but a warrant for her arrest has been issued. If you see Applejack or have any clues to where this villain is hiding please report it to the police immediately.

Snake files suit against police force for discriminating policies

The snake arrested in Lew of last week's incident, a mister "In the Grass" is filing a lawsuit against Ponyville's local PD with the assistance of the Reptilian anti defamation league. The organization's founder and only member Fluttershy had this to say on the matter, "This behavior is unacceptable! My client is innocent of any crime, this is just another example of speciesism from the police. If Mr. In the Grass were a rabbit or mouse we wouldn't be having this discussion right now would we?"

The hearing for this counter suit is scheduled for-.


Lyra reread the front page again and again, since the words were static and didn't change she frustratedly threw the paper across the tiny apartment. "Dam it all, Dam it all Applejack! You couldn't have just broken down already, look where your stupid pride has gotten you now." Lyra was unsure what was going to happen, even more unsure if she could help Applejack anymore. Still she had promised herself that she wouldn't give up.

At a high gallop she sped away to Sweet Apple Acres, careful to avoid the black and white patty wagons outside the orchard, waiting to take Applejack away. As she searched the orchard she found tree after tree bare. It seemed the whole 'gall darn' orchard was finished, at least until Lyra rounded the hill and saw the west orchard. That's where she found her, Applejack was too weak even to stand but was still trying to hit the trees with what might she had left.

Rushing over Lyra stooped down to Applejack helping her up, her green eyes rolled around in her head like she lost all control of them. Her mane and tail were full of sticks and mud, even the hat she was so fond of was getting crumpled from getting smooshed several times. Lyra wasn't afraid to say it, "Applejack you look like a total wreck."

Applejack's words in response were garbled and unintelligible, something to the like of, "Ah don't need help."

"Yes you do, just look at yourself girl. You look like your going to pass out, why won't you just stop already?" Lyra pleaded.

"Ah can't stop, not till this is done, not till it's done." Applejack said, slurring the syllables.

"Applejack you've gotten in allot of trouble you know? Half of Ponyville got sick from something you did. Your being selfish you know?" Lyra said in a way like you would talk to a naughty foal.

"I did what?" Applejack was loosing control of her muscles now, her neck rolled around freely.

"If you had just asked for help then nopony would have gotten sick and you would be done already. But you wanted to say you did it all by yourself." said Lyra, the land underneath her feet started giving way and the sky turned a vile shade of red.

"I didn't mean to hurt nopony!" said the weakened Applejack, she started weeping.

"And look at what you've accomplished, over a week and you haven't even finished one lousy orchard! Have you even thought about what's going to happen to your family now? How will you pay for Big Mac's surgery? You can't that's how! your going to lose the farm, Apple Bloom will get taken away! Granny Smith will have to go to the dirty old pony's home! And it's all your fault!" Lyra's kind voice was no longer there, instead it was hateful and wretched. Even her visage was reflecting the spiteful words.

By now Applejack was bawling her eyes out. "No i didn't mean it!"

Lyra started shaking her and the foreboding red sky went away. "Applejack! Snap out of it!"

"Huhbwahuh?" said Applejack.

"What the hay Applejack i just said you weren't looking good then you got all quite on me, then you started crying. Look i know you don't wan't any help, but i'm not going to let you stop me. You're putting you're health at great risk, going on like you are." Lyra said with determination.

"Please help," Applejack said in a whisper.

"I don't care if you don't want it i'm getting my friends and were picking all these fruits for you," said Lyra, who missed Applejack's surrender.

"Ah said! ... please help."

"Oh, good i'm glad you've seen reason. Now all that's left is for you to take it easy. Well that and deal with the angry mob of ponies that's coming for your hide, oh look here they are now!" Lyra pointed to the horde of ponies some with sickly green faces. "Applejack i need you to fake pass out, maybe with a bit of theatrics on my mark, can you handle that?"

"That won't be too hard," Applejack replied.

Lyra was shocked to find Twilight emerge from the group and take her place as the leader. "Hi Twilight, mind if i ask what your doing here? Didn't think lynch mobs were your style."

"This is no lynching, this is justice being served. Applejack has proved to be a danger to all of Ponyville, it is the duty of all it's citizens to see that justice is served." Twilight said in an authoritarian tone.

"Your still sore about the speech you gave, aren't you?" Lyra suggested.

"Yes but that is besides the point," Twilight looked at Applejack who looked back with her bloodshot eyes. "Officer would you please read her rights?" A stout police pony wielding two pairs of cuffs began reading Applejack her rights.

