• Published 24th Dec 2014
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Friendship Still is Magic - ultronquake

Twilight Sparkle and her new found allies, Cloudchaser, Berry Punch, Lyra Heartstrings, Lotus Blossom and Derpy hooves must confront an ancient threat in the Everfree Forest. And, you know also do that thing the princess said about making friends.

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The Ticket Master: Twenty years of special effects experience

In the library Lotus, Cloudchaser and Spike gathered around the soaking wet Twilight. "What about what?" Twilight asked her companions, responding to their nonspecific inquiry.

"Well for starters, How did you talk with Berry?!" asked Cloudchaser.

The gears began turning in Twilight's head, "Oh right i never told you, I can teleport," she said mater of factually.

"You can move in the space between spaces?" asked Lotus, whose eyes were going wide.

"I, suppose you could put it that way," said Twilight. "Anyways, i left shortly after i went into the bathroom, i had no idea that it would be flooded like that by the time i returned."

"But why did you need to leave in the first place?" Spike said, still calming himself from the incident.

"Maybe it would be better if i just explained what happened after i left," Twilight began recounting her steps after leaving her domicile, the bakery and crossing Lyra's path on the street, and arriving at Berry's home. "We took our seats inside and started talking,"


"What's the matter Twilight? You seem down, care to lay your worries on me" said Berry, sipping from a snifter of muddy brown liquid.

Twilight squirmed in her chair, she seemed to be sinking into the plush. "Well, i just got my tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala-"

"Oh you got tickets as well, that's good." Berry said from inside her glass.

"Yes it is good, or not good. Sorry i'm not making sense am i?" asked Twilight, Berry responded with a wave, beckoning 'go on' "Well the problem is i only have one extra ticket and two friends who want to go to the Gala.

"I take it, they both have good reason to go? They have plans already worked out?" Berry inquired.

"Yes, Lotus Blossom wants to live the high life for once, from the way she was talking that first day we met it sounds like she doesn't get much time for relaxation at all. And Cloudchaser wants to see the telescope that Star Swirl the bearded created that's housed in the Canterlot observatory. I've gotten to see it quite allot during my stay at the castle, it truly is a sight to behold." Twilight was starting to work herself up. "That's why i'm having such a hard time choosing."

The air in the room became stagnant, the only sounds were those of the grandfather clock ticking away as Berry contemplated her response. "I've heard about what they want to do, what i haven't heard is what you are planning on doing."

"How do you mean?" asked Twilight.

"What i mean is, what are you going to the Gala for? Are you going to meet the furry animals? Find your prince charming? Sell merchandise? Show off to the sports teams? Have a party! What is Twilight Sparkle going to the Gala for?" Berry said, leveling her gaze at Twilight.

"Well why are you going to the Gala?" said Twilight.

"I am going to sample the vintages kept in the castle, only open to the public during the Gala. You are evading the question," Berry responded snappily.

Twilight cursed to herself, "I- i don't know alright. I've been so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing i haven't thought about it at all."

"No need to get upset, i'm simply pointing out something important. The Gala is a big event, for some it's the kind of day ponies have been dreaming about their whole lives. It almost seems like a waste to go in without a plan." As Berry said this something clicked inside Twilight's head. "But the Gala isn't for several months so you have plenty of time to-"

The conversation was interrupted by a loud commotion from outside, a peek outside the windows showed the source. A multitude of ponies were circling the Berry house, it seemed almost every resident of Ponyville was here. A low murmur was echoing through the crowd, when one of them caught sight of Twilight through the window the murmur became an outcry. "There she is! The mare with tickets!" Almost immediately the crowd that had been holding a respectful distance to the house was scraping at the door, some even trying unsuccessfully to scale the walls and enter from above.

From her swing set in the yard Berry Pinch looked at the frenzy on her doorstep, "Huh, i feel bad for the ponies who'll get through." She went back to swinging, trying to get higher and higher to get a real good view of the show about to start.

"Get back Twilight! These ponies have gone mad," Berry said pushing her friend back to the wall. "First we need a distraction, then you must get out of here. These doors aren't solid enough to hold them back for long." Rushing into her kitchen she rummaged around for the needed substance, she returned with an industrial size container of coffee creamer.

"What are you going to do with that?" asked Twilight.

"This my dear, is going to make a mostly harmless but very impressive fireball. While their distracted by the fire you'll sneak out the back," She began prepping the incendiary, strapping a simple firecracker and a road flare to the outside of the container. With a match she lit the flare and the fuse, quickly she opened the door and chucked the makeshift distraction as far as she could.

Somewhere in the air about ten or so feet behind the crowd the firecracker went off, rupturing the container and suspending it's contents in midair. The flare did it's job and soon the cloud of beige powder caught aflame, true to her word the fire was very impressive, especially to the small town folk unaccustomed to the wonderful world of pyrotechnics.

"Sweet Celestia! What is that?!" Shouted one of the members of the mob.

"NOW Twilight! Run home and don't stop!" Berry commanded, bracing herself against the door.

Twilight complied, slipping away unnoticed out the back door, she could hear the crowd had accepted the fact that a ball of fire had spontaneously appeared and now were content to return to their assault on Berry's home. "I hope she'll be alright," Twilight said, her worry soon answered by sounds of a scuffle inside the home.

