• Published 24th Dec 2014
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Friendship Still is Magic - ultronquake

Twilight Sparkle and her new found allies, Cloudchaser, Berry Punch, Lyra Heartstrings, Lotus Blossom and Derpy hooves must confront an ancient threat in the Everfree Forest. And, you know also do that thing the princess said about making friends.

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Boast Busters: I'm not Trixie, but i play her on stage

Author's Note:

Warning this chapter contains saucy ponies, you have been warned.
I hope i'm not stepping on too many toes with this characterization of Trixie. As much as i love Trixie the way she is, i wanted to try writing her with my own spin. Also not sure if 'Trixianna Lulamoon' is cannon or not, it came from Friends Forever #6, it's kind of iffy between the comics and the show cannon.

Now that the show was over the stage had been folded up, it was just the simply painted wagon once more. Twilight still rough from her landing stood hesitantly outside, "Okay Twilight, you were acting like a schoolyard foal, and you probably hurt her feelings. That doesn't mean you can't try and make things right."

She silently began going over what she was going to say, 'Hello Trixie, i know i don't deserve it but i beg you please accept my apology.' No that sounds too needy.

'Look we both made mistakes and i'm sure if we can look past them we can get along.' No that's just dismissive, i'll just explain how i feel and wish her good luck, that's about all i can do.

Working up her courage Twilight pulled her self onto the tongue of the wagon in front of the door and knocked, "Excuse me, Great and Powerful Trixie? This is Twilight Sparkle, you know, from today. I'm here because of the card." She felt rather awkward as she waited.

Inside the lights were all off, though she could see Trixie's cape and hat hanging on a peg rack. The familiar voice echoed out, "Come in."

Swinging open the door shed a bit more light into the room, all along the room were props from her show as well as other magic paraphernalia, Trixie though was still shrouded in shadow.

"First off i would like to apologize for my behavior today, normally i don't go around dueling ponies or heckling their shows. I was rude and for that you have my sincerest apologies," said Twilight.

The response from Trixie was not what she had expected, pulling on the chain above her the room was filled with bright artificial light. Twilight could see more of the decor, tattered Changeling Brothers Circus posters, a cheap looking wand with a star at the end. And Trixie herself, "Your apologizing? It should be me apologizing, i sent you flying!"

"Wha-wha-wha?" stammered Twilight.

"Usually i only save the floorboard trick for trained ponies I've recruited into the act. You didn't hurt yourself landing did you? If so i'll pay any doctor bills, anything to make it up to you!"

Again Twilight was dumbfounded, "Are you Trixie's sister? Cause your not the same pony from earlier."

This caught the blue unicorn off guard, "Well i suppose i should introduce myself then. My name is Trixianna Lulamoon, and i'm very glad you came here today."

"Wait, so Trixie is just a stage name?" asked Twilight in confusion.

"Trixie is more of a stage persona than anything else. When i'm performing i'm boastful, haughty, and the crowds love me. When i hang up the cape and go home i'm just regular old Trixianna."

"Huh, this is not at all what i was expecting," said Twilight.

"Well i wasn't expecting to come across such a talented magic user like you! I mean that last spell you used, what was that? I couldn't move or anything!" Raved Trixie.

Twilight was blushing, "It's nothing special, all it really is, is a modified usage of the basic levitation spell. I'm sure any unicorn could do it if they tried."

Trixie shook her head vehemently, "No that was really powerful, i tried countering it but i couldn't. Tell me, how long have you been studying magic to get that strong?"

"Just about three years," said Twilight.

It was Trixie's turn to be dumbfounded. "Three Years?! I've been practicing for twice that long and i can't even get past the basics." Her voice fell flat in disappointment at years wasted, striving after the wind.

"Well, the stuff you were doing in your show was impressive," said Twilight.

"It's just parlor tricks, i can't use any of the high level spells unicorns of your caliber use," Trixie sighed heavily.

Twilight could already sense an inferiority complex, she wished Lyra were around she'd probably know how to talk to her. "So uh, why do you go on stage then?"

"I suppose it makes me happy, seeing all of the fans. And it's a chance to pretend to be someone else, you know?" The forlorn tone was gone, Trixie was at least perking up a bit. "Most of all, i wan't to help somepony discover a love for magic. I think if i could do that with my shows then i'd be happy."

"Well those foals up front were really into it," said Twilight about Derpy's sister and her two companions.

"Hmm, i think they were more into 'The Great and Powerful Trixie' than the magic on display," she said with a chuckle. "Say do you know a good place to get a bite to eat? I haven't had any time to look around town yet."

"There's a Hayburgerstm chain that just opened up, that can't be too bad right?" suggested Twilight.

