• Published 17th Aug 2015
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Bruce Wayne, dark knight of Ponyville - ultronquake

Ponyville has changed greatly in fifteen years, most all of the landscape is unrecognizable. But one constant remains, the ponies. After years of training Bruce Wayne is ready to begin his crusade to save the city he calls home.

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This used to be a place where you could leave your doors unlocked

Ponyville, Equestria. At one point in time it used to be a quaint little burg with a few hundred residents, at one time. But allot can change in fifteen years, for instance would you be suppressed to return home only to find nothing of what once was your home remained? Not the familiar bakery you spent your afternoons in with your friends, none of the century old houses that dotted the lanes. Even the public library carved out of a ancient oak tree, now replaced with a gaudy castle of colored glass.

If you were to look at the promotional material for Ponyville you would be assaulted by slogans claiming it to be the 'capital of friendship.' Ask anypony on the street and they'd give it to you straight, even more so than Fillydelphia or Las Pegasus, Ponyville had become the capital of crime. A city with a higher rate of burglaries, muggings, murders and racketeering than anywhere else in Equestria. How things got so bad so fast is still a mystery. It had seemed like a bright future was ahead of them, the re-building work promised both growth and opportunity for all.

To combat the pervasive lawlessness was the police force, led by veteran officer turned Commissioner Oats. But even a well-trained force cannot stand strong when they're being undermined and overwhelmed. Some would blame the ineffectiveness on the rumors circulating, certain officers being in the pockets of the big crime families.

So it wasn't such a shock when walking down the dead streets to find one or two gruesome sights on your way, malcontents beating a drunk for what little he had, a limp body hanging halfway out of a dumpster. Two criminals sitting high up on the roof of an apartment building, going through the spoils of the night.

The two were the kind of ponies who would often remain nameless, content to remain in the background doing their wicked work until society caught up with them. Once more forcing a name on them, forever associating it with their crimes. Sitting on the lip of the apartment was a wretch of a pony, smaller than average with bloodshot eyes. To his left resting against a vent was the dominant one of the pair.

Stocky and mangy would describe him well, his face looked like a display box at a jewelry store covered in ghastly piercings. In one hoof he carried a designer mare's purse, in the other he held the object he used to obtain the purse. A 'Fetlock Peacemaker' or as everypony prefers to call them, 'Guns.'

The gun was a relatively new invention and already it was revolutionizing the way crime was committed. No longer would you need to sneak up on a target or corner them. With a 'Gun' even the weakest of stallions with ill temper could steal the lives of others in broad daylight. Needless to say that wasn't what the 'Gun' was developed for. At the time of its development tensions were rising between Equestria and the militarily strong Griffons. Should war have broken out it was deemed necessary to have some way for Equestria's mostly grounded army to fight the airborne opponent.

But war never came and the military sold the patent to the Fetlock Corporation, a killing was made on the market. With slogans like 'It's your duty to protect your family. Buy a Fetlock today!' Of course overprotective fathers who bought into the hype weren't the only ones. Both the crime families and police made it standard issue.

The pierced pony twirled his piece, listening to the *Click Click Click* of the rotating chamber. The shrewish thief was beyond nervous, with each *Click* he gave a noticeable twinge. "Why the Tartarus did you point that thing at that kid?"

The other looked at him with contempt, "Do I really have to explain basic robbery to you Rat? Step one, get a 'Gun.' Step two, find some unsuspecting saps and point said 'Gun.' Step three, tell them you’re going to put a bullet in their B*#@ing heads if they don't hoof over their dough. Step four, beat it with said dough." He went back to pawing through the contents of the purse, tossing away junk like old cough drops and used tissues.

"Y-yeah, b-but you still shouldn't have pointed that thing at the kid. That's what Gobbs did before-"

"What d'ya mean? Gobbs got piss drunk and walked off the roof."

The mousy thug shook his head fearfully, "Naw that ain't what I heard at all, I heard the Bat got to 'im."

"The 'Bat'? What are you five? There ain't no freak show that's flyin' round pushin our kind off buildn's." The thug with the piercings took a long drag from his cigarette and tossed it aside.

"He didn't throw him off, he jumped. The 'Bat' did something so awful to him he jumped himself!" a cold creeping sensation was on the two criminals, almost as if they weren't alone.

Piercings shook it off, "Man you're just paranoid, you gotta stop smoking that 'joke' it's B*#@ing up your mind."

"I haven't touched it in weeks, honest. That's why I'm scared, what the Tartarus could he have done to make Gobbs want to do the five story high dive?" the mousy little thief didn't have to wait long for an answer, a menacing shadow stretched out and covered the two.

"You wan't me to tell you?" asked the figure.

