• Published 24th Dec 2014
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Friendship Still is Magic - ultronquake

Twilight Sparkle and her new found allies, Cloudchaser, Berry Punch, Lyra Heartstrings, Lotus Blossom and Derpy hooves must confront an ancient threat in the Everfree Forest. And, you know also do that thing the princess said about making friends.

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Griffon the Brush Off: Nerd Rage

It was a pleasant afternoon in Ponyville, the sky was clear and the birds were out and about, chirping madly between each other as they searched for food. It didn't really bother Cloudchaser that much though, a calm day she could spend in the park with somepony was just what she was hoping for.

The day was special, being a national holiday most everypony had the day off. What made it even more special was this was one of the few holidays that Ponyville didn't turn into a huge event. Cloudchaser appreciated those the most, no mad rush to get the skies clear before a party. No hassle over if she even wanted to go or not, today it was just her and Twilight.

"Thanks for hanging out with me today," said Cloudchaser who was laying on her back.

Twilight replied through the book she had her face buried in, "Your welcome."

"Yeah it seems everypony already had plans when i asked them," said Cloudchaser.

"All i was planning on doing today was catching up on my personal reading." She motioned to the tall stack of novels behind her on the park bench.

"Looks like you certainly came prepared," Cloudchaser said as she marveled at the amount.

"Mmhm, you'd think living in a library you would be reading all the time. But between my studies and the actual work involved in running the place, i haven't gotten to read anything for fun in ages," said Twilight.

"Mind if i hoof through one of yours for a bit?" asked Cloudchaser.

Twilight lit up, "Ooh this is good, I've been picking out books that would match my friends tastes perfectly. Okay for you, since your into space and all that your probably a syfy pony."

"Don't you mean Scify, syfy just sounds stupid. Besides isn't that the wrestling Chanel?" Cloudchaser derided.

"Oh hush, anyway i brought one of my favorite science fiction books ever just for this eventuality. It's 'The Travelers Guide to the Horse Head Nebula.' This ones the first book in the four part trilogy," Twilight said as she produced the hard cover book, on it's cover was a hoof stuck out in the signal for hitching a lift, there was also a small green planet sticking it's tongue out at the reader.

"Wasn't this a movie or something? I remember seeing ads for it, it looked fu-" Cloudchaser stopped herself when she saw Twilight, she had a look of fury in her eyes.

"Gah! Don't even bring that travesty up! They turned one of the most funny and original stories into a stupid romantic comedy! And they made so many unnecessary changes, like why was Ford Preenfect a zebra? Why was Deeper Thinking a female computer? Why did it look so stupid?" Twilight continued listing off her gripes with the studio adaptation for quite some time. At one point Cloudchaser tried counting how long it was going on but had to give up.

"Soooooo i take it the book is better?" said Cloudchaser.

This broke Twilight from her tirade, "Oh, yes, yes the books are very good." She levitated the book over to her her friend. "Gosh i could probably recite the first chapter for how many times I've read it. You wanna test me see how close i am?"

"This sounds fun," Cloudchaser cracked open the book past the title page to the start. "Alright go."

Drawing from her fond memories Twilight began reciting the book by heart, "Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy-" Cloudchaser cut her off.

"Not even close," Cloudchaser said with a grin.

"WHAT!? Whatya mean I know this by heart. Give me that!" Twilight yanked the book back and read the start.

'when traveling abroad it is always important to pack the essentials, travelers checks, sun screen, extra socks, your towel. After all a pony must always know where his towel is-'

"What the hay is this? It's not my book, although it is strangely similar." Twilight pulled the dust jacket off to reveal it was an actual travel guide.

"Looks like you got pranked Twilight," Cloudchaser said, her suspicion confirmed by the chortling and chufawing coming from the bushes nearby. A curly pink tail revealed who the culprit was.

"PINKIE PIE!" Twilight shouted, she began chucking her books at the prankster.

"Take it easy Twilight, it was just a joke. Besides the movie was actually pretty good," said the hyperactive pink puff ball.

This upset Twilight even more, her projectiles landing closer and closer to Pinkie until she fled. "Big Meany!" Pinkie turned around before she was out of view and stuck out her tongue mimicking the book cover.

"Twilight chill, that's just how Pinkie Pie is. Besides she only pranks ponies she likes, but in your case she just added you to the meany list." Cloudchaser said shaking her head.

"And what does that mean?" asked Twilight.

"Probably an attitude adjustment party," replied Cloudchaser. "Look if it makes you feel any better, it's sort of a rite of passage here in Ponyville to get pranked by Pinkie. Shows your one of us now."

"I guess it was kind of funny, i still want to know where my book is though," Twilight said puffing out her cheeks.

"You know she got me pretty good the other day too. I was working the south side of town when this one cloud drifts in, i go to poof it and it moves away. Any time i get close to it it goes farther and farther, after a while i finally figure out it's got a rope tied around it and Pinkie's flying it like a kite." Cloudchaser started giggling, "Aw but the real fun is when you get to go along with Pinkie on her prank runs. Definitely go if she offers, you hear?"

"Not sure how much fun that would be but i'll take her up on it if she offers." Twilight began picking up her discarded books and returning them to the pile.

"Hey, um Twilight?" Cloudchaser asked rather shyly, "I don't suppose we could just talk for a while, could we?"

"I don't see why not," Twilight said as she dropped her books on the bench. "What do you want to talk about? The weather, well i guess that would be more talking about work for you. How about the Gala or-"

Cloudchaser interrupted her. "Actually i'd like to talk about us, or i guess i mean all of us."

"Alright shoot," said Twilight.

"I don't know, it's like ever since we came back from that castle things have been different, you know? Sometimes i wake up and i feel like i'm in someone else's shoes, like i don't belong where i am."

"Go on," said Twilight, encouraging her to open up further.

"Well sometimes when i'm alone i get to thinking, why was it me there by your side? N-not that i didn't want to be there. It's just i get the feeling it was supposed to be some other pony. Does that make any sense?" Cloudchaser asked as she wracked her mind over the existential crisis.

"No, i get where your coming from. I've been thinking about what the future has in store for us. Princess Celestia took the Elements of Harmony back with her to Canterlot, but not before telling me that we may be called upon again to use them. I'll admit i'm kind of scared of what we could possibly need them for. But if it means taking it on with you and the others i'll do it gladly," Twilight gave Cloudchaser a reassuring hug.

"Thanks, i feel better now that I've talked about it. I just get introspective and weird sometimes," said Cloudchaser.

"It's just a perfectly normal case of paranoia, everyone in the universe has it." said Twilight.


"It's a line from the book. Let's go to the library, i'll lend you my personal copy." said Twilight.

"Sounds good." Cloudchaser brought a hoof to her chin, "So have you ever read 'Sleeper Car to Ursa Major'? It's this really cool scify detective story set in an interstellar railway line!" As they walked and flew off they conversed about great science fiction.

Author's Note:

I love thinly veiling real world stuff with pony. As for the actual Hitchhikers studio movie, I've only ever seen it once back when it first came out. That movie made me so stupid mad i vowed to never watch it again. If you thought the movie was good, then i'm glad you were able to like it where i couldn't.
Have you read 'Night Train to Rigel'? If not give it a chance, the quad-rail series of books are really engrossing and have awesome action and characters.
Are they still calling it Syfy (siffy), i don't know i haven't had TV for years.