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After not writing since high school i'm very grateful for mlp and the brony fandom for inspiring me to be creative again. Currently working full time, I write when I can.


This story is a sequel to Bruce Wayne, welcome to Ponyville

Bruce Wayne, respected business pony and wealthy socialite secretly fights crime under the mantle of the Batman. Mystery, action, romance and some lighthearted (and sometimes dark) humor all await you in the pages of Bruce Wayne, dark knight of Ponyville.

Cover art done by the very talented Dori-to on Deviantart. If you like the cover please share some of that love with him, he worked hard on it.

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Oh no Sugar Cube Corner is gone! What happened to Pinkie? Great to see the sequel up and the "new" Batman on patrol!

6329468 All the mane six are alive and well, as time goes on you'll get to see what they are up to.

The 'Bat' shook his head, "But you do have a choice, let me explain." And he did, for several hours.

"A cycle that can only end in tragedy, truly we have been sitting and spinning our wheels. But tell us, what can we do to get out of the cycle?" So the 'Bat' explained it to them, for hours.

Batman should just make his own TV show. He'd be the next Dr. Phill. Only the 'guests' on his show would be ones he catches during his moments of fighting crime. Even bringing in surprise guests like victims of their muggings or family that come in pleading for them to return to them the young innocent misunderstood pony back to them. xD

Loved honest critism they game Bat'man' about his little self-introduction. His reaction was adorable.

6329910 That could be a funny one shot, Batman on public access television.

6329468 I betcha she just scaled up. Has a whole cupcake and pastry empire now, with a Sugar Cube Castle in every major city.

...and also a factory in Ponyville where she brews up and stores all sorts of magical secret ingredients for her recipes.
...which are super dangerous in undiluted forms, and left sitting open in giant vats with catwalks over them just waiting for unsuspecting mob leaders to accidentally fall into.

Actually, though I rather doubt we'll see many "original" batman villains, there are a few which might work:

Like the penguin, for instance. A wealthy family (maybe the Melody's) has a mutant pegasus foal (or griffon) with useless penguin wings, tosses him out, and he gets raised in the Crystal Empire section of the abandoned Ponyville equivalent of Epcot.
Or Poison Ivy. Lots of potential there with various magical plants. Could even be Treehugger after a psychotic break.
Or Two-Face. A changeling who got stuck mid-transformation and can't live in either society.

So many options of where this could go. I look forward to it.

6331028 I go over the reasoning a bit more in the next chapter, him lecturing criminals wont be a thing every time. I thought it would be a funny way to play with expectations.

6331115 I have allot of plans for ponified villains to show up. Most of the major ones and some smaller ones as well. I doubt anyone will be able to guess what 'The Penguin' will be when he shows up.

I can imagine it now, Hardnose Dimple, district attorney of Ponyville." Dimple cringed.


Hardnose Dimple....Harvery Dent...district attorney...Hardnose, nooooooooo! Don't be Two-Face!!!

6332255 I haven't been coy about his role as Two Face in the past so I wont be now. I'll just say it wont be the end of his character when it happens.

You know, commissioner Oats is fine and dandy, but you know what I almost expected? Something along the lines of Commissioner Gourd (first of his family to not be a pumpkin farmer). But puns and wordplay can only go so far I suppose.

6332421 Ooh that would have been good too. Actual his original title is a reference to something non batman related. But you're right Gourd would have been good.

6332089 well, you got me. I look forward to more from you.

The black clad earth pony seemed to grow in stature, as if all eyes in Ponyville were on him. "I am the dark protector of this city, a child born of the night. I am vengeance, I am justice, I am forgiveness, I am ... Batman!"

The black clad earth pony seemed to grow in stature, as if all eyes in Ponyville were on him. "I am the dark protector of this city, a child born of the night. I am justice, I am forgiveness, I am ... Super...I mean, Batman!"

6349339 Yeah my editor said the same thing to me:rainbowlaugh: If you think it's distracting or out of character don't worry. It's not going to be a thing every time.

Well i will love to see bruce suit up, with the new pony bat suit

Oooh, goody. Time for some puns!

Tough Luck
Rotten Roots
Jessie Assault and James Battery (these two work together)
Arson Blaze
Double Dealings
Shifty Shades
Innocent Flower

Stiff Fine
Protect & Serve (they go as partners)
Steel Baton
Long Arm
Bobby Fuzz
Paddy Wagon
Strict Protocol
Vigilant Watch

So...the Griffons almost started a war with Equestria, eh?
I assume this is serious? :rainbowlaugh:
If so, might I direct your eyes to this story!
Guns aren't even needed to defend the Equestrian borders! :rainbowlaugh:
They're defended through fear! Much like the American borders are! :scootangel:

6353827 Thank you for those, I'll definitely have to find a place to use them.

6354153 Think of it like a cold war almost. Both sides becoming more and more paranoid and stockpiling weaponry to obliterate the other.


Reasonable Doubt
Double Jeopardy
Breaking & Entering
Vice Grip
Prime Suspect

Law & Order
Hard Case
Eye Witness

6363257 Thank you very much:twilightsmile:, adding them to the list.

6363257 Copper could be Hard Copper to get that exta name. Son of a plumber and a jewler/rock farmer.

Long Arm
Pat Roll :p [Baker's son]
Even Scale
Needle Work (need a little work, could be criminal) [rookie, rather inept]
Change Course (courser is a horse) [used to be criminal became a cop, parents were banker and an athlete (?)]
Priest Inked (precinct, is there religion in this universe?)