To the absolute horror of Rat, standing tall behind them was the fabled 'Bat.' Rumors of him had been spreading through the underground for weeks. Some said he was a vampire pony who feasted on lowlifes, other claimed he was like a ghost and no matter how much you shot him he'd never go down. Picking himself off the ledge Rat screamed, "Oh B*#@, Oh Celestia, Oh Luna!" And turned tail and ran.

Pierce wasn't as frightened, 'So what he's a freak show in a cape. And what a cape it was, long and black, shrouding his entire body. His face obscured by a mask with pointed ears, he did indeed earn the nick name. "You think you scare me?" Pierce asked, the bat didn't answer. Pierce didn't mind, he leveled the Fetlock's iron sights on him and squeezed off three shots. They landed square in the chest, he was sure of it. The bat fell and lay motionless, Pierce turned to find Rat on the top rung of the fire escape.

"Get back over here you p*#@%, your 'Bat' is dead." Pierce shouted.

Rat paused on the escape and looked back, he saw the lifeless body on the ground and his heart rate slowed down. "Sorry Pierce I just got-" His voice left him, in greater terror than before he saw the 'Bat' rising from the floor walking to Pierce.

"Oh come on, why are you run-iiiiing!" Pierce found himself no longer firmly planted on the ground but soaring through the air. With a solid crash he impacted on one of the brick chimney, a vinegar taste filled his mouth as blood escaped his bitten tongue. Pierce watched through half unconscious eyes as the 'Bat' took something off his belt which made a *Whosh* followed by unholy squealing from Rat, not unlike a stuck pig.

The 'Bat' reeled in his catch, a one hundred fifty pound mugger strait up the side of the apartment. Through what must have been his body armor Pierce could see very well defined muscles and veins. "Nah uh, you aren't getting away." said the 'Bat.' His voice was deep and scratchy, almost as if he was forcing it to go that low.

As he hoisted Rat back onto the roof he slammed him against the same chimney as his cohort. Rat was like one of his cornered namesakes, "Please man don't kill me, don't drink my blood! I-I-I do allot of drugs a-and I'm pretty sure I have some STD's, so you'd get sick!"

In his woozy state Pierce looked at his fellow, "Seriously?"

"I'm not going to drink your blood, I'm going to do something much worse!" Both criminals cringed in expectation. "I'm going to lecture you about your poor life choices." For a couple of seconds it seemed all of Ponyville fell silent.

"WHAT?!" demanded Pierce.

The 'Bat' waggled a disapproving hoof at the two, "I've been watching you two all-night you know, the break in of high street and that poor family you held up just a few minutes ago." The 'Bat' scooped up the contents of the purse, turning over a yellowed photograph. A mother, father and young colt standing close together and smiling. Inward rage started to flare up but he set it aside. "Surely you must realize that this kind of lifestyle has no happy end."

Pierce was coming out of his concussion induced stupor and was not happy to be preached at, "Happy endings? Who the B*#@ do you think we is? You gotta be Filthy Rich or one a da Melody's if you wanna happy ending as a crook."

The name struck at the 'Bat' like barb wire across his face, but he didn't let it show, "So what then is your end goal? Eek out a meager existence, causing harm to your fellow pony until the law catches up with you or you get shot up yourself?"

The nervous Rat proposed, "I'm just waiting for the big score then I'm off to Panamare." He then shrunk back when he saw the icy glare of the 'Bat.' "Besides we was pulled into our line of work, we don't have a choice."

The 'Bat' shook his head, "But you do have a choice, let me explain." And he did, for several hours.


"So what you'ze is sayin' is by committing crimes to earn money we are in fact, limiting our own chances to get out and furthering our dependence on ill-gotten gain?" asked Rat.

"It's almost like we're perpetuating a vicious cycle, a veritable Klein Bottle of crime." commented Pierce.

"I would say a Mobius Strip of crime instead." retorted Rat.

"A cycle that can only end in tragedy, truly we have been sitting and spinning our wheels. But tell us, what can we do to get out of the cycle?" So the 'Bat' explained it to them, for hours.


"Does what I'm saying make sense to you?" asked The 'Bat.'

"I think it does, if we ever want to go straight then we'll have to make some serious changes in the way we live." said Rat.

Pierce nodded in agreement, "To stop associating with others who encourage criminal behavior and to find a way to earn money on the right side of the law."

"It won't be easy, but now you know what steps you'll have to take. I'll be rooting for the both of you." The 'Bat' gave a smile that offset his harsh exterior.

"I can't believe we've been talking for this long without addressing you'z by a proper name." said Pierce.

The black clad earth pony seemed to grow in stature, as if all eyes in Ponyville were on him. "I am the dark protector of this city, a child born of the night. I am vengeance, I am justice, I am forgiveness, I am ... Batman!"

"Needs some work," said Rat.

"Yeah it doesn't really flow off the tongue, besides what's a 'Man?' I would have gone with Batmane myself." said Pierce.

