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Friendship Still is Magic - ultronquake

Twilight Sparkle and her new found allies, Cloudchaser, Berry Punch, Lyra Heartstrings, Lotus Blossom and Derpy hooves must confront an ancient threat in the Everfree Forest. And, you know also do that thing the princess said about making friends.

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Kindred Spirits

*Author's note. I know it's off putting how i portrayed Lyra in these chapters but trust me it does get better latter on.*


Cloudchaser was sitting at a table at the cafe, sipping on a cup of coco. Her feathered mane shifting as the gentle breeze blew on. Her violet eyes caught a glimpse of sunlight through the clouds, clouds she was aware of that she would have to deal with very soon.

She always treasured the brief amount of time she had to herself before her afternoon shift as weather manager started. Unlike her co-worker Rainbow Dash, she couldn't clear Ponyville's skies in 'ten seconds flat.' By no definition was she unskilled, but everypony kind of pales in comparison to 'Little Miss awesome' herself.

'Well where i'm beat in speed, i'll win in work ethic.' She thought to herself.

A statement not unfounded, Rainbow Dash always confident in her abilities can be found napping the day away only getting up to do her job when somepony starts complaining that the dense layer of fog was supposed to be out of town before sunrise.

"OK maybe i'm being a bit mean. She is pretty good at what she does... it's just a little disconcerting when your putting all your effort into doing a good job and somepony else can do the same job 20% easier and get all the attention." Cloudchaser mused to herself.

As she nursed her coco a small group walked up to her table. "Excuse me, are you the pony in charge of the weather here in Ponyville?" Said the groups leader, a unicorn with a distended stomach.

"Well i am in a few minuets, my shift starts at one. The pony in charge now is Rainbow Dash, she should be over in that direction you came from." said Cloudchaser, pointing the opposite direction.

"I know." The unicorn said with a we are not amused tone.

"What did Rainbow do?" Cloudchaser said, starting to get concerned.

"Well when i went up to talk to her she took one look at me and started cracking fat jokes." said Twilight.

This wasn't surprising, but still upsetting. "I can't believe her, I mean i know she's immature but making fun of a pregnant mare. This is low even for her." She was going to have some pretty scathing words for Rainbow Dash after this.

The innocent statement produced quite the reaction in her companions.

"BWAHAHAHAHA!" Derpy and Spike exclaimed falling to the ground, the laughing going on for a good minute.

Twilight's face went red.

"I cant believe you ponies, she's this far along in her pregnancy and your laughing at her. Try and Imagine how she's feeling right now! Body image is very important to any mare and you two are not helping." Cloudchaser said while glaring at the dragon and walleyed flier. This silencing the uncontrolled laughter.

She then put a hoof on the now fuming Twilight's shoulder and said with a reassuring tone. "Look don't pay them any attention, your still beautiful."

What followed was unexpected, instead of calming down, the unicorn let out a loud angry groan.

"What's wrong Twilight? Going into labor?" said the dragon snickering to himself.

"That's it, your going down!" she said her horn began glowing, the dragon which was still chortling soon found himself being pulled through the air and dropped in the river.

She then faced Derpy Hooves, sending accusing looks in her direction. "I'm with her you look beautiful!" the cross eyed mare said looking like a scared filly.

"Fine you live... for now." She said through gritted teeth. Now she turned to Cloudchaser. "And for your information, I'm not pregnant i just visited Sweet Apple Acres."

Now this is starting to make sense, the Apple family is generous to a fault, that fault being not taking no for an answer. 'I remember the first time i set foot on their orchard they gave me a tour of the place and force fed me an entire apple pie. From the looks of it, this poor girl must come during a family reunion.' she thought

"All i said is 'My name is Twilight Sparkle and i'm here to supervise the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration.' And then orange one started introducing her dozens of cousins and second cousins, and then there was the food, i mean it's not like i hate apples or anything like that but come on that's all they had!" She gasped in some air. "And it never stopped, the extended family and pastries kept coming and coming! Eventually they started some competition on who could come up with the best farm simile, then Derpy and Spike managed to sneak me away." The long tirade over she found herself short on breath.

"So i'm guessing you now need the skies cleared?"

"Yes, Yes i do." said the exhausted Twilight.

"Alright you sit down and rest for a bit and i'll get this done as fast as i can." said Cloudchaser.

"Thank you! Finally somepony who's reasonable around here." She said while taking the seat opposite of Cloudchaser.

"Derpy would you mind helping me out? There's a lot of sky to cover." Her fellow Pegasus nodding yes, not particularly wanting to be around the still mad Twilight.

The two flew off and began eliminating the rouge clouds that littered the Ponyville skies. Cloudchaser opting for a controlled method, working an area till it was clear then moving on to the next. Derpy on the other hoof had a much more fun method where she got on top of a thunder cloud and hopped on it sending bolts of lighting shooting out and evaporating the other clouds.