Hood Loom
Coarse Grain
Doll Air
Bound Lath (boundless)[parents were construction or shipping ponies]
Top Dog
Tough Shank (a shank as in a piece of meat or the haft of a tool) [griffon (?) Parent either butchers or hardware store owners]

6379598 Thank you for the names, I've added them to the list.

As far as your question about religion in the story. I'm keeping that in line with MLP cannon. No established religions, but there may be one or two allusions to religious iconography or symbolism. Nothing as blatantly obvious as the Jesus symbolism in 'Man of Steel' It would be subtle.

6387241 I'm not going to have a 'Big bad Harv' situation like in TAS. Instead his turn towards violent behavior will be triggered by the trauma and the horrible situations he and his family faced in the past.

More about it will be revealed as time goes on.

6402831 Yep year one, if I were to put a time frame on it I'd say he's been trying to fight crime for about two to three weeks at this point.

6403186 It'll be a mix of both. As a default half his face will be the insect like changeling, but without thought it will change to reflect the pony in front of him.

Just a heads up the two face ark wont be happening for some time.

6403377 Guess ahead, she's already cast.

6403540 Yes, Apple Bloom will be playing the role of the Poison Ivy character. I haven't gone into the motivations as to why she'll be doing what she does but you can already guess it has something to do with Sweet Apple Acres.

I get it that ponies use hay as a substitute for meat (hayburgers and haycon most notably) but... Hay loaf? Wouldn't that essentially just be bread? (Or at most, herbed bread). I really feel I need to understand the strange intricacies of the workings of pony food. Other than that, nice chapter. Things are moving along steadily.

6424053 Hay loaf is what you tell your friends you ate when you don't want it to sound like you just ate bread for dinner:rainbowlaugh:

6450266 I got the idea from a piece of art posing them as a family. I liked the idea so I'm rolling with it.

6450445 Loving it. Silver just seems more fun the more eccentric her family gets xD

Loved the "Stop trying to change my name!" running gag. That last chapter's ending was interesting, can't wait to see what they're up to.

Also, that "Not like I wanted to have SEX anyways!" made me reel. Love Silver Spoon in this. Though makes me wonder how DT is holding up these days and what is Rich doing. I'm surprise he isn't out to embarrass Bruce more often or stuff where DT is trying hard not to listen to Silver's lack of a sex life with her brother over the phone or something, lol

Been awhile since I've had a chance to comment, but yeah. Still enjoying the readings. Just been caught with the flu lately. Looking forward to the next chapter. :D

6454059 Glad to hear your enjoying the story so far, and don't worry Diamond Tiara is coming soon. Either one or two chapters from now (depending on how I choose to divide up what I have written.) It makes me wish Fimfiction had a way to tag chapters with characters, that would make things much less awkward when a main character doesn't show up until seven chapters in.

I hope somepony knocks some sense into these two sooner rather then later. Batman's rouges gallery can get very dangerous especially with who they just unleashed. It makes me sad that Bruce will end up having to harm his foster mother.

6468569 I'm glad you feel that way. I'll just say that in the next few chapter sense will be knocked into them.

Hardy Dimple's got the chance... two of 'em

He's half-changeling

well, you already have the list I gave you on villains in your last story, so I don't see the point of posting them here.

so Screwball is both Joker and Harley all wrapped in one.

and now comes the plot... what'll it be? poison the water supply? the laughing fish? DISCORD? IN A THONG!?

Well Discord bailed on the Mane 6 instead of giving the final key. Right now I want him to be put back into his prison because he is definitely crossed the line here! Why do I feel that when all is said and done more then a few ponies will know Bruce's secret.

Hm... so in this scenario, Spoiled Rich is like a wayward stepmother? just something in my head considering the new episode.

6524883 I put out a blog post explaining, but I'm not including any retroactive continuity from the series. So regardless of if it was good or bad, nothing from season five or beyond will be considered cannon in my story. I may reference her at some point though.

Great now Batmite is showing his morals. Seriously bring the Joker here is only making things that much more dangerous. Batmite is jumping down a very slippery slope here. I now fear for Silver Spoon because Mr. J does not like competition for the bats affection. Now I also fear The League of Shadows will be showing up with its leader whose name is escaping me at the moment.

This kinda is giving me the vibe of "author-wasn't-entirely-sure-if-Screwball-made-the-best-Joker-replacement-but-it's-too-late-to-change-that-set-up-so-insert-Discord-Ex-Machina". But I'll grant that it is a fanfic thus being (mostly) written as we go, so I can hardly complain about bends in the river when I made the choice to get on-board.

Now we just have to consider which Joker and from when and how many memories he has.

6547918 I will admit that's partially how this came about. Also I came to a realization that I didn't truly want to start having stories with the joker quite yet, but it was too late to go back and change stuff. But I'll just say this ark has been planned from the beginning, it was just supposed to take place way down the line originally.

greaaaat, that'll mean Harley will tear apart the 5th Dimension (mostly by hammering Mr. Mxyzpltk until he gives her access) to go after her Puddin'.

and Honestly, Discord, if you think you can manipulate the Clown Prince of Crime... Joker will stitch you up so much that he'll be Symmetrical

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