Lyra decided now was the time to step in, "So this is how you repay the most giving pony in Ponyville? Have her locked up in her time of need. When she needed somepony to lean on, all of you lent your problems on her!" She sent accusing glares at each one in the crowd. "She's been working herself to the bone, trying to harvest an orchard that normally takes several ponies weeks. And any spare moment, any shred of time she could have been sleeping she was out helping all of you!"

Her words were like daggers, especially to Twilight who up until this point had no idea of what was truly going on. "Oh goodness, how is she even still standing?!"

"So go on, show her that good old Ponyville hospitality. Cart her off to jail, i hope your happy." Lyra said, putting a layer of disgust in her voice.

As the crowd of ponies still getting over their food poisoning looked on, Lyra gave her signal, a very obvious wink at Applejack. The delirious work horse spoke up. "Excuse me everypony, i have something to say. It's better to burn out than to fade away!" Her voice lilted and she collapsed where she stood, the whole scene played out beautifully. Any remnants of the mob mentality vanished and was replaced with concern and shame over their selfishness.

'Hmm a bit overly dramatic but it seemed to have the desired affect, good going Applejack,' Lyra thought to herself. To help solidify the rouse she ran to Applejack's side. "Applejack Speak to me!" Lyra said in an equally dramatic tone.

But she didn't speak, actually she was hardly breathing. "Applejack! Wake the b*#@ up!" She shouted while shaking her.

"Lyra stop moving her spine! Somepony call the hospital we need an ambulance now!" Twilight said taking control once more.


In a matter of minuets a tall boxy ambulance managed to squeeze it's way through the fields, the paramedic ponies took Applejack away, hooking her up to vitality meters. From the brief glimpse she saw before the doors closed, it didn't look good.

"I hope she makes it," said Twilight.

Twilight and Lyra collected Applejack's brother, little sister and grandmother and headed off to Ponyville's hospital. After a talk with the urgent care doctors the Apple family emerged.

"So is she alright? Please tell me she's going to be fine," said Lyra.

Big Macintosh spoke up, "Ye- er nope."

"Oh no she's dying!" Lyra cried out.

Granny Smith calmed her down, "No she's not dying, but she's suffrin' from dehydration and sleep deprivation. She'll be A-OK after some shut eye."

The little filly Apple Bloom ran up and hugged Lyra's leg, "Thankya for what ya'll did for my sister. We never even knew somthin' was wrong." she said with a shudder.

Big Macintosh rolled his eyes, "Ah knew, but you wouldn't list-" he was interrupted by granny covering his mouth.

"There there young un, we all wish we had seen what was wrong. Whats important now is Applejack is safe."

Twilight had an idea and decided to throw it on them, "Excuse me, if you don't mind could i write a report to the princess on your situation? I think it would make for a wonderful topic," Twilight asked.

Granny shook her head, "I don't see why not."

Twilight thanked them and took a seat in one of the chairs in the lobby. She scribbled out the letter on the back of one of the magazines to be transcribed latter by Spike. It went a little something like this.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today i learned an important lesson, in life there are ponies we depend on. And it may seem like they never get affected by the struggles that we face. But were all in the same boat, and sometimes it's the ponies who everyone leans on that have the hardest time. When that happens we need to be able to recognize the plight their in and help in any way we can.

Your dedicated student

Twilight Sparkle~


After a few days in hospital Applejack made her full recovery, with her mental faculties back in full swing she was prepared to accept any punishment that was laid out for her. Only to be surprised to find that all the charges against her were dropped, it seems a certain aquamarine unicorn was campaigning Applejack's innocence during her recovery.

Furthermore said unicorn organised a work party to finish harvesting the remainder of Sweet Apple Acres and any other chores left undone. With the only portion left to do being the west orchard, the volunteers began. Only to discover with the first tree bucked, an infestation of fruit bats. The multi-colored flying mammals swarmed the volunteers until they had to retreat. In Applejack's absence Granny Smith and Big Macintosh made an executive decision to abandon the west orchard entirely. So, in a way, Applejack could say that she did harvest Sweet Apple Acres all by herself.

Author's Note:

I based Applejack's dialogue and feelings off of my own personal experiences with sleep deprivation/low blood sugar. During such times i get very emotional, irrational and feel guilty about things that aren't my fault, its a very disconcerting sensation.
I had allot of fun writing these chapters, Applejack is pretty close to being my best pony so i appreciate getting the chance to write this story with a little bit more serious tone than the episode.
I suppose that 'Highlander' quote i put in is a bit out of context but whatever.