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After not writing since high school i'm very grateful for mlp and the brony fandom for inspiring me to be creative again. Currently working full time, I write when I can.

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Soon after the battle of the bands the three sirens, Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze are forced into mandatory friendship rehabilitation. A fancy way of saying each Dazzling has some annoying high school student hovering over them every hour of the day.

Aria Blaze being the spiteful opportunist that she is seeks to turn it into an opportunity to gain revenge against the ringleader of those who defeated them. One way or another Flash Sentry will be hers.

I've dabbled into Shipping in the past with some of my stories, but this will be my first full on shipfic. Why is this story marked Equestria Girls as well as human? Because it has elements of both, just read it and find out.

Art I'm using as the cover created by - MixiePie.

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This story is a sequel to Bruce Wayne, welcome to Ponyville

Bruce Wayne, respected business pony and wealthy socialite secretly fights crime under the mantle of the Batman. Mystery, action, romance and some lighthearted (and sometimes dark) humor all await you in the pages of Bruce Wayne, dark knight of Ponyville.

Cover art done by the very talented Dori-to on Deviantart. If you like the cover please share some of that love with him, he worked hard on it.

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Picture by - Itsay

Set years in the future, Shining Armour king of the Crystal Empire is under the assumption that he's nearing the end of his life. On his way to make one of the worst decisions of his life he stops to talk with one of his guards, this is that conversation.

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Bruce Wayne, billionaire philanthropist and businessman by day, by night he is the caped crusader, the dark knight of Gotham, the Batman. So why is it Bruce has woken up in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by talking horses? Why has he regressed back to being a child? Why is he now a talking horse himself? Will you ever get any answers? Find out in the next exciting chapter, same bat site, same bat story.
(Story proofread by King Murdock)
Read the sequel here - Bruce Wayne, dark knight of Ponyville

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(This story will no longer be updated. I may return to these characters in the future, but it will be in individual stories, not in the same format as this.)

(Art created using these fine fellows vectors) http://liggliluff.deviantart.com/ http://hawk9mm.deviantart.com/ http://intbrony.deviantart.com/
An alternate universe where due to a mishap twilight doesn't befriend the regular mane 6 but instead a different group altogether. How will events occur differently without the best ponies? Can twilight still save the day with an even more misfit group? Lets find out shall we.

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