The two continued working on their task as Twilight watched on bellow, drinking an oat smoothie the waiter had brought. This being the first bit of calm she's had in a few hours, Twilight finally had time to further examine the book. Cracking it open again, she turned to the bookmark she placed before leaving Canterlot. Scanning the pages for something that might of evaded her gaze last time proved fruitless. It was just as vague as it was last time, as much as she hated to admit it to herself, Spike and Princess Celestia may be right.

"Oh I've made such an ass of myself again, no offence." She said to the donkey sitting at the table across from her. "Hmm none taken" said the well worn donkey in a slow melancholy tone.

Out of sight from Twilight was a lonely cloud a few feet above the ground. On it slept a blue mare with a technicolor mane. Flying solo Cloudchaser came across this sight and a wicked smile came across her muzzle. "Well Twilight did say she needed the skies clear." She got up close to Rainbow's ear and sung. "Non, rien de rien. Non, je ne regrette rien." with the last syllable she punched the cloud beneath the sleeping mare and she began falling. Cloudchaser quickly making her exit laughing the whole way, leaving a startled Rainbow Dash in her wake.

"Well i'd better apologize to Spike, he's been supportive of me all day and i repay him by tossing him in the river. He may be inconsiderate sometimes but he didn't deserve that." She got out of her seat and trotted over to the riverbank. Spike was sitting with his feet dangling in the water, a pouty look occupied his face. Twilight sat beside him, without saying anything she pulled out a blanket from her saddlebag and wrapped it around her friend.

"Spike i'm really sorry, you've been nothing but good today and I've been a huge pain with my crazy Nightmare Moon ideas. I got so wrapped up in what i thought was important i think i lost track of what i really care about." She said while moving an arm around the baby dragon, pulling him into a warm hug.

"*Sniff* Its alright Twi*sniff*light i know you didn't mean anything anything by it." Twilight thought for a bit before responding.

"It's OK Spike, you can cry i don't mind." Twilight said in a motherly voice tightening the hug.

"I'm not *sniff* crying i think i got a *sniff* cold."

"Well in that case your off your feet mister." Said Twilight Levitating her friend, this time to her back.

Twilight trotted back to the cafe just as the two pegasi finished with the clouds. "Thank you ... you know i didn't get your name yet." Twilight said in a surprised voice.

"Wow, that was rude of me, my name is Cloudchaser good to meet you Twilight Sparkle, and sorry for making you uncomfortable calling you pregnant." she bashfully reached her hoof behind her head.

Twilight smiled and then turned to Derpy. "And sorry for getting mad at you, you didn't do anything wrong. I've just been taking my frustration out on other ponys. Do you think we can .. start over?"

Derpy looked like she was giving the matter some thought before answering. "No need." she replied cheerfully. "Everypony get's stressed out sometimes, and i probably wasn't helping the situation any by laughing at your fatness." she said while flashing a coy smile.

Twilight thought about getting angry but instead decided to find it funny and let out a giggle which was soon returned by the three others with her, even the sad donkey at the cafe was heard giving a solitary chuckle.

"Well if all the weather problems have been dealt with i suppose we'd better be getting along to the other ponys on the list. We still have musicians and the decorators to visit before tonight."

"I think i can help you out some, last i checked the music was being done by Fluttershy. Your really gonna like her, she's a bit standoffish but she's nice and friendly to everypony." Said Cloudchaser with a smile on her face.

"That sounds great! Hey we gotta run but can we talk some more at the Celebration?"

"Sorry i wont be there." This brought a frown to Twilight's heart. "I'll be home observing some strange celestial movements that have been happening recently." Twilight's heart frown went upside down.

"Your into astronomy!?!" she said closing the gap between them.

"Yessiree, I've been watching the night sky since i was a filly. That's what this bad girl is all about." She said while pointing at her flank. The cutie mark occupying that space was of comet rushing by, leaving a trail of stardust in it's wake.

'OMYGOSHOMYGOSHOMYGOSH! not only is she really nice but she likes astronomy too*SQUEE*. Alright Twilight keep calm, you don't want to scare her off, just try making small talk.' she thought to herself.

"So you said there's been unusual movement recently, what kind of movement?" asked Twilight.

"Well over the past two months I've been noticing a team of four stars converging on our moon. This convergence is happening tonight so i'm looking forward to observing this aliment for as long as i can." said Cloudchaser.

This new information changed things, and not in a good way. Stars don't move on their own, this Twilight was sure of. While weighing less than the sun and moon that Celestia moves each day their mass is still massive. It would take a unicorn of immense magical power to even affect the station of a celestial body let alone move four. But this does confirm one thing, the books weren't wrong. Nightmare Moon is coming tonight.

"Cloudchaser can you do me a favor tonight?" all the joy from their previous conversation leaving her face

"Sure thing Twilight."

"If anything strange happens in the sky tonight, come find me." Twilight looked up into the sky as if trying to perceive the stars beyond the blue veil of daytime.

"Come on Derpy, Spike, we have allot to do before tonight."


The group trudged along through Ponyville, the clear skies a testament to their success so far. Leading the pack was Derpy Hooves, her wild blond mane rustling in the breeze. As they walked, she was narrating a tour of town, pointing out the landmarks of town and going into their significance.