Batman felt a bit hurt at that, "Well, nopony asked you anyway." He turned away grumpily.

"There's one thing I'm still confused about Batman, what did you do to Gobbs to make him jump off that building?" asked Rat.

The Batman seemed saddened, "I didn't do anything to him, we were making some good progress and he told me he was going to skip town to escape the dealers and mafia. He was going to turn his life around, then he had a drink to celebrate ... And another and another, until."

Pierce turned to Rat with a smug look on his face, "I told you he got pissed, but no, it was the Batman's unspeakable terrors."

"Sorry I suspected you Batman, poor Gobbs though." Rat felt sorrow for his acquaintance who almost got away. He was going to thank the Bat for opening their eyes and showing them a way out of the destructive path, but he was already gone.

"Come on Rat, let's go mail this mare's purse back to her." Pierce said as he patted him on the back.


The cave was anything but quiet, loud electric hums from the state of the art super computer. Chirping calls of the nocturnal flying mammals that Batman shared it with. But he liked it that way, it helped make the spacious place seem more alive. As he took off the mask belt and body armor he took a moment to look at the flattened rounds embedded in the Kevlar, silently thanking whichever pony invented it.

Underneath the costume and facade of the Batman was a stallion most anypony in Ponyville could recognize. His dull gray-blue coat, slick jet black mane and piercing blue eyes. The pair of scales on his flank was proof enough that underneath the mask was none other than Bruce Wayne. World famous industrialist known for making his first billion bits before turning twenty, three times voted Equestria's most attractive stallion and overall pretty well liked pony.

Hurriedly he trotted up the narrow stairs carved out of the cave wall and to the nondescript doorway. Bruce didn't dare look at the clock as he made his way out of the secret passage. He knew he was late, he knew she had been waiting for him. Bruce locked the sliding panel door that divided Rich manor to the underground caves which he used as a base of operations. He hadn't made it far before a light clicked on, an old reading lamp in the servant’s quarters soon followed by the kitchen light.

Shambling into the hallway came the aged butler of the Rich family, Randolph, now in his late eighties but still as spry as ever. The white headed stallion was pleased to see his master returning safely, "Master Wayne, good of you to finally come home."

"It's only a couple of hours to sunrise, I know." He sheepishly said anticipating what the pony who had raised him would say. "She isn't up there waiting for me, is she?"

"Indeed the mistress has been staying up ever since you departed tonight, I dare say she's quite upset." said Randolph.

Bruce bit his lip; he almost wished he had ridden out the rest of the night outside. "Well I'd better go up there and do some damage control. Any advice for me old colt?"

Randolph looked him over with a disapproving glower on his muzzle, "I would advise a shower before confronting the mistress, your mane is a mess and you, *Sniff* smell of cheap cigarettes and even cheaper whisky."

"Ever the honest one, I'll go take that shower. You can get back to sleep Randolph, I'll see you in the morning." The butler left him and turned out the lights on his way back to his abode. Meanwhile, Bruce found his way to the downstairs bath and slipped into the tiled shower. As the beads of hot water poured across his thick fur he could feel the filth of the city washing off of him.

Bruce decided to use that time to prepare what he would say, 'Sorry love, I just seemed to lose track of time.' No that won’t work 'I made some good progress tonight; I helped two criminals start to turn their lives around.' While he felt she would be pleased by that, Bruce doubted that would save him from the doghouse.

After a few more minutes in the shower he felt he had wasted enough time. The entire bath was filled with obscuring steam, to the point he couldn't find the towel rack to dry off. As he groped around in the mist his hoof graced something soft that wasn't the towel. "Oh, hello dear."

With a flick of a switch the motorized fan kicked on and cleared the steam and de-fogged the mirror. Not that Bruce needed that to know who was in the bathroom with him. The soft supple touch of his bedfellow he would always recognized. Her tone was not as soft, "Do you have any, ANY idea how worried I've been about you?!" The fog cleared from her blue rimmed glasses and Bruce could see the tears in Silver Spoon's eyes.

He thought about using one of his prepared statements, he thought about trying to justify being so late, but in the end he could only embrace her tightly. "I know dear, I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry." Bruce's soggy fur pressed against hers, and he placed a tender little kiss on her lips.

"Oh stop that," Silver said, fussing over the wet patches of her fur. "Towel off and come to bed, you can tell me about what was more important than spending time with your loving marefriend in the morning."

As she left the bath Bruce let out a sigh of relief, he very much disliked sleeping on the couch. "Dodged a bullet there."

Author's Note:

I figured a good way to launch this story was by having a homage to the opening of my favorite Batman film, Tim Burton's 'Batman'.

If your confused as to why Bruce is acting the way he is or why he's in a relationship with Silver Spoon? Please go read the story this is a sequel to. I promise you it'll answer most of your questions and it's an enjoyable read.