"If you want to get to her you're going through me first!" Twilight could hear berry say, soon followed by sounds of brawling.

"This is such a weird town," Twilight commented to herself.

After a short gaunt she found herself once again outside her home. She was about to turn the knob and re enter when she saw Cloudchaser and Lotus were still standing in the doorway. "Oh, i don't wan't them to think i was leaving to get away from them. I know i'll just teleport back into the bathroom,"

Focusing her mind once more on the bathroom, she used her power again. 'At least nothing can distract me this time.' she thought to herself. in a flash of light Twilight was no longer outside the library, but she wasn't sure of where she was either. It was dark, icy cold and most of all underwater. Panic set in petty quickly, to a novice teleportation draws heavily on your magic reserves, making frequent usage all but impossible. Worse yet Twilight had no idea where she was, she could have landed in some underground grotto for all she knew.

She could hear some sounds reverberating though the water but they were very distorted. Soon came a thud, and another thud, she could feel the water around her begin to move, a few seconds past and an even larger thud was followed by light pouring through a crack that had formed. Soon the crack caved inwards sending splinters of what she could now recognized as parts of her door. Most of the water in the room poured out and down the steps, pooling in the basement.


"And that's when you guys rescued me, thanks for that by the way." Twilight said, ending her recount of the days proceedings.

"Wow, that must have been terrible, being mobbed and then getting locked in the bathroom," said Cloudchaser.

"You should have just let us know you needed time to think it over, neither of us mind," said Lotus.

"I know that now, but i have made a decision. Berry's advise was really helpful, since i don't have any plans it would be a waste for me to go and one of you to be left behind. Because of that i have decided that i'm going to give my ticket to one of you, that way the two of you can go and fulfill your dreams." Twilight said, beaming with pride at her selfless choice.

Her friends looked at her, confused by her decision, " Why would you want to give up a chance like that?"

"Oh i'm sure there will be other opportunities to go, plus i'd much rather make my friends happy than be selfish." said Twilight.

Lotus was still doubtful, "I still would like to be going with you, but if this is your decision then it is not my choice."

"Spike take a letter to the princess please," her assistant obliged, rummaging around for a quill and ink, he then stood at the ready. "Dear Princess Celestia, while i am most grateful for your invitation i am afraid that i will be unable to attend. In my stead i will be sending two of my friends who were not lucky enough to obtain tickets of their own. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle."

The letter was sent, no turning back now. "You have guts, not much common sense but you have guts." said Cloudchaser about her friend.

Only a few minuets after the letter was sent a reply came, this letter was different than the form letter that arrived this morning. This one was embossed with Celestia's personal seal, and written in her own cursive style. "Spike may i have that please?" asked Twilight.

Twilight read aloud, "Twilight if you needed more tickets you should have just said so. That invite was just a generic letter that goes out to everyone. I'd hate to miss out on a chance to spend an evening with my favorite student. I'm enclosing more tickets to the Gala, don't hesitate to tell me if you need more." She opened the envelope further and found two more gilded tickets and a note, 'for you and Spike'.

"That was certainly generous," said Lotus. "Even an open invitation for more tickets."

"I'll say, i wasn't even thinking about going at all," Spike said, an idea popped into his head. "Hey you know what this means don't you? Everypony is going to the Gala,"

"You're right, maybe we could all travel together, aw this is gonna be great!" said Cloudchaser who did a little loop in the air to express her excitement.

"I agree, perhaps we should gather everyone here tomorrow and make the arrangements?" Lotus suggested.

"Sounds good, i'll see you all tomorrow then." said Twilight. They all broke from formation, Cloudchaser heading off to her day job, Lotus and Spike off to the spa and the huge rush ahead of them. Twilight was left alone, she decided to finish the re shelving she had started this morning. A way to spend the new found nervous energy.

Late in the afternoon the next day all seven friends were gathered in the library, "So i'm guessing you got your ticket issues taken care of Twilight," asked Lyra.

"Yes i did, things turned out so much better than i could have hoped for, now everyone has a ticket." said Twilight.

"That is good news. It would be a shame to miss out on the fun, isn't that right Derpy?" Berry said, she was sporting a fresh black eye from the altercation at her home yesterday.

"I guess so, but it doesn't change the fact that i'm gonna get stuck bored out of my mind," said Derpy.

"You know, if you wanted to, were all at the party together. You could always come and hang out with one of us," said Lyra.

Derpy's eyes lit up, "Hey that's not a bad idea, i can't get bored if i'm spending time with my best friends. Now i can't wait to go,"

"Come on everypony let's go have dinner to celebrate!" said Twilight, soon all of them filed out of the library giddily discussing with each other their plans.

"That is going to be the best night ever!" the six ponies said to themselves.

Author's Note:

*Please don't play with explosives kids, just leave that to the Mythbusters.*
The original episode did accomplish some good, setting up five motivations and also setting up the end goal for the season. I just feel by spreading the conflict from Twilight-Apple-Rainbow to the entire Mane six it lost some of it's punch. Still, i did have fun re-watching it, minus that song Pinkie sang :pinkiegasp: not one of her best.
In case your wondering, yes I've already figured out how all the mane six's plans for the Gala will fail miserably.
Up next is 'Apple Bucking Season' so i'll be re-watching that and writing up my plot synopsis during the next few days.