"Alright let's go, it'll be my treat." The two left the cramped living quarters and hopped down to ground level, as she was locking up Trixie remembered one last thing to do. Using her horn she pulled a sheet of paper and a pen, wrote a note and left it on her door.

"What's that about?" asked Twilight.

"It's just a notice saying The Great and Powerful Trixie is out slaying monsters and being amazing.

"Oh, i guess the monster in our case is the 'Haystack Burger' right?" jested Twilight.

This got a rise out of Trixie, "Yes we must save the fair denizens of Hayburgers from the cholesterol monster!"


The Hayburgers establishment was rather bland looking, a brand new thatched roof, walls painted a pleasant dull pink and a lit up sign showing off their name sake the Hay Burger. The interior was just as generically nice, plain wood tables and barrel chairs you would be sure to find in any member of the chain. "There's not much you can say about it's uniqueness but at least the foods gonna be the same quality wherever you go." Offered Twilight.

Behind the counter stood a balding stallion wearing a plain brown V-neck and uniform hat. "Welcome to Hayburger's may i take your order?" said the cashier in a dry, monotonous voice.

Looking over their menu the two quickly decided what they wanted, "Yes i'll have the Haystack combo and a Mountain Mist to drink. How about you Twilight?"

"I'll have the mighty foal's meal, and can i get the Power Ponies toy?" Trixie payed, got their food and they took their seat near the window.

"Aren't you a little old to be getting the kids meal?" asked Trixie.

"I don't want to load up too much before dinner, plus the toy is for my boy Spike." said Twilight as she munched on the bag of tiny horseshoe fries.

"Really? You have a son? How old is he then?" asked Trixie.

"He'll be turning three in a few months." said Twilight.

"Oh i bet he's all rambunctious, that's what my folks said i was like when i was three. So is he a unicorn like his mother?" Trixie asked as she sipped from her caffeinated drink.

"Unicorn no, Spike is a dragon." said Twilight.

Trixie raised an eyebrow, "A ... dragon?"

Twilight couldn't help but laugh, it seemed like ever since she started publicly referring to Spike as her son, she kept having the same conversation with new ponies. "I've been raising Spike since i hatched him, and i legally adopted him last year."

"Well, that's .. interesting. I don't think I've ever heard of dragons living with ponies before." mused Trixie, who then took a bite of her heavily processed food.

"As far as i can tell our situation is unique, at least as far as Eqestria is concerned." Twilight said, she then followed Trixie's suit and took a bite of her own miniature burger. As she did her eyes lit up, like a wonderful piece of her life that had been missing had just been filled. And the best part was she didn't even know it was missing in the first place. "Mhm, Mmmmmmmhhh! Thish ish shoo good!" Twilight messily ate the tiny burger and turned her attention to the one being held by Trixie.

The juicy patty dripped with fatty salty goodness, the crisp lettuce and ripe tomato called out to Twilight. Even the over abundant ketchup was seductive to the unicorn just losing her fast food innocence.

"Twilight? Are you alright? Cause your drooling all over the table," Trixie said out of concern.

"I wan't more," said Twilight.

"What's that?"

"MORE!" With a mad look in her eye Twilight took to the register and demanded one of everything on the menu. As the cashier called out the order, the manager a bright red pony dressed in blue pants and a light blue shirt ran out of his office. After confirming that she could in fact pay for all this, proceeded to tattoo 'I heart Twilight Sparkle' on his chest.

Twilight's food came out, on four heavy duty plastic trays were dozens of burgers, sandwiches, sides and shakes. The aroma wafted off what could conceivably feed a small village for a week.

With a hefty *PLOP* the trays were dropped on the table, Trixie had to sit upright just to be able to see over food mountain and continue their conversation. "Are you quite sure you have enough?" she asked.

"Ha ha, yeah i have enough. Actually this is nothing compared to the mountain of apple products i ingested less than an hour after i arrived in town." Twilight took a massive bite out of the largest burger they had, ketchup stained the area around her mouth.

"Eh you got a little something on your face there," Trixie mimed the location of the mess and gave Twilight some napkins. Instead of using them she unwrapped another burger wiped her face with it and proceeded to devour it as well.

"I think i have a new favorite restaurant," said Twilight as she satiated her stomach. The phrase 'My belly, my god' could be aptly applied to her.

Not wanting the lunchtime to devolve into just a chow down, Trixie thought up another subject she wanted to know about Twilight.

"So i'm curious, what got you into magic Twilight? For me it was when i saw a show put on by Magnifi Gramarye, all the amazing tricks he pulled off, the way the crowd roared with applause at the end. That's what i wanted to be when i grew up, and someday i will. I'm going to have my own world famous show, i'll travel all across Equestria and beyond and thousands will flock to see the Great and Powerful Trixie perform."