To her right and slightly behind her walked Twilight Sparkle carrying the ill dragon child on her back. She was very aware of her surroundings, taking in all that Derpy was saying but unable to give it her full attention.

They soon found themselves hearing the sounds of melodious birds. Their song seemed to be comprised of many different species, yet they harmonized into one beautiful symphony. Three stood in place not wishing to even disrupt the music with a hoofstep, whomever led this chorus was a musical genius of some sort. Taking a few steps they could see though a clearing, in midair there she was. A light yellow Pegasus with a long silky pink mane, she appeared to be leading this flock of birds resting on a willowy branch.

The whole image was like a piece of bliss, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. "*Cough*HACK*WHEEZE*" Were the sounds escaping from Spike. "Aww, you poor little guy, here let me take him for a while and you go talk to her."

"Thanks Derpy." Said Twilight as she levitated him off her back and onto her friends'. "I'll try and keep this brief little guy." She said while patting Spike on the head.

This taken care of Twilight walked up behind the mare. "Hello!" The response was immediate, the angelic Pegasus bolted ten feet in the air letting out a quite started "Yelp" her choir equally started flew off in every direction.

"Oh i'm so sorry, i didn't mean to frighten your birds. I was just admiring them, you see i'm here on behalf of the princess to check on the preparations." Twilight beamed a warm smile and the Pegasus landed, her warm glow that was there only a bit ago when she was conducting gone. Replaced by an aura of nervousness. "My name's Twilight Sparkle, what's your name?" Twilight continued to try and exude a sense of warmth and friendliness, something not easy for the student who spent ninety percent of her time in the library with only the dust bunnies to keep her company.

The response she received was a barely audible i'm fluttershy, further pressing on the matter only proved to make her shrink back farther until air was no longer exiting her lungs to produce sound.

"...Well it looks like your birds are back, and all i really needed was to check on how you sound and that's great so i'll be going now." Twilight turned to walk away only to find a vaguely familiar aquamarine unicorn standing behind her.

Her gold eyes glinted in the afternoon sun hinting at some intention. She walked past Twilight only giving her a quick once over then nodding to herself continued to the bashful mare. "How's it going Fluttershy? I heard your practicing as i went by and just had to say, it sounds great!"

"Aw thank you Lyra that means allot coming from you. I, hope your not mad about not getting chosen to provide the music for the celebration."

Twilight's jaw hit the ground, the tiny Pegasus that was hiding behind her hair a minuet ago due to a simple, what's your name inquiry, was now taking part in a normal conversation. "Was it me? Am i that scary?" Twilight asked herself.

"What me mad? That's silly you silly filly. I don't get mad." Lyra said with a smile on her face her eyelids narrowing. "Besides your a much braver pony than me."

"Really?" Fluttershy asked in disbelief.

"Yes really, i can't imagine me getting in front of the entire town to show off my talents." Fluttershy's eyes began to widen, some of the nervousness returning to her face.

"Well i mean, i'm friends with every pony in town so it's like i'm just putting on a show for friends." She said trying to convince herself.

"True true, but your also performing in front of the most important pony in all of Equestria our very own princess." The panic growing she started looking around frantically, trying to find a way out. "And I've heard she even destroyed her sister because she was late to bring the moon down. I shudder to think what she would do if she heard an off note or dare i say, a voice behind tempo."

Fluttershy turned her attention to the blue jay perched on the willow. 'He was late, what if he choked under the pressure, what if I cant handle the pressure!'

From Twilight's perspective all she could see was a hyperventilating Pegasus and the very familiar unicorn. "I've got to go!" Shouted Fluttershy with tears in her eyes.

"But what about your practice, you need to be ready for celebration tonight." her face content in the knowledge her goal was complete.

"I can't do the celebration, i just can't. You'll have to tell Mayor Mare that I won't be performing tonight."

"But if you don't perform tonight that means it will fall to... me." Lyra's face had genuine worry on it.

"Oh no! Your even more nervous than i am." said fluttershy with selfless worry.

"Well if it means i can take the stress off one of my dear friends, i guess i'll have to learn to cope." Said Lyra with a reassuring smile.

"Thank you, you're so kind." The tears in her eyes now reflecting a different emotion. No longer or sadness and fear the tears now belonged to happiness and relief.

"I am aren't i, you scamper on home and i'll stop in later and tell you how things went." Fluttershy began flying away slightly above ground level, stopping only to wave goodbye at Lyra.

Lyra now turned to Twilight Sparkle and spoke. "I'm guessing it's me your wanting to speak to, my name is Lyra Heartstrings i'm providing the music for the Summer Sun Celebration this year."


Lyra Heartstrings

Author's Note:

You may be asking why i chose Cloudchaser for this story. the answer is simple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhHjY-BFacA
Sorry for making poor Fluttershy cry but it was kind of necessary for the story.
Also continuing to expand on the idea that if Nightmare Moon is mythical then ponies would have different ideas about what happened. Next up is Lyra and Lotus Blossom
Edited 2/16/2015
Fixed grammar, separated dialogue, added in note