Twilight thoughtfully chewed her food and replied, "That's neat, i got into magic when i saw the Princess raise the sun for the first time. After i passed my entry into the school for gifted unicorns i was taken under the wing of Celestia herself, in a matter of speaking." She took another sandwich out of the pile, a pressed daffodil on rye and took a bite.

"You mean your Princess Celestia's student! You must be something really special to have that honor!" Trixie said enthusiastically.

Twilight was blushing again, her cheeks were beet red. "Aw stop it, i'm no better than anypony else."

"Well it kind of stands to reason that you are. Don't hide it, embrace it, i know i would if i were as powerful as you." Trixie finished her portion but was still a bit peckish, reaching over she tried taking one of Twilight's cheese curds, only to find them protected by a magic force field.

"What? I'm just doing what you said." This caught Trixie by surprise, seems like she's pretty humorous. After sharing a laugh Twilight relinquished her fried cheese byproduct and decided to ask another question.

"So uh, how long are you in town for? If you don'd mind me asking," She nervously scratched her head.

"I'll probably stay in Ponyville tonight, then i have to hit the road. I booked a gig over in Baltimare, so it'll take a few days travel," said Trixie.

"Oh," Twilight said with notable disappointment.

"What? You're acting like we'll never see each other again, Equestria is a big place but it's a small world. Plus i can send you a letter when i get there if you like," said Trixie.

Twilight paused from eating the fillet-o-flower sandwhich in her hooves. "You mean it?" She was getting choked up, things had turned out so surprisingly well. Instead of a new enemy Twilight had gained a friend, "Can i hug you?"

Not wanting to make things awkward by refusing Trixie leant over the table and hugged the messy bookworm. When she retracted she found ketchup was all over her belly fur.

"Aw crud, now i'm all saucy!" Trixie said in a huff, pointing out all the sauce coating her, she was indeed a saucy pony.

Twilight had to stop herself from staring, all that delicious ketchup, all over Trixie. "You can go to the spa and get cleaned up just tell Lotus your a friend of mine, i'm sure she'll cut you a deal." She bit her lip and averted her gaze, the seductive call of sauce was almost too much.

"Thanks, i'll be sure to say goodbye before i head off tomorrow." With that she left, leaving Twilight alone with her half eaten mountain. "Stupid sexy ketchup."


Ever since the show ended the little tyke Dinky couldn't stop replaying it in her head. She'd never seen such amazing feats in her life, lasers flying every which way, ponies getting flung high into the air. She just had to talk with the great and powerful Trixie and learn how she got to become so great.

She called out, "Great and Powerful Trixie, i'm a big fan and i wanna learn all about magic and being powerful and stuff!" Dinky expectantly rocked back and forth on her hooves, waiting for a reply, but none came. No lights on inside either, "Darn i guess she's not here."

From Dinky's vantage point on the ground she could see a note on the door but not read it, and with her little legs she couldn't climb up to see it. 'What to do, what to do?' Dinky thought to herself. After some effort she remembered some of her mom's basic magic lessons from when her abilities first started appearing.

"What was it mamma said? Focus on the object you want and imagine it coming to you." Dinky bit he tongue and closed her eyes, in her minds eye she pictured the paper on the door, she pictured it falling off the pin and flying strait to her. On the paper was a congratulation from Trixie herself for being able to accomplish this task, and an invitation to go monster fighting with her.

When Dinky opened her eyes all she saw was white, the note had stuck to her horn and was covering her face. "I did it!" she said with glee. Taking the paper in hoof she read aloud, "The Great and Powerful Trixie is off battling monsters in the Everfree Forrest, leave your message and Trixie will get back to you shortly." On the bottom of the page was a crudely drawn illustration of Trixie bravely fighting an Ursa.

"I knew it! Trixie is so awesome, even when she's not busy she's being great and powerful." She held the paper close to her chest, as if wanting some of Trixie's greatness to rub off on her. "I'm gonna be great and powerful too!" Dinky said with resolve. She looked over her shoulder, back in the courtyard Derpy was still waiting for her to get back from the little fillies room.

"I suppose i should leave a note saying where i'm going, after all the Great and Powerful Trixie did so too." On the back of Trixie's note Dinky wrote her own, after some intense concentration she pinned it back up on the door and snuck away twords the end of town.

'How dangerous could it be? After all my sister made it out fine.' Dinky thought to herself as she stood at the outer boundary of the Everfree Forest, the little grey filly walked in and vanished from view, as if she were swallowed whole.